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The Furious Forest- North Harford H.S


The Furious Forest

  We are the Furious Forest and we are ticked off. Our group is all about protecting our

beautiful environment. Those darn deer ravage our plants and shrubbery and create

problems for our diverse ecosystem. We cannot regenerate our forests either because the

deer eat all the saplings and new growth plants. A healthy forest includes a plentiful

undergrowth and upper growth. Because of the deer we have no new undergrowth.



 The deer have become over populated due to the fact that they have no predators. Where

have these predators gone? The Humans have killed them off which has created unintended

 consequences for our forests. With the deer having no natural predators other than

humans, they can reproduce at obscene rates. This causes problems for forests and

affects every living organism that depends on a healthy forest.

 The Furious Forest would like to see the humans help us out by spending some money and

building some new enclosure fences. These fences fit the need for everyone. The only

problem with the fences is that they cost a lot of money. However since the humans

unintentionally created this problem shouldn't they be obligated to fix it? Fences have

proven to be an effective way to control how the deer take from our forests. 


The fences let the deer live while our forests get to replenish. Even the humans could gain

from these fences as it creates jobs for people who would have to build the fence. We as

the Furious Forest say that we are tired of being raided of our natural beauty and

resources to the point where we can't grow back and ask our fellow humans to help us out.




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Narnia- North Harford H.S


Our group name is the forest, and we are important because we give a home to the various

species and plants in the ecosystems surrounding us. We also give food to these species and

 insects inside of our ecosystem. The overpopulation of deer effects us because there

might be a decrease in space for all of the other species of animals and insects. Also, they

will decrease the variety of plant life in the area because they will consume most of the

plants. Animals variety could decrease because the predators that seek out the deer will

not have food, and they will not be able to survive without their food supply. We would

want the problem of over population to be resolved by taking an amount of deer out to a

facility that can preserve those deer. But we need to keep an amount of deer to sustain the

 forest. The area that the deer get moved into will almost be like a reservation for the

deer, and it will have enough food, water, shelter, and space for all of the deer. The other

groups decisions could decrease the amount of deer to much to the point that the

ecosystems cannot be sustained. Or they could keep to many in the area and the amount of

 food, water, shelter, and space could decrease to a point the ecosystem cannot heal from

its loses. We need to find a way to increase the safety for our forest and to keep the

variety of animals sustained. Variety is something that keeps the ecosystems balanced and

running smoothly.




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