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The Dancers of Deer Support (TDDS)- Musselman HS-Rickman


The amount of deer in our urban area is a great concern. Because there are so many of

them, it has a great impact on our forests. Although the deer do impact the forests,

humans also damage the forests along with the deer.

      According to a study done in 2005, about 60,000 trees are cut down each year by

humans. That is about the size of Ireland. Now, comparing this to the impact deer have on

forests, we do more damage than they do. Though deer do prevent tree seedlings to grow

and eat some farmer's crops, there are simple solutions to these problems.


    Farmers can put up fences around their fields to protect their crops. They can also have

 dogs to fend off any deer that come on the land. If farmers are still having problems with

 the deer, they can start hunting them, if they want to. This is not a problem because it is

on their land. Plus, they can allow other hunters to come and hunt the deer.


    Also, people can keep planting trees every day, but we just keep cutting them down to

get supplies and make room for new homes. The estimated amount of houses built each

year is one to two million. That seems a little unnecessary. The amount of people on the

planet is increasing, yes, but it is unnecessary to keep knocking trees down. Soon there will

be no more forests left.


    Deer do cause problems with the buffers around rivers but, we contribute to the

destruction of rivers also. We give off so much toxic waste to the earth that we poison our

 rivers. We should be more conscious of our environment. The forest is not just ours; it

belongs to all the animals too. If we don't have a forest anymore, where will the animals


Many people blame the decline of our environment on animals, like the deer. It is not fully

the animals' fault. We contribute greatly to the decline of the environment, if not more

than the animals do. We should be more concerned with what we're doing than what the

animals are doing.




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  From:   Musselman Band - Other Stakeholder - MslSt

              Ask                                                                         11/18/2011            9:58:00 AM

     While I do agree with you that we cause many problems with the rivers and forests, I

     disagree in the sense that if we focus only on ourselves then the deer population will go

     unattended and will become the main problem. We as humans should worry about both

     deer and human mistakes that are ruining our environment. So you can't just blame

     humans or just deer it is a problem for all living creatures and requires attention to all

     of them to fix the problem.



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