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Hawkeye's X-bow- North Harford H.S


Hawkeye's X-bow

  We are Hawkeye's Crossbow, hunters whose naked eye has the sight of a scope, and we

are extremely concerned with the deer population. Why does this matter to us? Why are

we important? The fact is, "White-tailed deer herds were once subject to predation from

large predators such as the Eastern Timber Wolf and the Eastern Cougar; however, these

predators no longer control deer herds in the

east."( Since there are no longer any

natural predators for the deer, the only way to maintain and control the deer population is

through regulated hunting.

  Hunters are strongly affected by this issue. There is a surplus in game, because what do

hunters want hanging on their wall?  The taxidermy head of a buck. There are not enough

doe being hunted. "When a surplus buck is not harvested, that buck will remain as an

individual in the population until it is removed; however, when a doe is not harvested, each

surplus doe increases the population by a multiple of the reproductive rate during

subsequent seasons and the population continues to expand."

( The hunting of bucks rather than the

 doe causes that uncontrollable increase in the deer population and that constant surplus

game come every hunting season.

  However, there is a solution to this problem. Clear as day, nothing else can be done. There

are regulations on hunting the doe, and these restrictions need to be changed in order to

bring down the population to a manageable number. More hunters need to hunt the doe, but

 not so much that it kills off the population completely.  "Hunters may harvest up to 3

antlerless deer per year in Region A (one each during the Bow, Firearm, and Muzzleloader

seasons). However, no more than 2 antlerless deer (total) may be taken on DNR public

lands in Region A with any combination of bow, muzzleloader, and firearm bag limits

excluding the Junior Deer Hunt." (

tailed-deer-seasons-and-bag-limits/) To solve this problem, we propose we raise the

restriction of antlerless deer to about 5 per season.



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Herbivore Hunters- North Harford H.S


Herbivore Hunters


Our stakeholder group is the Herbivore Hunters for we hunt deer and several other

mammals. We believe us hunters are important to the ecosystem, because without the

hunters the woods will be over populated with deer. Deer overpopulation causes the deer to

 be born unhealthy and can cause major damage to agriculture and domestic plants. If we

are not killing the deer at a good pace farmers tend to get angry for we are hunting on

their land but with the short hunting season we are not able to kill the amount of deer

needed to thin out the population. We hunters do not enjoy shooting unhealthy deer for

they can be a waste of ammo and time.

Therefor we believe hunting season should be extended several more months into the

season, and it should also be legal to sell deer meat in Maryland. With the expansion of 4

extra months to the hunting season will give us a chance to thin out the deer over

population. We need time to kill at least 4 antlerless deer to every 1 buck we shoot and kill.

So that is why we need more time to hunt the deer.

Hunters that shoot deer must pay for the deer to be butchered, so if we are able to sell

the deer meat than hunting the deer would not be so bad. There are many people that

would like to purchase the deer meat and can help out with the cost it takes for hunters to

kill and butcher the deer. It cost a lot of money in ammo each year to go hunting with.

Therefor shooting the deer would be justified and this would help thin out the over deer


The other stakeholder groups can case a decrease in deer population which is bad for us,

the deer will be more healthy but less to hunt. If there are fences built trapping deer

inside than, we hunters will not be able to reach the deer to kill them. That is why; we

hunters need to be able to hunt longer seasons and decrease the deer over population.



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Natural Born Hunters- North Harford H.S


We are hunters, we are important to keeping the deer population down from impacting

farmers and others. With us hunting as much as we can we can help cut down the deer

population. We are the only natural thing that barely keeps the deer population in check . As

 deer continue to overpopulate they are encroaching on city boundaries. They are also

moving out of forest areas to find more land, doing so causing more deer to be hit by cars

and not able to be used for food. With them being hit they are causing damage to cars and

becoming an expense to drivers around the nation.

  As hunters we help keep the deer population under some control. We also eat all of the

meet that we can from the deer. But as hunters we have a limited hunting season, and

during the off season it gives deer time to repopulate. If deer season where all year it

would be easier to keep the deer population in check. Also if we kill more bucks it causes

the deer population to rise. And if we kill more female deer it causes the deer population to

 decrease. So we have to hunter an equal number of male and female deer.


Farmers can help find where deer are and where a good spot in the woods that the hunters

 can hunt from.   This is why we should hunt deer all year round.




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the hunties- North Harford H.S


We are the hunters and are important to keep the population of deer low and we want to

kill deer for their meat and for sport. As a landowner you can do much toward maintaining

the deer herd at a desirable level. A rule is that deer herds increase if you shoot only

bucks stabilize at levels when you shoot equal amounts of bucks and female deer. The

harvest guide indicates how many antlerless deer you should remove in relation to the bucks

 you harvest depending on whether you want to increase, decrease, or stabilize your herd.



According to west Virginia DNR: "As deer may not restrict their home range to your farm,

or back yard you will need to take into account what your neighbors do and adjust your

harvest accordingly unless you have an extremely large farm (2,000+ acres). Normally one

hunter per 20-50 acres will provide the hunting pressure needed to have an adequate buck

harvest. Generally, it takes about 4 hunters to kill one buck and about 2 hunters to kill one

antlerless deer."


My stake holder group would like to solve the problem by killing a large population of the

female deer. By killing more female deer's it will reduce the population and ability to

reproduce. Right now there is an outstanding female deer population. There should be an

unlimited bag limited on female deer because they are the real problem about the

outstanding deer population. Normally we wouldn't support killing so many female deer but

the population is so outstanding we have no other chose but to help the community.



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Angry Rednecks- North Harford H.S


Our group is important because we kill the deer and try to control their population.the deer

 over population gives us more darneddeer, but they arnt as healthy.we would like an open

season so that we can easily kill more deer. this would be good for all the the stake holders

 ,because their will be less deer.



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We The Hunters- North Harford H.S




My group is important because we control the deer population the most by hunting them to

control the population and bring it down to a normal level.  There is not many ways to

control the deer population besides hunting and car accidents.  The issue of the deer

overpopulation effects hunters because rules and regulations only allow hunters to kill a

certain amount of doe and buck. The regulations need to be changed to allow hunters to kill

 more deer and bring the population down to a manageable number.  Deer being

overpopulated results into unhealthy deer being born and affects agriculture and domestic

plants. For us hunters to control the deer population we need to be able to sell deer meat

to pay for our ammo to help cover the cost of hunting. Another way for us hunter to

control the deer population is to extended to hunting season giving us more time to hunt the

 deer and bring the population down to a reasonable number.  Farmers might also set up

boundaries that trap the deer making it easier to kill them.  The forest which the deer

inhabits won't be able to produce enough vegetation to feed the increasing number of deer

which will help the population decrease. Insurance agencies help the people affect by the

deer overpopulation that get into car accidents helping them pay for the damage.  We all

need to work together to help control the deer population and bring it down to a reasonable




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