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Go Big Green!!!- Musselman HS-Rickman


    We believe from a forester's point of view that to control the deer population hunters

should be limited to a time period based on the deer population. Every five years or so a

population count can be taken on the deer to regulate the amount of time hunters can be

out hunting deer. This would also help protect the wildlife population and growth. By keeping

 the deer population at an average state it would also help with the problems the deer

cause such as  causing car accidents, trampling wildflowers that once grew wildly, eating

too many plants, and ruining farmer's crops. By controlling the deer population it will also

help in not only bringing back the forest, but also in controlling the amount of forest in the

country of the United States of America. By having a high deer population the water can

become polluted, when the deer cross through the river and when their body waste

products are introduced to the water. This affects the health of other animals and human

beings that drink from the water. It also affects the fish, the plants, and other wildlife

around the surrounding areas.

 If the deer population were to become too low then the number of days that hunters will

be allowed to hunt will be limited. This will give the deer population more time to replenish

and repopulate. If the deer population is too low then many families will go hungry since it

is a primary food source. Thereby affecting the lives of fellow Americans.


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