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foresters- North Harford H.S


Oh Deer!!!!!


  We are the Department of Natural Resources (DNR), making an effort to control and

regulate all natural resources.  We recognize that the health of our society and our

economy are dependent on the health of our environment. Therefore, we choose to act

both collectively and individually to preserve, protect, restore, and enhance our

environment for this and future generations.  The over population of deer is causing real

concern in the development of land and the area available for them to live and share with

other species.  It is our job to regulate the animals and keep the well-being of society in

mind also.

  Increasing the tag number of killed animals each year during hunting season is one way to

decrease the over growing population. There are more does than bucks in terms of deer

per square mile.  Decreasing the amount of does in an area is another way to slow the

growth rate of the deer population each year. "There are only two real options for slowing

the growth of local deer populations: decrease the birth rate or increase the death rate." .  Decreasing the birth rate is

the most ethical approach. However, deer birth control has been proven impractical. In this

case killing more deer may be brutal but it is really the only option when trying to decrease

the birth rate.

  Using deer containment is another way to regulate the damage to the environment.  By

building barriers (fences tall enough to contain the deer) we are able to allow an area of

land to grow and restore itself while the deer live off of another location.  An example of

this method is how farmers use crop rotation while farming.  One year they will farm one

section of land and the next year let the previous farmed section restore itself while

farming a different section.  This is the same method that can be used with deer each year

 to avoid extensive damage to the environment.

  The final most costly approach to regulating the deer population would be to give a shot it

all the deer in an area, causing their sex drive to decrease.  This would be like a symptom

of menopause for people.  Less intercourse means less babies, in turn means less population

 growth.  Although the shot is the most human of the three approaches it would cost an

average of $1000 per dear with no guarantee of it working.  With the economy in the state

 it is, it would be a dramatic attempt.

  Regulation is the key to a healthy environment for society and the deer.  By decreasing the

 population of deer we will be able to have a manageable amount and it will decrease

damage to the surrounding environment


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mystical forest- North Harford H.S


We are the foresters; Mystical Forest. We are important because everyone needs forests

to survive. Forests provide us with trees for oxygen and a variety of different animals. The

 problem of overpopulation affects us because we have to keep the forest looking its best

and make sure everything is good. The canopy will have a larger variety of species then the

understory. The deer will eat everything they like from the ground, as far up trees as they

can get, leaving an obvious browseline. Our group has to plant trees to keep the forest

healthy but the deer eat the saplings before they have a chance to grow.

Deer also eat all the fallen leaves on the ground from all the trees, and eat wildflowers,

forbs and shrubs. Our group would like to solve the deer overpopulation problem by either

shooting or relocating them. For those who don't care what happens to the deer we could

shoot them or just run them over. For those who would like a more humane way to get rid

of the deer we could relocate them or use birth control.

If we find a way to get rid of deer there will be more wildflowers and other green

vegetation. When the deer are gone the plants will have a chance to thrive and grow to full

size. You would have to be sure not to kill off to many deer because they are still a part of

 the ecosystem.




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Fast4-ward Foresters- North Harford H.S



 Foresters are very important because they manage the biodiversity of forest eco-systems.

 If there were no foresters then the biodiversity of forests would surely collapse.

Although managing forests is their main priority foresters also have many other jobs. Some

 foresters are involved with logging and creating timber harvest plants. Which go towards

building shelter and heating homes all across the nation.  


Deer over population affects the very forests we protect. They eat the undergrowth and

newly arising plant life. This prevents the chances of trees and forest regeneration. 


"The PA DNR is building protective deer exclusion fences at the rate of about 5-6,000

acres per year."



We believe there are many different ways that deer overpopulation can be solved. Many

include deer exclosures, moving the deer to a different location, or even extending the

hunting season. It has largely disappeared over the past 25 years.  Natural resources think

they have a high deer population.  Other wildlife depends upon this habitat.


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W.M.C.- North Harford H.S


  Foresters are important because we save trees and plants. With the over population of

deer it affects us in a negative way. The bucks rub their antlers on the tree, which causes

the bark to come off and it significantly affects the tree. The acid in the urine kills plants.

So what we have to do is save the trees and plants by blocking them off so the deer cannot

 get to them. For example the forest is like our garden, if the deer destroy it, the plants

cannot grow and therefor there is no garden. This brings me back to the forest if the deer

 destroy the plants and tress there will be nothing left. So we have to preserve what we

have and what needs to grow.


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