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club LUV- North Harford H.S


Club LUV

(Love the UniVerse)

  We are Club LUV. LUV stands for Love the UniVerse. We stand for the preservation of all

 nature. Today we are talking about the overpopulation of deer. Some may say that there

are too many, and we need to 'lower the numbers.' What they mean by that is to kill the

deer. Also, hunters claim that hunting is a way to reduce the overpopulation, but they can't

really say they want to reduce the population, because then they wouldn't have anything to

hunt! We at Club LUV think that there is a problem with car accidents, but there are

healthy alternatives that can both save the deer, and satisfy the hunters.

  First of all, we could do what Fire Island, New York started in 1992, with contraceptions.

While it is very expensive, a typical method involves sedating the deer with a dart, then

injecting a contraceptive. The contraception reduces the birth of fawn, and therefore

reduces the deer population.

Another way to safely bring down the overpopulation was brought up on  is to trap and relocate the deer.

That way, they can live safely in a different area and also, there would be less accidents in

 that area. It is safe and effective, and no deer would be harmed.

There are safe and effective ways to save the deer, but also minimize the car accidents

and deer related issues. You just need to be willing to try them, and there are ways that

can work. Contraceptions and trap and relocation are only 2 examples, but there are many



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Deer Avenger Pals- North Harford H.S


We are the Deer Avenger Pals. We are here to speak for the deer, since we are animal

rights activists. We are quite important to this deer overpopulation issue because we love

deer and don't want to see them all killed. We know what's best for the deer, trust us. 

This deer overpopulation issue affects us greatly because people automatically want to

resort to killing them, which is not necessarily the best solution to this problem. The

definition of animal rights (which is what we are most concerned about) is defined as this:

Rights believed to belong to animals to live free from use in medical research, hunting, and

other services to humans ( ). People need to keep in mind that animals cannot be

completely controlled by humans. We believe the best way to help make this less of an issue

 is by working with the deer rather than against them, so some methods we could use are

fencing to keep the deer somewhat contained. Another method other than killing would be

birth control vaccines. This would reduce mating in deer, so there wouldn't be so many in

the upcoming generation. "A typical method involves sedating the deer with a dart, then

injecting a contraceptive."

( ) Other stakeholder groups' solutions, such

as the hunter group, believe the best solution would be to kill the poor deer in order to

decrease the population. While there would technically be less deer for the moment, simply

killing random deer will not prevent the population from returning to its original numbers

later on. Further thinking could create even more new ideas that would have nothing to do

with harming any creatures. We just need to put our heads together. If you need further

convincing on the subject of animal/deer rights, just watch Bambi.


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