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bambi lovers- North Harford H.S

deer                                                                                                                     10/22/2012

Our group is the Bambi lovers and we speak for the deer.  Our group is important because

were what all these problems are about. We eat grass, trees, and other various plants

around the water and now everyone is saying we are killing all the watersheds and plants.

We have a lot of people in our herds so it can be kind of hard for us all to find places to

eat and sleep.  With our overpopulation problem we don't have enough males for all of us

females either. Also we have so many people in the same herd that we can run into

problems of inbreeding. It's hard to know your family when you have so many deer. 

Another problem is as more and more of us grow the more people who want to hunt us. The

 woods are a great place to live but so many deer need so much land to live off.  Each of us

 only has one baby a year but after a couple years that can all add up! We each need an

average of one acre to feed off of. 


There is so many other ways to solve these problems without killing our families! How about

 deer birth control. We deer can cause an estimated $1 billion in property damage per year.

 If you help kill some of our populations with birth control that problem is solved. More

money up fronts better then long term. We ladies can't help that the men love us. Why

don't you once a year catch us and give us a small shot to prevent babies for that year and

 do this every two or three year. Another thing you could do is deer transportation. Gently

move some of us to different areas, it will be hard to leave our families but if it helps bring

 down the hunting rates, we can get over it.  There are so many other things you can do

then hunt us. I know we make mistakes like running in front of cars, eating grass from your

 very pretty lawns, and supposedly make water shed all messed up but everyone makes

mistakes. We forgive you for shooting our families!  Other groups want to put us behind

large fenced areas of the insurance companies want us to go away forever! 



So let's be friends and let us work together to be happy and peaceful! Deer rule!


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john deer- North Harford H.S

deer                                                                                                                     10/22/2012

Our group is the john deer                                                                  

We are the deer group


  We are the overpopulation problem we think that people should help us we are so over

populated that we are running out off. We think that humans need to create deer

sanctuaries for us deer. We can live out our lives in here after a certain age they can let us

 go into the wild to die. We need to decrease roads and more collisions with deer. We deer

have nowhere to go because of all the land humans are using up. Abused deer are sad

because of this and wander around in a suicidal depression. People think they should help us

 by giving us birth control and hunting but we deer don't really agree on it but only if it

helps us get food. Hunting also frees up land for us to roam. We would like a large area to

roam where people can't hunt. And we need help controlling our reproduction rate so

maybe u hunter guys can help take out some of our does too. Those cars are really scary

when they come at us really fast and sometimes hit us hard. We think people should put

signs on the road and yield when driving in rural areas. We would like these problems to be

solved by birth control, hunting, and more road signs.


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Tree huggers- North Harford H.S

Wildlife manager                                                                                                 10/22/2012

Wildlife managers

We are the wildlife managers named the herbivores; we manage the entire environment

that we can. We have come to the issue that there are way too many deer per square mile.

They are destroying ecosystems because they are eating all of the vegetation off of the

ground which is affecting other species. They are also over breeding and this may cause

crowding which could affect the health of the deer's. We have been hearing a lot of

stories and have gotten plenty of complaints about car crashes near our area.

  We are important because we alone are the voice of the animals and the environment. Day

 to day we witness these animals in action and study them also. Without us wildlife

managers no one would have known the situation that there are too many deer. We also

maintain and improve the deer population by controlling it.

  This issue affects us in particular because need to hire more managers to handle the

surplus amount of deer. We also will have to work more hours to cover all of our areas.

Also we have to make and enforce new regulations and make sure they are being followed.

We have to keep the wildlife clean and make sure it's safe for the deer to live in.

  We would solve deer overpopulation by supplying all the doe' with birth control. This will

lower the vigorous climbing of the deer population without the need for hunting them. 

Another solution to fixing this population problem would be hunting. Even though it is violent

and animals are dying it is the quickest and most effective way to lower it.

  An affect that other stakeholders could make against us would be that if we let people

hunt more it could affect the rest of the ecosystem. If the deer were to be hunt and the

hunters didn't clean up the deceased body up, and would make the wildlife we are taking

care of very dirty. Also some deer would probably not feel comfortable around a place

where there have been killings and would overcrowd another area.

  As wildlife managers we arenn't only protecting the deer we are protecting the

environment around them. "The Chesapeake Bay Program is planting 10,000 miles of

forested riparian (streamside) buffers in the Chesapeake Bay watershed to protect the

health of streams and downstream waters like the Chesapeake Bay from pollution."  This is

an example of fixing the ecosystem and helping the deer at the same time. Also we do this

so that we keep the watershed together and compact, it will eventually help the rest of the

environment in the long run



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