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Buffalo Gap H.S.: how do you know that the people actually hit the deer it could have been another car?



bambi busters                                                Hampshire High School

insurance business                                                                                                     10/25/2007

                                                                                                                                   2:07:00 PM

  We represent the insurance business on the issue of deer and the damages they cause.  On our

 side of the road deer have been a nuisance more than being cute and cuddly.  It is ironic that

some of the biggest bucks have been killed by motor vehicles rather than being killed in hunting

 season.  The following paragraph will reveal some facts as well as give links to see the facts

included in our statement.         Current figures claim that $1.1 billion dollars in damage are

caused by 1.5 million deer-related car accidents every year. When we heard these numbers, we

found them a little hard to believe. After all, exactly how many deer find it necessary to throw

themselves into oncoming traffic in precisely a manner that maximizes automobile damage? It

also seems that the entire deer population is actively suicidal, so does that mean that it is the

Bambi’s mission to be a martyr by throwing itself into traffic and causing damage and possibly

killing people? We think that it is exactly what Bambi’s mission is. Deer-related accidents also

can kill our customers in some accidents which means we lose money in the long run because we

 have to pay for their car and they will never send money again, not to mention that we can’t

raise our rates to get even more money. Deer are very unpredictable and seem to love to hurt

us, but we want them all dead so that we can have the maximum profit possible. In our

conclusion, we need more ways to kill deer in the long run. One way is to extend hunting season.

 By extending hunting season, this can reduce the deer population more than what the normal

season would. Also that the limit of deer killed per person should be raised to 7 deer because

that would also help with the extension of hunting season and less deer would be around as well.

  Another way of killing the deer population would be to raise the predators’ population of the

deer and include them in hunting season to balance the population and it would help when

hunting season is over to balance the population when hunting season is over.



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  From:   We Speak For the Trees - forester - NHHS                              Statement

                                                                                            11/9/2007            7:37:00 AM

     Yeah . . . about the whole deer being suicidal thing . . . THEY DON'T GET KILLED ON

     PURPOSE!  Humans are at fault for this.  We clearcut their forests and pave roads

     through their fields.  They expect to be walking into a nice quiet little wooded area and .

      . . BAM!  They are smack dab in the middle of a highway with cars zooming by all around

      them and they confused and act like, well a deer in headlights.  Yes, I'm sure they love

     to go out with a bang . . . or rather with cars honking all around them.


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L&D                                                               Hampshire High School

business                                                                                                                    10/25/2007

                                                                                                                                 10:26:00 AM

A represent State Farm insurance right here in Romney. I have more people coming into my

business telling me they hit a deer with their vehicle. This is hurting my business, because I

have to pay to much money to fix their vehicles.             Even though their insurance goes up we still

 have to pay to re fix their vehicle. My solution is for the DNR to restrain and control these

deer. One example of a solution could be to extend deer season, this will allow them to kill more

 deer and decrease the amount of deer too. This may at least help the problem with citizens

coming into my business, and saying they were in a vehicle accident.      This will help State

Farm by decreasing high insurances. Then State Farm won’t be paying out so much money. Our

financial wise will be better and we won’t be paying out so much money. We might have less

vehicle accidents, and it might help the whole issue by relieving stress to drivers in our county.

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  From:    Farming The Future - farmer - NHHS

                                                                                            11/7/2007            8:53:00 AM

     If people are hitting deer, then they are still coming in to your insurance company and

     giving you business.  They're insurance goes up which puts more money in your pocket. 

     Even though you have to pay the damages, you're still making money. 

       Statement: People Lovin' Animals - Other Stakeholder - NHHS

                                                                                       11/9/2007        7:21:00 AM

              We believe that extending the hunting season isn't the most effective way to

             control the deer population. Reintroducing natural predators would help the

             population maintain a healthy size and create a more robust deer population.

             While hunters kill the prize deer and leave behind the sickly and weak deer,

             natural predators kill the weak deer and leave the strong deer, overall improving

             the population.



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Money Money Money Rappahannock High School

Insurance                                                                                                               11/1/2007

                                                                                                                            6:54:00 AM

        Virginia is one of the top 10 states for Deer-Car Accidents. State Farm estimates the 1.5

million vehicles collide with deer every year, resulting in 150 motoring deaths and 1.1 billion

dollars in vehicle damages.        As traffic volumes increase and the deer herd grows, the number

of car-deer collisions also increases. Every year, more than 40,000 deer collide with cars on

highways and back roads. These accidents injure people, kill deer, and cause an estimated $90

million in damage claims. Some auto body shops report 25-50 percent of their income is

generated by car-deer collisions. The accident rates are high in most urban and rural areas

where deer numbers exceed 25 per square mile.The number of deer increases near the road,

during their migrating and mating season, which is between October and December.  Attentive

driving is still the best deterrent for deer-car accidents.  State Farm states that, “drivers

should use their high-beam headlights as much as possible to illuminate deer on the side of the

road.    Tips to Avoid Deer-Car Accidents:1.      Drive with caution when moving through deer-

crossing zones2.           Brake firmly when you notice a deer in or near your path, but stay in your

lane.3.  Always wear your seat belt.4.   Do not rely on devices such as deer whistles, deer

fences and reflectors to deter deer.

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Deer Crushers Rappahannock High School

Insurance Agency                                                                                                   11/1/2007

                                                                                                                            9:05:00 AM

Each year there are more than 1.5 million auto collisions involving deer, which results in

approximately, 150 deaths.” “This results in more than 1 billion dollars in vehicle damage.” This

is due to such a heavy amount of deer population. “There are about 1 deer to every 3 people.”

Insurance companies are trying to cut down on the amount of auto collisions to save money. To

do this it would be beneficial for the there to be the least amount of deer as possible. This

could be done by extending the deer-hunting season. It would also be beneficial to the

insurance agencies if the use of dogs to run deer were outlawed. The reason for this is

because the dogs run the deer to the hunters. By doing this they run the deer through our

roadways causing auto collisions. The dogs also run the deer away from their territory, which

causes them to migrate back during night hours, which also causes problems for motorists.

Another method of reducing the amount of deer and auto collisions is putting an electronic

deer alert. This item connects to a cars battery and turns itself on when the car is started. It

produces an ultrasonic and an active mode, which produces a loud whistle to warn off deer.

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deerco Rappahannock High School

insurance and drivers in america                                                                             11/1/2007

                                                                                                                            12:14:00 PM

We represent the insurance business and the drivers in America, who have car accidents

involving deer. Most people probably don’t think much on accidents involving deer until they

experience one. Looking at your hometown and seeing how many accidents there are in your

county it seems like deer aren’t a major problem with car insurance and collision repair prices.

  Deer, because of their large numbers, results in an automobile accident costing an average

of 2000 dollars for repairs. Around 7000 drivers are injured from car accidents with over

100 deaths caused by accidents with deer. The death of deer is estimated to 350,000 deer

every year. Cars kill more deer overall than hunters. Those statistics are a minimum for some

states. The United States of America have over 1.5 million car accidents with deer resulting in

over 1 billion dollars in vehicle damage. In average of over 10,000 injuries a year are caused

because of deer accidents. Most insurance companies handle deer accidents. They call it an

“at-fault accident” which can raise your rates anywhere from 10% to over 100% when time

comes to renew your policy. An “at-fault accident” on your insurance record stays with you for

up to 10 years. That means you would be paying for the accident every year for 10 years until

your record is clear.     To correct this imbalance of deer and car population would be to

increase the population of hunters and predators reduce the number of deer.

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