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T&A Show Cattle.- Musselman HS-Stevens


I believe that the deer issue on the eastern panhandle of West Virginia has increased

majorly over several years. For a modern day beef farmer deer in the eastern panhandle is

 a serious problem. They eat and destroy the crops along with outer fence lines. With

broken fence lines the cattle will exit their recommended fields and would weaken the

control over the cattle.



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  From:   S&S Homeowners - homeowner - MslSt

              Ask                                                                         11/14/2011            8:16:00 AM

     I agreee, they do eat and destroy crops. Putting a fence around the crops would be



  From:   the way you shoot - hunter - MslSt

              Ask                                                                         11/15/2011            8:14:00 AM

     So how do you recamend we fix the deer population should we ectend the season or

     increase the number of deer you can kill in the state of WV you can kill 3 per season

      and in the state of maryland you can kill 12 per season

       Response    T&A Show Cattle. - farmer - MslSt

                                                                                       11/18/2011       10:00:00 AM

             I think that the deer have increased over the years and we have hunting seaon

             but my opinion is they should give us more time to hunt. If we did then we

             wouldnt have as big as a problem that we do with the deer betting caught in the

             fence, destroying the crops, and other things. One of the other reason i believe

             is that there are not enough recourses and kinds of food for the deer so thats

             why they are eating our crops.







Black Attack- Musselman HS-Stevens


Our solution to the deer problem would be to add an electric fence surrounding all of the

farm land. The solutions will cost us; we would have to pay to for the electric fence itself

along with the installation. We wouldn’t have to give up anything, so the solution would be

efficient and with few costs to us. The solution would benefit us directly because it would

keep the deer out without compromising any of our farm or animal production. A cash prize

 for the best solution would make the group more willing to participate. Experts in deer

control would be the judges of the solutions and choose the winner. If we were trying to

increase the participation of actual farmers, the government could create a tax deduction

for every farmer that installs an electric fence in an area with a very high deer population.

To structure the solution so our group would prosper, the solutions would need to not hurt

the crops or the farm animals along with not harming the invading deer. Our only goal is to

keep the deer out, not cause them any harm.



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  From:   MHS farmers - farmer - MslSt

              Ask                                                                         11/15/2011            8:22:00 AM

     We agree with your comments but at times fencing in not necessarily the best

     solution because deer can get caught in the fences which can ruin the fence and be

     harmful to the deer and may kill them. we are not trying to kill the deer, just  trying

     to isol


  From:   S&S Homeowners - homeowner - MslSt

              Ask                                                                         11/15/2011             8:11:00 AM

     This is a really good idea !





Back Valley Farmers- Musselman HS-Rickman


Back Valley FarmersThe deer in the Eastern Panhandle has gotten very out of control. As

farmers it is a big problem for us since we have to go fix are fences every day from the

deer knocking them down for our cows to get out.  One of our solutions is too go to Gander

 Mountain, get a box of shotgun shells, get a shot gun, if you don't have one, and take them

 out one by one too lower the population day by day.  One other solution is to get an

electrical fence to put around our farm land so every time the deer go to get in they get

shocked and learn their lesson.


Our two solutions would defiantly be costly, so it could be kind of hard to do.  The first

solution we made about killing them off would defiantly be the best idea, and we would be

getting benefits out of it also. If we start to kill the deer off which lowers the population

day by day we could keep the meat from all the deer and eventually help the less fortunate

 by giving them the meat.


Since there is less deer, there would be less damage to our crops which calls for a better

growing season.  However, with less deer there would be a lot more money in our pockets

after harvesting the crops for the year. 


The downfall of our solution would defiantly have to be an extinction of the deer and that

would cause us to be out of resources.  One thing if they become extinct we would not

have fertilizer for ours crops , which would lead to a  bad growing season , which ends up

with us losing money. If we don't have fertilized crops because of the deer , we would end

up losing our farm and livelihood.


Ending up, even though deer are a pain , they are still needed in life too help farmers survive



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MHS farmers- Musselman HS-Stevens


As a farmer it has come to my attention that deer have been harming crops, tearing down

fences, and leaving deer trails across the property.  The deer themselves are not always a

problem, it's when there is an over population of them, which in the eastern panhandle,

there is an over population problem.  The overpopulation of the deer can lead to diseases

such as Chronic Waste Disease, Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease, Deer Warts, and other

viral diseases. 


Some solutions to this problem could be using large dogs for large farms that are

specifically trained in keeping animals such as deer away, exclusion fences are extremely

helpful, whether they are solar or electric, baiting deer away from the crops, ultra sonic

"scarers", electronic deer repellant, and loud frequency alarms.  Obviously another solution

 would be to increase the hunting season of deer and let hunters take care of the over

population problem.  The benefits of having deer away from the farms are fairly obvious;

crops would prosper, deer wouldn't get caught in fences for herd animals, and damage

from deer rubs and trails would be less obtrusive.  The costs of most of these deterrents

are fairly moderate, and most of the solutions, other than hunting of course work for

other animals and have other positives.  Trained dogs will help keep a herd of animals safe

from deer in their pastures, as well as keep other animals such as raccoons, foxes, and

coyotes away.  Exclusion fences will work well to keep deer away from crops, the fence

must be high enough though, or the deer can possibly get caught in the fence.  Some

fences, especially American Wire fences will be likely to catch a deer's back leg in the

fence, so the fence would need to be specifically set up to keep deer away by using a high

enough fence.  Loud frequency alarms, may be expensive, but in the long run are less

obtrusive than some other alternatives.  One would not need to worry about building a

fence, buying things to bait deer away, or training a large dog.



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L&M Show Cattle- Musselman HS-Rickman


As an up and coming farmer I have a small heard of beef cattle kept in by an electric

fence. Every day I go outside to check on my calves and a deer has torn my fence down

almost every day. I am tired of it! We have tried letting hunters on our land to thin out the

deer but when one of them missed the deer and clipped my momma cow in the leg, we no

longer allow hunters on our land. We have also tried putting an apple pile out front but the

deer just eat them and jump right back over our fence. We have even had times that we

dump grain do our cows over the winter and the deer come in and eat it. Even my brother

and I went out and killed three of the deer but, it's almost like they multiplied because now

 there are twelve deer held up in my thirteen acre field. The deer are costing me money,

labor, and college football on Saturday's. I am not a happy camper anymore I am in full

favor of a prolonged hunting season to get rid of our over population of white tail deer.

Thank you for reading my rant about white tail deer. I hope you enjoyed our opinion on this

 growing problem.



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