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H&R Insurance- Musselman HS-Stevens


I believe that the deer issue in the eastern panhandle of West Virginia can affect many

people.  Insurance companies have to handle many cases involving deer which can increase

the cost of insurance for both the customer and the company.  The problem of too many

deer can affect people in different ways, but one major issue is car accidents that happen

because of deer.  Deer can be a big problem when it comes to traveling roads, especially at

 high speeds.  A possible solution to decrease deer on roads would be to have barriers along

 those roads that are often traveled.




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  From:   the way you shoot - hunter - MslSt

              Ask                                                                         11/15/2011            8:10:00 AM

     what is some ways that the insurance companies can help the people that have only

     one income and have an accident that totalys their car

  From:   Black Attack - farmer - MslSt

              Ask                                                                         11/15/2011            8:09:00 AM

     how do u think us not shooting you will help feed are families. I translated this for

     whoever wants to read it.  How do you think that we could shoot you then eat your






All Farm- Musselman HS-Rickman


   If there are more deer in our population, it will help our insurance company. It will help

us because there will be more accidents with cars, which will lead us to receive more

money. It really wouldn't affect our insurance company because we always get money

through people having a car accident involving a deer. If hunters go out and kill more deer,

I don't think we should be worried about it because it really doesn't affect our insurance

company. People would think it could, but it would either bring in more money or not affect

us what so ever.


     With deer throughout the world, it gives us more money but if they ever die down we

won't be affected because with as many people that have cars we will always get the

money we need. We do bring in a lot of money from the deer in the car accidents, so if

they lower down in population we might lose a little money just not as much where we could

 be so damaged that we would be shut down. Cars are our main thing we worry about and

deer affect them more but it wouldn't matter to us if we would have fewer cars come in.

We make the money we need by just having the cars on our insurance.



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HoneyBadgers- Musselman HS-Rickman


  From a point of view in a car, if a deer jumps out in front of you and you arenn't able to

stop you end up hitting the deer which leads to injuries to the people in the car and major

car damage. The people who have brand new cars really hate to see their cars damaged a

few days/weeks right after they bought it. The insurance companies have had too many

claims for damages to cars and people caused by deer.  The expense the deer costs more

than what anyone has and it could be prevented by hunting.



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  From:   Black Attack - farmer - MslSt

              Ask                                                                         11/14/2011            8:16:00 AM

     What about the deer? You would take an animals life so your car can stay perfect?

     SMH. God Bless. :o)

  From:   Insurance's Thoughts - Insurance Company - MslRk

              Ask                                                                         11/18/2011            9:46:00 AM

     Do you think that just by allowing dear to be hunted it will drop to a significant

     number or a stable number to lower the amount of Deer related accidents? What

     other things do you think could help to lower the amount of Deer related accidents?



Insurance's Thoughts- Musselman HS-Rickman


    The Deer population in the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia has been growing rapidly

over the past thirty years.  Think about how many people you know have been in an

automobile accident due to the fact that they hit a Deer or came into contact with a Deer,

and it caused some sort of accident.  The insurance companies are the ones that take the

"hit" from these auto accidents; they are the ones that pay for it.  Insurance Companies

such as "Geico" "State Farm" and "USAA Auto Insurance" pay an average of $2,800 to

$10,000 per Deer related accident.  That's a lot of money they spend JUST on Deer

related accidents alone.  This will not only cost them but it will also cost YOU.  After a car

accident your insurance will usually go up in cost.  The amount of money that you pay extra

 depends on a lot of things such as age, sex, relationship status, and the company you are

insured with.  So think, should you have to pay more money for car insurance then you

already do because a Deer jumps in front of you?  No you shouldn't the percentage of

Deer related accidents will only increase as the amount of Deer in our area increase.  Think

 more Deer higher chance to come into contact with one while driving, which has the

possibility of causing an accident.  45 DPS or "Deer per square mile" is the amount of Deer

 we have in the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia.  The average or "normal" DPS is about

twenty.  As you can tell we are way over the normal average.  This causes land to be

destroyed, such as houses, store buildings, parks, and other public property.  If the land is

destroyed enough to where it causes permanent damage, which is something else Insurance

 Companies have to pay for.  All of these things I have described and elaborated to you are

 things that happen every day due to the increasing Deer population, and unless something

happens to slow it down.  We will be seeing a lot more Auto Accidents, and Property

Destruction.  There are a few ways I think we can solve this problem such as number one

decreasing Deer population. Number two when building roads try to keep them farther

away from forest and areas with a lot of wilderness.  These two things alone would

decrease the amount of money insurances spend on Auto Accidents, and Property

Destruction by a pretty good percentage.



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  From:   Black Attack - farmer - MslSt

              Ask                                                                         11/15/2011            8:13:00 AM

     I agree with your idea about moving the roads away from forest areas. However,

     this does not restrict the deer from getting close to these roads. Fencing around

     roads would also be effective, what do you think?

       Response    Insurance's Thoughts - Insurance Company - MslRk

                                                                                       11/18/2011       9:39:00 AM

             I agree that fencing roads would be a great idea, the only problem with that is

             number one the cost would be extravagant, and the other problem is that doing

             this would cause a lot of problems when work is needed and it takes a lot more

             work/effort/time because the fences are in the way




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