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insurance guys- North Harford H.S


Our group is important because we provide insurance to homeowners and drivers who have

incidents and accidents involving deer. Without insurance agencies people would have to pay

right out of their pocket for accidents that may not have even been their fault.

State Farm Insurance estimated that in 2006, deer-car collisions caused 200 human

casualties and more than $1.1 billion in damage nationwide. This shows there does serve a

purpose in insurance companies covering deer damages. As deer continue to overpopulate,

the more we see these accidents coming about. If deer continue to die, get shot, or get hit,

they are still growing in population. This means even though deer are continuing to get killed

 there are so many they constantly reproduce, and the deaths don't affect population. This

 leaves plenty of room for businesses of all types, in this case insurance agencies.

Insurance agencies cover deer accidents because it is something they can rely on to

happen. Knowing deer are so overpopulated, they will continue to cause problems for

drivers, and benefit those who are insured.

Hunters are a big help to helping reduce the deer population. If they can expand deer

hunting season then I am certain that this would significantly help the accident rate go

down and save people's money and lives.

A farmer can help to do little things to helping reduce the overpopulation of deer by telling

hunters where they have seen deer, planting certain food which can reduce the population

of deer and put up fences to keep deer from running out onto the road. Insurance agencies

 can supply fences around free-ways.




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Deer farm insurance- North Harford H.S


When speaking of the issue of deer overpopulation, insurance agencies are very important

because they provide a source of income to pay for repairs caused by accidents concerning

 deer. Some victims of auto-mobile and house damage caused by deer are not able to

afford the repairs needed and are forced to turn to insurance agencies in order to acquire

 the money they need. These processes are unnecessary and could stop occurring if only

deer overpopulation was properly handled.

Deer overpopulation affects insurance agencies from car crashes and accidents caused by

deer, to building damages caused by deer. "State Farm Insurance estimated that in 2006,

deer-car collisions caused 200 human casualties and more than $1.1 billion in damage

nationwide." ( Many drivers on the road

today have been in at least one car accident involving a deer. There have also been cases of

 deer breaking through house-hold and business buildings glass doors and windows. In

South Carolina,  "A deer tried to break his way into a Spartanburg gym and it was all

captured on a surveillance camera." (

tries-to-break-into-upstate-gym). The damage and loss victims suffer during these events

are not at their fault, so they obviously do not feel as though they should pay for their own

 repairs. This is unfortunately left for the Insurance agencies to take care of when these

incidents should not have occurred to begin with.

Insurance agencies can begin promoting deer hunting to decrease the overall population of

deer, for food and other meaningful uses (so that the deer are not killed just to be killed).

Insurance agencies can also start offering discounts to insurance customers who use

certain equipment on their cars to avoid deer and crashes involving them.




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shredders- North Harford H.S


Insurance Agency 

  Our company provides insurance for people who have car or property damage. The over

population of deer is making people hit more deer in their cars which forces us to have to

help pay to fix or get them a new car. Also if deer cause property damage we would have

to fix that also. My stakeholder group would like to solve the issue by either increasing the

hunting season or putting birth control in salt licks around the area and having the deer lick

it and become non impregnateable.




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