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Environmentalists Buffalo Gap HS

environmentalist                                                                                                   10/30/2007

                                                                                                                            7:44:00 AM

Although we enjoy seeing wildlife, maximizing wildlife populations so that we can enjoy them,

is not necessarily healthy for them or the rest of our ecosystem. Exceeding the natural

carrying capacity, or the population that can be supported without degradation of the

environment, is inviting disaster. Weakness, stress, disease, and even starvation are likely

outcomes to wildlife populations if the carrying capacity is exceeded for an extended period

of time. High deer populations have resulted in an increase of wildlife-related vehicle

accidents, crop damage, and animal nuisance problems. Costly feeding programs would be

required to sustain these populations. A lower population is needed to match the available food,

 as well as to improve the health of the deer, or improve the quality of the much-sought after

big rack of antlers. The old practice of not shooting doe deer is no longer appropriate but is

still adhered to by many hunters out of the traditional belief that doe hunting hurts the

population. Hunters today are accustomed to seeing more deer than is healthy for the

environment, and have an expectation of seeing deer at these levels. If they donít see a decent

buck on opening day, they donít think there are any deer around, yet many continue to pass up

the chance to take one of the numerous antlerless deer that wander by their stands. A balanced

herd has one buck to every three antlerless deer (one buck, one doe, one button buck, one

yearling doe). An equal kill of bucks and does will keep a population balanced, but if the area is

 mainly hunted for bucks the ratio quickly becomes skewed. Up to 85% of the legal bucks may

be harvested in a season, further skewing the population. Antler development on bucks is

dependent upon nutrition, heredity, and age. A deer harvest policy must be implemented so

bucks mature and develop into better animals. To balance the population, it is recommended that

 hunters harvest 7 to 8 antlerless deer per square mile. When the population is in balance the

harvest should take at least three antlerless deer per square mile to keep it that way. Following

a harvesting guide should keep the deer population at 30 to 40 deer per square mile (640

acres). Many foresters, trophy hunters, gardeners, and farmers suggest 20 deer per square

mile. For a smaller deer herd, harvest more does. On properties with well over 40 deer per

square mile, the habitat for most wildlife is degraded, plants cannot reproduce, food is scarce,

shelter is destroyed, deer health is reduced and it is imperative to reduce the deer herd.


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Thoughtful Questions

  From:   J.S. - Farmer - BGHS                                                                  Ask

                                                                                            11/9/2007            9:36:00 AM

     How do you plan to implement this "harvest policy" because most of us hunt and we are

     going to hunt no matter what?

                                                                                  11/9/2007                            44:00 AM

             This deer policy will not work like i said. For one thing you are partally right and

             partally wrong we do need to kill more does and less bucks so that the population

             does not get out of proportion.

       Response    Environmentalists - Other Stakeholder - BGHS

                                                                                       11/12/2007      7:59:00 AM

             The "policy" is not to  prevent hunting, or to reduce hunting. It is to keep the

             population in check by bagging correct amounts of does and bucks so that

             the population does not explode or drop drastically.





Business Hampshire High School

Business on CWD                                                                                                 10/30/2007

                                                                                                                             2:30:00 PM

Because of a disease called Chronic Wasting Disease (or CWD), a few deer in West Virginia

are getting sick. This disease is equivalent to deer like Mad Cow Disease is to cows or like

Scrappe is to Sheep. It has not been proven that people can get sick if they consume deer

infected with CWD, but it hasn't been disproven either. Many people are not hunting as much

as they used to because of this disease. This greatly affects many businesses that rely on

hunters to make a profit. Since 2002 there has been a steady decline in how many people hunt.

This causes the deer population to grow and then there isn't enough food; which results in sick

and malnurished deer who are susceptible to disease. Somehow the disease needs to be

terminated, then allow only the healthy deer to grow and reproduce. This would help out with the

 business to make a profit, since they are able to sell healthy and good meat. The West Virginia

Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has started by opening a special two day doe hunt to

do further testing for CWD. They also put some rules in affect to stop the spread of the

disease. They've separated Hampshire County into two sections North and South of Route 50.

North of Route 50 is called the Containment area. The disease has only been found in about 12

deer and West Virginia has millions of deer. So right now it's small scale. As hunters we all

need to do our part to keep this deadly cervid (deer) disease in check til it can be eliminated

from West Virginia. The disease is also found in several other states like Wisconsin and

Colorado. It can infect all cervids including; White Tail Deer, Mule Deer, Black Tail Deer, Elk,

Moose, and Carabou. In our area we only have White Tail Deer. Biologists aren't sure where

the disease comes from or what causes it. Their not even sure how it is spread, but they think it

 could be from saliva, and they know the disease lives in the brain, spinal colomn, and

lymphnodes of an infected animal. If biologists in West Virginia can figure it out they could

help the other states with problems with the disease.


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Thoughtful Questions:

Environmentalists - Buffalo Gap HS                      10/31/2007

So how much would this cost to research and develop a "vaccine" or way to cure CWD?and if there was a vaccine how would it be administered to the deer?

       Response    Business - Other Stakeholder - HHS

                                                                                       11/7/2007        8:09:00 AM

             To administer the vaccine to the deer it could be sprayed like an aerosol, or put

             in food like they did with birth control for pigeons in california to control the

             population.  The intitial cost of developing the vaccine would be high, but in the

             long run it would be worth it because CWD is affecting how many people hunt,

            and it's a very important industry



 From:    Corny Biologists - Other Stakeholder - RHS

                                                                                            11/5/2007            7:53:00 AM

     How often does a person become affected by CWD because they consumed the venison

     that was infected with it?

       Response    Business - Other Stakeholder - HHS

                                                                                       11/7/2007        8:13:00 AM

             It isn't known if the disease can be transferred to people through consumption

             of meat, but it is recommended to not eat meat that you know is infected simply

             because they are not sure if it can make you sick or not. 





Corny Biologists Rappahannock High School

Wildlife Biologist                                                                                                   11/1/2007

                                                                                                                            6:46:00 AM

Deer are not as big a deal that everyone makes them, or are they? Sure their population,

whether big or small, affects the forest, but so do all animals.  Its like a food web; take away

one thing, everything is affected, not just one certain thing.  PETA members may believe killing

 deer is wrong, but hunters are only helping to control the population.  Over population can be a

bad thing with deer, but overpopulation of any animal can have negative outcome.  We donít

need to be making a big deal about deer; they are only one species of animal in a world of a

wide variety of species. Though deer are a small part of the environment, they do have an

impact on it.  Deer donít necessarily hurt an animal itself, but it may hurt its environment by

eating the wide variety of shrubs that host that certain species of animals.  Particularly cedar,

oak, and Canada yew are the favored shrubs of the whitetail deer species. Deer kill some trees

during the rutting season when they start mating. The bucks use their antlers to rub the bark

off the trees to mark the area their own.  Deer also control the overgrowing of certain plants

by eating them and keeping them from taking over.  Deer also serve as a reservoir for Lyme

disease. They even affect biodiversity through intensive browsing of the forest under story in

some locations. So are deer a big deal to your environment or not? 

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Thoughtful Questions:


Bambi Lovers Rappahannock High School

PETA                                                                                                                      11/1/2007

                                                                                                                            6:50:00 AM

   We are the deer lovers. We are trying to find a solution to keep deer alive. Even though they

may destroy some of the farmers crops, mess up drivers cars, cost insurance companies money

and invade homeowners space doesnít give you a reason to shot them. When deer establish a

territory they will not leave, so why should hunters run them out of their habitat. Some may

think that deerís are pests but they are not. Some think its fun to kill deer, but its not. Deerís

have feelings just like humans.   Hunting is a violent form of recreation. Our main priority for

 controlling the population is to make sure people do it in a humane way. We can do this by

giving them birth control so they wonít over populate and to stop using dogs to run deer out of

their habitat, which causes them to harm our community. If we could find the perfect diet that

provided all the necessary nutrients, then maybe they wonít starve and we could get them to not

destroy other habitats.

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Thoughtful Questions:

  From:    The 3 Hunters - Hunter - HHS

                                                                                            11/2/2007            8:26:00 AM

     How are you positive that deer have feelings? If so, all animals have feelings, then

     throw away your sponges because they have feelings too. Deer don't stay in the same

     spot as they tend to wander. Hunting is a violent form of recreation? If all living things

     have feelings, then farming must be just as violent as plants are living. What site have

     you found that contains deer birth control? I'd like to see this. How would you find the

     funding for the birth control and the necessary diet? You can't control exactly what a

     deer eats, so how are you going to control where they go to eat?

  From:    HillbillyHunters - Hunter - HHS

                                                                                            11/2/2007            8:28:00 AM

     How in the world are you gonna give all the deer.......all 12 million or more birth control

     and where are you gonna get the money for it

  From:    Amsey's Fantastic Foresters - Forester - CSHS

                                                                                            11/2/2007            11:41:00 AM

     I was just wondering if you could give me some more information on how deer birth

     control works. Such as how effective it is and is it cost effective.

  From:    All Hunter Stakeholders Clear Springs

                                                                                            11/2/2007           11:50:00 AM

     so deer have feelings too huh ?? well ive hunted for 12 years and have yet  to see a deer

     or any animal cry or laugh. maybe im just not looking hard enough. but back to my

     question is it more humane to let deer become over populated and starve for months then

     die or to shoot them and the die withen seconds ? . and you said if we find the perfect

     habitat for deer then the population will be under control but if the habitat is perfect

     wont the deer population sky rocket? and it isnt all about killing its about being in the

     outdoors and the thrill of the hunt. also i feed my family with deer meat its a cheap fun

     way to keep my family fed. 

From:      Ye Ol' Animals - Other Stakeholder - PHS

                                                                                            11/6/2007            8:20:00 AM

     PETA= People Eating Tasty Animals

  From:    Ye Ol' Animals - Other Stakeholder - PHS

                                                                                            11/6/2007            8:28:00 AM

     So let me get this straight, Bambi Lovers, You as PETA people of the world are going

      to spread deer birth control around the forest. I think that is the most unpractical

     and biggest waste of money that this in debt government could do. What is keeping

     the other animals from not eating the birth control and becoming sterile themselves?

      So not only are there going to be no more deer, but no more little cute squirls,

     fluffy bunnies, or chubby cheeked chipmunks. So if we follow through on you plans

     then the only animal you will see in the world is the stuffed one you cuddle up at

     night as you're crying because you just realized that you've created a deer genocide.

  From:    Better'N You - hunter - NHHS

                                                                                            11/7/2007            8:56:00 AM

     How do you Know that deer have feelings? Can you talk to them?  How do you know that

     it is not FUN to shoot deer? because I absolutely love killing deer i do it everday of my

     life and nothing makes me happier. Don't get me wrong im all about sitting in the woods

     and watching nature but when a deer walks in front of me it's going to die.

  From:    Farming The Future - farmer - NHHS

                                                                                            11/7/2007            8:57:00 AM

     "Even though they may destroy some of the farmers crops, mess up drivers cars, cost

     insurance companies money and invade homeowners space doesnít give you a reason to

     shot them."  Doesn't that give you four reasons right there?  You also said that some find

      it fun to shoot deer and that is not fun.  So that's your opinion, it's not fair to say it's

     not fun.  Some people find it fun, just not you.

  From:    Farmer John - Farmer - HHS

                                                                                            11/7/2007              1:41:00 PM

     where did you get your info and how do you know the deer have feelings

  From:   Happy Houses - homeowner - NHHS                                            Ask

                                                                                            11/9/2007             7:17:00 AM

     I can understand the fact that you dont like killing deer, but can you explain how birth

     control would work. How would you be sure that when you gave them the birth control? If

      it failed or when they need the next dose? Wouldn't that be more trouble than just

     killing them?  Birth control is expensive and it would hurt the economy.

  From:   We Speak For the Trees - forester - NHHS                              Statement

                                                                                            11/9/2007            8:00:00 AM

     "Hunting is a violent form of recreation"  Okay that's your opinion, to some people

     hunting is a form of survival.  there could be some people who can't afford to buy meat

     from a grocery store and depend on hunting to bring meat to the table.

  From:   Buffalo Gap HS                                                            Ask

                                                                                            11/9/2007            9:47:00 AM

     huting is a sport. lots of people love to hunt. a lot of people feed their families with the

     deer meat they harvest. why do you want to stop these people from eating what they

     want. do you really think that you and all of your peta buddies are going to walk over

     thousands of acres of land to throw birth control around the forest

  From:   J.S. - Farmer - BGHS                                                                  Ask

                                                                                            11/9/2007            9:56:00 AM

     how do you plan to spread the birth control walk up and catch the does? Or do you plan to

      put it in a salt block?

  From:   Buffalo Gap HS                                                            Ask

                                                                                            11/9/2007           10:03:00 AM

     if you stop hunting then in a few years just watch and see how many deer there would be.

      in two years the population would average out to double in size. do you really want to

     see the deer starving to death. let me put it like this if there were a thousand acre farm

     and no one huted it, thre would a lot of deer. say the farm had 500 deer on it that were

     starving, wouild you rather see 500 starving deer or 250 healthy deer. put some thought

     into it.

       Statement:    J.S. - Farmer - BGHS

                                                                                       11/9/2007        10:02:00 AM

             Fine I will believe everything you say "IF" you can prove that deer have

             feelings. Do that and I will believe you.

  From:   Farmers Milleevets - Farmer - BGHS                                            Ask

                                                                                          11/12/2007            7:50:00 AM

     What proof do you have that deer have feelings like humans?

  From:   Buffalo Gap HS                                                            Ask

                                                                                          11/12/2007            7:53:00 AM

     how are you gonna be able to find every deer and give them birth control





Bunnies have rights too Rappahannock High School

Wildlife Biologist                                                                                                   11/1/2007

                                                                                                                            9:05:00 AM

We need to extend the hunting season because the deer are overpopulated and the hunting

seasons given are not enough.  Virginia has over 1 million deer. Deer serve as a reservoir for

Lyme disease.  Deer have a tendency to ruin bird nesting.  They cause thousands of vehicle

collisions every year.  Deer cause crop depredation and ruin gardens and landscaped yards. 

The deer affect biodiversity by over-browsing the forest under-story in where there is too

many deer. A buck can range anywhere from 125 lbs.-250 lbs.  Bucks this large require 4,000

to 6,000 calories daily.  The bucks are consuming 4 to 10 pounds of forage daily. Deer

consume about 3% of their body weight daily. This does not seem like a lot, but it adds up.  The

impact on horticulture and garden plants can be devastating. Damage caused by deer is likely

to increase in the future if herd population is not decreased.  If firearm restrictions increase,

 hunting will decrease; this will greatly intensify deer population.  We need long-term solutions

for deer population control.  Extending the hunting season would help manage the population of

 white-tailed deer in Virginia. 



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Thoughtful Questions:

  From:    Maryland Mounties - Other Stakeholder - CSHS

                                                                                            11/2/2007           11:48:00 AM

     How do they destroy the bird nest? What do they do scurry up the tree like a spider

     monkey and kick the nest out of the tree. Well if they destroy the bird nest then will the

     squirrels be next? Just put a fence around the tree so they can not climb it. If the deer

     climb the trees then the hunters will be in danger in their tree stands. If you love birds

     that much go build some bird houses so the deer wont be the problem. I mean little kids

     with slingshots that kill birds have nothing to do with the birds losing nests.

       Response    Bunnies have rights too - Other Stakeholder - RHS

                                                                                       11/15/2007      9:58:00 AM

             When deer browse understory excessively and reduce its amount and

             composistion variety they are then reducing the places for birds to build nest.


  From:    Better'N You - hunter - NHHS

                                                                                            11/7/2007             9:10:00 AM

     I agree with you that we need to open reservoirs to the public for hunting because there

     are too many deer in these areas. If we have firearm seasons longer then more people

     will hunt and kill more deer.

  From:    Farmer John - Farmer - HHS

                                                                                            11/7/2007             1:43:00 PM

     How do deer eat that much in the winter time when there is no food?

  From:   THE CAMOFLAGE DECACHJA - Hunter - BGHS                         Ask

                                                                                          11/12/2007             8:16:00 AM

     How do deer destroy birds nest? and what is your solution for the deer population?

     you have good facts but how can we use them to help the population?





Wild Life Forever Rappahannock High School

Wildlife Biologists                                                                                                  11/1/2007

                                                                                                                            9:54:00 AM

           When a forest has a high population of deer this causes a high impact and a poor forest.

Deer can change forests and affect their habitat and the habitat of other species. When the

deer population is high deer will cause many things to happen. Deer will clear the under story

completely of their preferred foods like oak seedlings. They will show a browse line of

everything cleared that they like. Also when the impact is high deer will leave the non-

preferred plants an advantage. For example deer do not like black cherry so black cherry may

have the dominance over oak. Deer will cause harm to other wildlife that depend on the plants

on the forest floor and those that live in the under story. They will have less food and homes

when the deer clear the plants. There may be some ways to prevent damage in over populated

forests or ways to help fix over populated areas. Forests that are abundant of deer may be set

up as hunting grounds to help decrease population that season; this may help plants reproduce.

Hunting may cause the big bucks to decline, which possibly could lead to smaller deer. Forests

may have fencing set up in areas to keep deer out and help plants stay healthy. Fencing could be

 effective but is expensive. Deer can be trapped and taken to other areas. These ways arenít

guaranteed to work but will be worth trying to save the forests. When a forest has low deer

impact the basic elements of life are more abundant for other wildlife species and the habitat

quality is higher. The species that prefer that type of forest have a large amount of cover and

an ample amount of food. A forest will also have no definite browse line. The advantage of

competition can change among species and depending on how many deer are in a certain area.

The changes can be ecologically devastating, but when there arenít many deer in a forest then

the change will most likely be better for other organisms. When deer browse on certain plants

then the competition between them decreases. Many factors can decrease deer populations.

Cougars and coyotes decrease deer population when they hunt them and eat them. Humans

decrease population too when they shoot and kill them. One more factor is diseases. Deer can

catch diseases and pass them to other deer or wildlife.

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Thoughtful Questions:

  From:    The Fantastic 4est - Forest - HHS

                                                                                            11/2/2007            7:30:00 AM

     How do you plan to take the deer to the places to get rid of them? When and Where?


From: the Moderator

     In my woods, it's so bad that nothing gets past the deer, even black cherry and honey locust.  You suggest a number of possible approaches, such as more hinting, fencing, and trapping.  Do you think that a variety of approaches will be needed to solve the problem?



Road-kill Insurance Rappahannock High School

Moterist                                                                                                                 11/1/2007

                                                                                                                            9:56:00 AM

The deer population has caused car insurance of driverís cars to rise. In 1994 Michigan alone

had 56,666 deer-vehicle collisions. In Bloomington Illinois an estimated 10,000 occurred in

2006. In 2006 most State Farm claims data shows that deer- related vehicle collisions have

risen almost 6 percent the last deer season. From July1, 2005 through June 30, 2006 average

property damage cost was $2800, up $300 from the previous year. According to the

Insurance Institute for Highway Safety there are an estimated 1.5-million deer-vehicle

collisions annually in the United States, causing more than 150 fatalities and $1.1billion in

property damage. Deer and car collisions are becoming more frequent during the fall and

winter season. Deer accidents occurred mostly from 3-6 in the evening. The highest month for

deer accidents is November. Strangely, the day that has the most deer collisions is Tuesday and

 Friday.            We need to come up with a way to prevent insurance companies from raising prices

on car insurance. Because of deer, we must try to keep deer off roadways. Some precautions

are: signs that warn people of deer crossings, reflectors that ward off deer, deer underpasses,

diversionary feeding areas, longer hunting seasons, and deer whistles or noise makers.

Reflectors cost $17.95 each.  They only operate at night.    Some states report that reflectors

are not making any changes with the deer and car collisions. While other states are finding

that they work well.  I guess if depends on the deer population for the area on whether the

reflectors will actually work or not.                Sometimes, however, deer cannot be avoided. 

When confronted with a deer the best thing to do is stomp on the brakes and donít swerve out

of control.  If you canít avoid hitting the deer even after braking, then let go of the break

before impact.  Donít go out of your lane, you may hit another car or even a tree.  If you do hit

a deer stay in your car, the deer may only be stunned and when it gets up it may hurt you very

bad if you mess with it.       

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Thoughtful Questions:


Deer Freaks Rappahannock High School

Animal Rights                                                                                                          11/1/2007

                                                                                                                           10:00:00 AM

Deer population is high this year and many people think that hunting is the best way to keep the

population down; well I got something I want to tell them. There are other ways to keep the deer

 population down. Instead of hunting, we can introduce a new predator in an area like a coyotes

 where you want the deer population to go down. The rising of the deer population is also

caused by humans. Humans feed deer in state parks and some other places; we can prevent

humans from feeding the dears in those places, deer should be reliant on their own habitat for

food.    Most people accuse deer for most of the accidents they have when crashing their cars

with deer. One thing to reduce these accidents is for drivers to be more careful while driving

and respect the speeding limits. The most important thing you can do to prevent this is to

remove vegetations from roadsides. Since deer are attracted to human vegetation they tend to

get close to were the vegetation is. They donít care if they are close to a road. Many farmers

also complain because the deer eat their vegetation. The farmers can put fences around their

crops so deer canít get in.  Some hunters donít care about the animals they kill they just do it

for a sport. They just kill the deer and leave them there. In places were hunting is allowed the

deer population has increase and where hunting is not allowed the population has decreased.

This is because of the competition there is between the deer. The more deer you kill the less

competition there is between the deer and the more food they have. The less deer you kill the

more population there is but in time that population is going to decrease because there will be

less food and more competition between the deer. During  2003, 1,894 deer kill permits were

issued in Virginia and 7,221 deer were reported killed.

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Thoughtful Questions:

  From:    Grant County Farmer's Association - farmer - PHS

                                                                                            11/6/2007            8:22:00 AM

     We don't believe that introducing coyotes to West Virginia will do anything but cause

     more problems. Coyotes won't just kill the deer but they will also kill off livestock!

     In addition, coyotes are already over-running West Virginia and they are already a



  From:    Grant County Business Association - Other Stakeholder -PHS

                                                                                            11/6/2007            8:26:00 AM

     So you think that deer have no part in causing automobile accidents that they are

     involved in? I personally know of accidents where the driver of the automobile has

     been at a complete stop and a deer has run into the side of that car as some sort of

     suicide mission. So how exactly would that be the driver's fault?

  From:   Buffalo Gap HS                                                            Ask

                                                                                            11/9/2007           10:31:00 AM

     do you really think a coyote is going to chase a deer through the woods two miles or do

     yopu think theyd take the easy way and eat a farmers livestock

  From:   Buffalo Gap HS                                                                         Statement

                                                                                            11/9/2007           10:35:00 AM

     where i live the coyotes are getting outrageous and every time you turn around you hear

     someone talking about how they seen a coyote or two coyotes or how they killed one.   

     where i live there are so many coyotes taht there is a bount5y on them

  From:   THE CAMOFLAGE DECACHJA - Hunter - BGHS                         Ask

                                                                                          11/12/2007            8:02:00 AM

     Well if you add coyotes to a area were there is alot of deer, what about all the

     other animals in the area? The coyotes are going to kill them to. Lot of the areas

     where there is alot of deer is around farm lands. The coyotes will kill the farm

     animals also. Then there will be another cituation with the over population of coyotes.

      I think it should stay the way it is with hunting.




To Deer or Not to Dear Rappahannock High School

Animal Rights                                                                                                          11/1/2007

                                                                                                                            12:12:00 PM

The overpopulation of whitetail deer is a significant issue because of the impact that it has on

society. Each year thousands of people die from car accidents. The deer population is slowly

destroying the vegetation of our forest and fields to meet their needs. As much as 70% of

crops have been damaged from deerís appetite.  So how can we control a population that has

feelings as we too? Our main priority for controlling the deer population is to make sure that it

 is enforced in a humane way. We prefer that there be no deer hunting at all but knowing this is

 an unrealistic request we push to stop raising dogs to just hunt one month out of a year.

Raising dogs to just hunt all their lives is considered inhumane. Many dogs are neglected and

abused during the months they do not hunt. In most extreme cases when the dog does not return

in a certain amount of time after the hunt they are left to fend for themselves. If they are

injured during the hunt many owners will abandon their dogs on the side of the road, because

they have outlived their usefulness. What is a humane way we can lower the deer population in

 order to save our lives and food stock?  One way is to trap them, neuter them, and then release

them.  In the end it will cut down on the population. Unfortunately this method would be

expensive but less expensive than the loss of crops and human lives in the United States.

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Thoughtful Questions:

  From:    Ye Ol' Animals - Other Stakeholder - PHS

                                                                                            11/7/2007            8:25:00 AM

     I would love to see someone try to "trap" a deer.  I do not know if you noticed, but they

     are very fast, powerful animals.  I think that you would have an audience following you

     around just to laugh when you make a fool out of yourself trying to trap a deer (let alone

     trying to neuter one.)

       Statement    Happy Houses - homeowner - NHHS

                                                                                       11/9/2007        7:23:00 AM

             Traping and nuetering seems to be way too much work.  Could you imagine how

             much money would have to be spent.  Tranquilizers would have to be paid for plus

              the nuetering aspect.  I know you dont want the deer to be killed but I believe

             their is a need for more natural predators such as, wolves or bears.  This is a

             more natural way of killing them than with guns.

  From:   Environmentalists - Other Stakeholder - BGHS                           Ask

                                                                                          11/12/2007            8:05:00 AM

     How do you expect to trap millions of deer and where would you come up with the

            money to neuter every single one of them? 




Dear Venados Rappahannock High School

Animal Rights                                                                                                          11/1/2007

                                                                                                                             1:23:00 PM

Deer populations are decreasing because of many recent factors. Hunters are a major problem.

 They kill deer for their skins and to eat them. They take the deer to the slaughterhouse to

cruelly process these deer. Temperature is also affecting deer population. In Arizona, deer

population drops from 25% to 80% during the summers because of low food sources and dry

weather. Many baby deer born during this season die. Also, many deer are being killed by car

accidents.Some people say that deer populations are too high and that hunting is the only way

 to solve the problem. There are plenty of alternatives to hunting. One way to help the deer

population is to reintroduce natural predators such as the bear, bobcat, or wolf, species, which

are also threatened species. Also, disease is a natural way to control population.For a long

time, hunters have been using other hunting methods to justify the killing of these deer.

Hunting dogs is now a major technique for hunting. Using dogs for hunting has its pros and

cons:    Pros: *Any other form of deer hunting will not bring as much revenue as using dogs .

*Hunting keeps the balance in the deer population which are all threatened* Dogs are trained

well.* Hunting deer gets rid of deer with diseases that may contaminate the forest in direct

contact or indirect contactCons:*Hunting dogs are pinned up for a long time until hunting

season and are sometimes not fed or treated right.*Mistreating the dogs used in hunting

varies the view on hunting deer and thus gives us the anti-hunters.*Animal rights (dogs) are

violated    In order to continue the use of dogs for hunting people must treat them right.Not

using dogs in hunting will cause the local economy to drop because dogs are currently a good

source for revenue. The white deer population needs to stay in balance because some of the

deer have transmittable diseases. Deer provide natural fertilizers; they carry seeds with their

food thus transferring another species of plants to the forest. Hunting deer isnít entirely bad

because it is a better way to keep a balance. Other methods could be used but would cost time

and moneyÖ more than people are willing to give. Introducing natural predators may take a

while to sync in and take action.

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Maryland Mounties Clear Spring

Maryland Department Natural Resources                                                                11/2/2007

                                                                                                                           10:54:00 AM

DNR Position on Deer Overpopulation.  Department of Natural Resources, (DNR), is interested

in controlling the deer population through the Deer Project. The Deer Project conserves and

manages native white-tailed deer. Currently the Deer Project is up for revision. They currently

have a deer management project that helps to control the population with different goals. The

goals are to preserve the present and future well- being of the deer and their habitat. Maintain

deer population to a level that is necessary to ensure compatibility with land and their natural

communities; encourage and promote the recreational use and enjoyment of the deer resource;

and inform and educate Maryland citizens concerning deer biology, management options, and

the impacts that deer have on landscapes and people. The DNR utilizes broad-based deer

management techniques to meet these goals.  Hunting remains the most cost-effective

population control mechanism available in most Maryland landscapes. The economic side of

this is the total payroll and profits spawned by firms affected by Maryland's deer hunting

industry topped $37 million, a 65% increase over 1996 figures.  Over $4.1 million in Maryland

 sales tax is collected due to Maryland deer hunting.  The deer hunting industry in Maryland

contributed $1.4 million in Maryland state income taxes and $6.3 million in federal income

taxes. There are such proposals to bring back the check in stations, and make the laws on the

deer sizes different. They want to have the bucks mature longer so the rack size is at least

three on each side. This law comes from Pennsylvania; where the DNR in Pennsylvania makes

sure that no buck smaller than a six point is harvested.

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  From:   Better'N You - hunter - NHHS                                                    Statement

                                                                                            11/9/2007            7:23:00 AM

     I agree with you that hunting brings in major percentage of our taxes.  Getting rid of

     hunting would also lose millions of dollars for the state.



People Lovin' Animals North Harford High School

Animal-rights                                                                                                          11/5/2007

                                                                                                                            7:54:00 AM

As PLA (People Lovin' Animals) an animal-rights stakeholder group, we believe that the

reintroduction of natural predators is important to bringing balance to the ecosystem. In a

study preformed in Corvallis, Oregon the reintroduction of wolves into Yellowstone National

Park aided in the repopulation of cottonwood trees. After the systematic killings of wolves in

the 1920ís, the elk populationís range of food area began to expand. Without the threat of

wolves, the elk were able to roam new areas that were previously inhabited by the wolves. The

elk ate small cottonwood trees and stunted the growth of the cottonwood tree population.

Similarly, the deer population can be balanced by the reintroduction of natural predators and

our Eastern forests returned to their previous healthy state. Hunters cannot perform the same

task of balancing an ecosystem because they shoot the trophies, whereas natural predators cull

the herd of the weak and sick. To add natural predators would be to replace a keystone species

to an area. Eastern forests have been out of balance since we extirpated the wolf population.

Reintroducing wolves into the ecosystem may cause some cultural backlash but educating the

public would help us to improve the Eastern ecosystem. 

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  From:   Better'N You - hunter - NHHS                                                    Statement

                                                                                            11/9/2007            7:28:00 AM

     I agree that we should introduce natural  predators into the wild because it would help

     control the deer pop. but i know you say that all hunters are out to kill a trophy but I

     would be just as happy to kill a doe as I would be to kill a big buck.

  From:   THE CAMOFLAGE DECACHJA - Hunter - BGHS                         Ask

                                                                                          11/12/2007            8:24:00 AM

     So you would rather slaughter with natural predators that would leave them lay for

     vulters, than a hunter that would not waste the deer?  Also if we put wolves other

     carnivors on the east coast which is abundent with farm land how will we protect our

      livestock? Also if we put more wolves out to control deer what happens when deer

     are scarce and wolves are overpopulated what happens then?  we ll be on a forum

     about how to control the wolve population, and how to get deer back!




Ye Ol' Animals Petersburg High School

Animals                                                                                                                  11/5/2007

                                                                                                                             8:16:00 AM

We are the animals of the forest.  We believe that deer season is important to regulate an

overall deer population.  Shortening the deer season would overpopulate the deer and leave the

rest of the animals to deal with the shortage of food and the rest of the economic

consequences of deer overpopulation.  On the other hand, killing off too many deer would lead

to an unbalanced ecosystem, and also draw the huntersí attention to other animals like us.  Deer

are part of some animalsí food chain, therefore, these animals would be directly affected by

the killing off of too many deer.  Although the overpopulation of deer would also directly

affect us because we eat the same food that deer eat, our food supply would be limited, which

would cause our species to be greatly affected. Currently our position about the length of the

deer season is to keep it the same.  The forest in our area has maintained a balanced ecosystem

 with the deer season that is in place now (1).  This season is just enough for the hunters to

distract their attention from the rest of us animals, and, yet, keep the forest balanced and not

one species being overpopulated.(1)

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Grant County Business Association Petersburg High School

Business Owner                                                                                                      11/5/2007

                                                                                                                             8:19:00 AM

As business owners, we feel that the deer are grossly overpopulated. In this aspect we agree

with Ted Williams. (1) This is affecting our community in a negative way. Insurance companies

 are paying much more money to policyholders due to deer related accidents. This in turn also

increases the policyholdersí premium. These accidents have increased significantly as the deer

 population has increased. It is also affecting people running farms. They rely on the farmís

success to make their living and deer overpopulation causes problems that decrease success.

They eat the farmerís crops as well as destroy fencing, which is costly and needs to be fixed

immediately. (2)            We feel that the deer-hunting season should be extended from September

1st to June 1st with no limitations on weapons used during this time period. This will help to

decrease the deer population and also help increase the economy of the community. It will help

the economy because hunters spend more money on hunting gear as well as groceries to take

with them on hunting expeditions. While we would like population to decrease, we do not want

the deer to become extinct. Therefore, we would like there to be a limitation on the number of

deer killed by an individual during the deer season. We think that this number should be

about10 to 12 deer per person per season. 1.  Ted Williams  Journal of Extension ďAssessment of

Negative Economic Impacts from Deer in the Northeastern United StatesĒ

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