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My stakeholder group is important because, to us farmers are our source of food!  Crops

from farmers provide us with a variety of food around the world. Without farmers we

wouldn't have food. We would starve. That's terrible.


"In the 1990's New Jersey's agricultural community identified rising losses from crop

depredation due to deer as a major problem. Deer damage is a concern of the agricultural

community and the NJDEP Division of Fish, Game and Wildlife (the Division). Yet,

incomplete data was available on the extent of farmers' deer-related damage problems."



Farmers have noticed that deer cause 70 percent of crop destruction. Between $5 million

to $10 dollars in damage is done yearly.


What our stakeholder thinks is that we should let farmers hunt year round without a

permit to solve the deer population.

Farmers should use a chemical spray to keep deer away but wouldn't affect the food.

Farmers should plant a row of corn for deer to eat and should let hunters on to their land

to hunt for a small sum of money.



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funny farmers- North Harford H.S


Funny farmers

  We are the funny farmers representing the farmers everywhere. We hate deer. They

destroy our crops and eat our livestock's feed and erode our crop fields. Farmers feed

the rest of our world. Farmers work very hard to earn their money and can't afford to

have it destroyed by deer.

  The overpopulation of white tail deer could be solved by extending the hunting season to

year around also increase bag limit for each and every hunter. We could also make it easier

 for farmers and park owners to receive crop damage permits and open up more parks for

public hunting. Farmers make their living off the money that their crops provide and if all

these tree huggers want to keep their deer then they need to start a fund to help pay for

the crops that the deer destroy. Some farmers say that 33% of single farmer's crops are

destroyed by deer alone that's 33% of our profit. Tree huggers either need to start a

fund or start supplying us bullets. There are 58% more deer on farms than everywhere

else because of the abundance of food.

  Somebody needs to help the farmers with their problem or the farmers will take it into

their own hands. So if you don't want that to happen then somebody best gets helping.

They cost us so much money in a year it is ridiculous. Maybe somebody needs to build a

reserve or something for the deer because I do not want those deer on my property. I

need these animals dead because it's making my wallet dead. I need to feed my family my

wife wants to divorce me because I apparently  I don't make enough money that's just

because those deer.






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furious farmers- North Harford H.S


Oh Deer


We are the furious farmers, and we are important because we supply food to everyone.

Deer in the area are affecting our crops by eating a good percentage of them. We would

like the deer population to be controlled so that our crops aren't so affected by the many

deer's constant eating. By decreasing the deer population or relocating them we need to

increase the hunting areas and increase the number of deer you can hunt. Also giving the

deer feeders that they can eat their food from instead of eating our crops will help. 

Hunters can help reduce the population of deer by killing more deer, and hunting more



The deer eat 5-7 pounds of fruit per day. The damaged caused by this is around $35

million annually.

"Deer browse young plants of apple, alfalfa, grape, and corn (especially as the silk stage). 

These damaged young plants can never reach full economic value despite the already heavy

 economic investment in seed/seedlings, fertilizer, ground preparation, etc."




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international farmers - North Harford H.S


International Farmers 


  We are the international farmers. The farmers are very important to the world. We

harvest a lot of crops. We only have one major problem:. DEER. The deer are driving us

crazy; all they do is eat our crops and your food!  There are way too many deer around

our farms. We try to work around them and plant extra crops just for them to eat but

they just keep on eating.

  The overpopulation of deer hurt the business of farming and hurts my reputation. When

someone ask for 100 pounds of corn and I can't deliver because then deer ate through

half of my crops I can't give them there order. When I can't deliver then they cannot

trust me so, they will not order from me again. They dig up the seeds that I just planted

and that cost me more money because to replace the seeds. They damage the crop not by

just eating them. They dig them up or the trample them down to the ground. "This is the

point at which deer become an economic liability: causing highway accidents, destroying

crops and orchards, damaging gardens."

  But with all these damage' to our crops we have come up with the solution of the ages.

Also have the hunting season for deer all year long then more deer will be killed so the

population will go down and my crops will stay alive so I could harvest more crops or more

money.  If we do this then we will cut the population down slowly but will take a while to

get down where we want it to be.

  If we do this it should lower the deer population by a lot. It also should help the deer''

live longer because they are not competing against 80 deer there now competing against 20

 deer. Our idea will benefit all stakeholders.







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Those Farmers- North Harford H.S



The Farmer's issue of deer overpopulation is that we don't like it when our crops are being

eaten and ruined by these animals and they bring diseases to our farm animals. Our group

which is the farmers is very important because we produce food for many families and we

provide dairy products. The effects that are happening to our farm are tragic it is a

tragedy we want someone to control these deer's. They eat our crops; they can give us

diseases because of the overpopulation of the deer's. We would love if the deer population

can be solved because all our crops will be safe and our customers won't get sick cause of

the spreading of the diseases. Plus we will be able to make more money because we

produce less crops then we did when the overpopulation of deer's. We will go to court and

argue that these deer's are a menace the farmer community. They are taking are jobs by

eaten our food we are producing. We will not stand for it this is America and we are trying

to live our American dream by producing food but we can't do it with these deer

everywhere eating our food. We have lost over 5 million dollars' worth of crops. We the

Farmers of America need to have our way implemented to protect our values of life. If

other groups or stakeholders want the deer population to decrease, then it will help us in

the most positive way possible.



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