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hunters from hampshire high                        Hampshire High School


                                                                                                                                  8:47:00 AM

Our point of view of hunting is that we should not have a limit on hunting the deer in West

Virginia.  We should shoot as many deer as we want.  If we shoot as many deer as we want

there would be less wrecks.  Also we should hunt as long as we want.  We should hunt all year

long.  We should take smaller bucks to help the deer grow bigger and stronger.  So that natural

selection well be easier for the select few that well make hunting areas have better and bigger


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Thoughtful Questions

From: Buffalo Gap HS                                       10/31/07

If there are no restrictions on hunting the deer could become extinct. What effect do you think this will have?


From: All Hunters Buffalo Gap                              10/31/07

If yall r 'llowed ta shoot as many deer as yall want, how can yall be sur that tha huntrs that hunt fer sport won't kell and leave tha deer they shoot?

       Response    hunters from Hampshire - Hunter - HHS

                                                                                       11/2/2007        6:49:00 AM

              why do u think u can criticize us when u can't spell anything right ask a

             question right.

       Response    hunters from Hampshire - Hunter - HHS

                                                                                       11/2/2007        6:52:00 AM

             Why do you think we shouldn't kill all the deer?




From: Buffalo Gap HS                                       11/1/07

do you not think that it is kind of selfish to kill all of the deer you want


Response    hunters from Hampshire - Hunter - HHS

                                                                                       11/2/2007        7:24:00 AM

             Buffalo Gap i deffinantly agree with what your saying. You have a great point

             and it sounds very responsible.

  From:    The Fantastic 4est - Forest - HHS

                                                                                            11/2/2007            7:25:00 AM

     If you plan to kill as many as you want, what is stopping you from killing them all? Just

     creating another problem for us and our environment because the deer have a place and

     a purpose in the life cycle and I believe that your opinion is very unthought and a lil

     selfish, like I said if you kill all the deer, what will you hunt then?

  From:    Clear Spring Sharp Shooters - Hunter - CSHS

                                                                                            11/2/2007            11:31:00 AM

     ok so what you are saying is that if we shoot all the deer then everything will get better

     and we will have bigger bucks and a healthy population and less deer will get hit by cars

     right?? but if we can kill all the deer  there will be no deer so how will the population be

     healthy. and what about the people that shoot all the deer and just let them rot and kill

     just for the fun of killing what will that get us nothing but  upsetting the animal rights

     people giving hunters an even worse name than what we already have




HillbillyHunters                                              Hampshire High School


                                                                                                                                 10:18:00 AM

All 5 of us are in an agreement that we all like to hunt because we use the meat for food in the

winter. There might be a problem through if everyone hunts a lot of deer they might come

extinct. We should also not have to check the deer in. We also think they need to extend

hunting season and the amount of deer you can kill. We think that people need to quit wasting

meat from just shooting deer to have something to do.We think the DNR should allow less

hunters from out of state of WV to have permits or licenses to shoot deer. This would let us

have more to eat and still have a lot of deer.

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From: Buffalo Gap HS                                       10/31/07

Do you really think its a good idea to NOT check deer in? It's one of the only ways to see how many have been shot and keep an eye on the population. If we dont keep records on our animals we really arent doing our part to control the numbers of deer roamind our forests.

IF you are going to allow people to not check deer in then you will have more people killing for the fun of it not for the meat and then deer will be wasted. Every ones freezer will fill up fast and since there is no limit hunters will still go hunting and will kill for fun and not have anything to do with the deer. Hunters for the Hungry is a good organization but many hunters do not know about this organization. I would make this organization well known and a big thing in your community if this is your method to fixing the deer population.


  From:    The 3 Hunters - Hunter - HHS

                                                                                            11/2/2007             7:31:00 AM

     IF you dont check the deer in then how is wildlife management gone to work?

       Response    HillbillyHunters - Hunter - HHS

                                                                                       11/6/2007        10:23:00 AM

             I think that we had a great idea for our team and we are sticking to our

            opion and that we had a very good point in what we were saying.

  From:    We Speak For the Trees - forester - NHHS

                                                                                            11/7/2007            8:40:00 AM

     If you don't check the deer in then you won't know how many are being killed.  This

     exhibits irresponsible hunting practices.  If hunters like you continue to be

     irresponsible the deer will become extinct.

  From:    People Lovin' Animals - Other Stakeholder - NHHS

                                                                                            11/7/2007             9:13:00 AM

     even if you only allowed people from west virginia to have hunting permits, it wouldnt

     stop the killing. by extending the hunting season and increasing the bag limit, more

     people would be killing more deer at a time. That doesn't help the problem at all. How

     would you like it if you were the deer? i bet you wouldn't.





The 3 Hunters                                               Hampshire High School


                                                                                                                                   2:04:00 PM

As a group of hunters, we believe that the deer should be allowed to keep thier place in nature.

We believe that if people are having problems with the deer, then we can take care of that by

extending the hunting season by a month. The deer that have Chronic Waste Disease should be

found and killed so that the disease won't be spread throughout the deer population. This would

help cut out some of the deer population that are taking out cars. This would leave bigger deer

for better hunting, but they won't take up as much land as a greater size population of deer.

Also, there should be a field made just for the deer so. This would help keep the deer healthy

while keeping them away from the farmers crops. This will also keep the forest healthy because

 the seedlings will be able to survive now that the deer have a food source.

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From: Buffalo Gap HS                                       10/31/07

How would this field keep the population under control?


From: Buffalo Gap HS                                       11/1/07

what do you mean deer should keep their be allowed to keep their places in nature. deer have a mind of their own and will wander off if they want especially when the rut comes in


  From:    Clear Spring Sharp Shooters - Hunter - CSHS

                                                                                            11/2/2007           11:34:00 AM

     How would this field work?  It would have to be a pretty big field and deer like brush

     and cover to hide in anyway.  How would anyone be able to "make" a field and keep the

     deer in that field?


       Response    The 3 Hunters - Hunter - HHS

                                                                                       11/2/2007        8:11:00 AM

             Inside the field there would be clovers and other plants that would attract

             the deer. As the deer would wander towards the field, the hunters could

             take advantage of the sick and weak deer. This would leave the healthy ones

             left while helping to take the population down.

  From:    People Lovin' Animals - Other Stakeholder - NHHS

                                                                                            11/7/2007            9:08:00 AM

     if you wanted to get rid of the deer with chronic waste disease, why dont you

     reintroduce natural predators back into the wildlife? why would hunters want to kill a

     poor little deer who is sick anyways?






                                                                                                                             7:10:00 AM

Deer-hunting season is upon us again, and hunters around the country are packing their guns

and heading for the woods.Some people advocate a "kinder and gentler" solution than hunting,

such as deer contraception. But the reality is that deer contraception in the wild has no

politically viable funding source, which renders it a non-option for a million-plus deer herd.

Can you imagine the cost of trapping and inoculating every female deer in the herd, perhaps

twice each year, and keeping track of all that? Hunting is the only way to control the deer herd

in the short run, and perhaps in the long run.  We have come to the solution of extending rifle

hunting season by two weeks, a week earlier and a week later, since this is most hunters

preferred choice of hunting. By having two extra weeks of hunting should give hunters ample

time to thin out the population. This will lead to a reduction of car wrecks, crop destruction,

and unnecessary confrontation with these animals.  Reducing the population of deer in our

forest would be a good thing. We understand that once deer overpopulate our forest the flow

into public areas. If we reduce that number of deer in the forest then they will less likely

wonder to public areas. Deer is not our only form of meat so there for a reduction in population

 would not harm us.

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Thoughtful Questions

That is a great solution but what about the other types like bow, and muzzleloader? What if we could also raise the bag limit from 6 to maybe 8-10 per year?  J.S.


Coyote Bait Rappahannock High School


                                                                                                                            6:44:00 AM

We, as a group, see that the whitetail deer population is growing out of control. With so many

deer problems such as vehicle accidents and crop grazing in the state, hunters take a big role in

 managing the numbers. To begin solving some of these problems, hunters could be granted an

extended doe season, since the doe to buck ratio is almost 8:1. Though it might not solve

everything, it sure is a start. Over time, deer size has slowly decreased. This shows us that

people are not being smart about harvesting whitetail deer. Hunters are killing the “big bucks”

and their genes along with them. What’s really happening is we are breeding a smaller

population. Though deer numbers are out of control, hunters still need to be smart about what

they choose to shoot.;f=14;t=000003

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hunter Buffalo Gap HS


                                                                                                                            8:58:00 AM

  A lot of people say that deer are starting to get overpopulated. People say that deer are

destroying everything, such as farmer’s crops, cars, and even landscapes. Maybe that is true,

but it is not happening just because the deer are getting overpopulated, it has been happening

ever since the deer have been around. As a hunter, my point of view is that I do believe that

deer are becoming a little bit too overpopulated. If people do agree with me and say that deer

are becoming overpopulated, then these people should look at some reasons why overpopulation

is occurring. Here are three ways that these reasons of overpopulation can be solved.    The

first reason overpopulation can be occurring is because of the state. Just about every year,

hunting licenses’ prices go up to a higher cost. Some people feel that the expensive price is

just too much to pay. These people still like to hunt, but do not want to pay a lot. Other people

would probably be willing to pay that much to hunt; however, those people probably still can not

hunt because they can not afford to pay it. This is causing a lot of people to stop hunting. If

the sate thinks overpopulation is occurring, then they should not keep raising the cost of

license.             Another reason people may think deer are starting to overpopulate is because some

people buy land and then will not allow hunters to hunt and kill them. The landowners think the

deer are pretty to look at; further more, allowing nobody to hunt. If a non-hunter buys land and

this does happen, then overpopulation will occur. When overpopulation occurs, too many deer

will start to pile up in an area too small to support them. Once too many deer pile up in one spot,

then diseases like Chronic Wasting Disease, (CWD), will start to settle in on the herd and will

eventually die out because of starvation. So, if the state would force the people, who buy land

and allow no hunting, to have to allow hunting then overpopulation would be quite as much of a

problem.           One more reason that overpopulation would be occurring is because of the cities. In

all cities deer are becoming heavily populated because not too many people hunt them or have a

place to hunt them in the cities. In mostly all cities, the only thing hunters can do is bow-hunt,

and not a whole lot of people bow-hunt. And, in some cities, the city does not even allow people

to hunt at all. So, if a hunter is not allowed to hunt in a city, then how can hunters keep the

population down? They can not. If people feel that overpopulation is becoming a big deal, then

the cities that allow no hunting at all should allow hunting and the cities that only allow bow-

hunting should allow muzzle-loader and rifle hunting too. Most of the deer population is in the

cities, because the deer know they are safe from a gun. And, if not too many people bow-hunt

then not a lot of deer are going to be killed.      Some people say overpopulation is taking effect

into the state in which we as Americans live in. My point of view is that I do believe

overpopulation is occurring, but there are ways that it can be solved. The state can lower the

cost of its hunting licenses, the state should force the people, who buy land and allow no

hunting, to allow hunting, and also, cities should allow more than just bow-hunting. These are the

 reasons why I think overpopulation is occurring. This would not cost the community anything

but time and a little bit of money for a license. And, by doing these things the deer population

would go down, but not vanish. It would leave a few deer in the woods to be big, fat, healthy

deer. Ten healthy deer are always better than thirty or forty starving deer.

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  From:    hunters from hampsire high - Hunter - HHS

                                                                                            11/7/2007            8:22:00 AM

     IF you dont check the deer in your pretty much ignorent. For one as we all know there is

     a case in West Virginia with CWD (chronic wasting desease) and how are you going to

     know that the deer doesnt have it? You really dont, thats one reason why you check your

     deer in. Another is if you dont check your deer in how do we know your not killing more

     then what the limit is so i say yes check the deer in its a law so abide by it!!

       Response    hunter - Hunter - BGHS

                                                                                       11/9/2007        10:17:00 AM

             who said i didnt check my deer in. i said if licenses keep going up then people

             would kill more deer for their money or people wouldnt even buy a license. im not

              the ignorent one because i didnt say that i shouild kill as many as i want, hunt as

             long as i want, or not have a limit.


  From:   J.S. - Farmer - BGHS                                                                  Ask

                                                                                            11/9/2007           10:07:00 AM

     Everything you wrote makes more sense than anything i have read on this site you were

     very through with what you said, but what is to be done if those remaining deer die also?



The Three Musket-deers Rappahannock High School


                                                                                                                             9:14:00 AM

  Deer population is at an abnormal high. This has caused many problems to a great number of

people.  The main problems we see are the destruction of the agricultural business and the auto

insurance business.  Hunters are not the evil trigger-happy hillbillies that many people think we

are.  Hunters contribute to the economy in many ways and provide many services to people. 

The overpopulation is due to the fact that deer have no natural predators in this region.  The

only predators are humans, and we are restricted to only six deer per year.  By letting hunters

bag a few more deer per year, the population will lessen, and the problems caused by deer would

 therefore lessen.         The auto insurance business is suffering from deer/car collisions.  There

are an average 500,000 deer/car collisions per year.  Insurance agents estimate that there

are actually four to six times more collisions than are reported.  These collisions average in

100 deaths.  The average insurance claim is 2,000 dollars.  Hunters reduce deer population and

 reduce this damage.     In the agriculture business deer are continually grazing on the crops

planted in fields.  The farmers cannot make a profit off of the crops and are forced to collect

the insurance money, which is neither good for the farmer or the insurance agency.  It is

estimated that deer do more than $1,000,000,000 in damage to our crops.  This is a problem we

 can no longer ignore.  Hunters reduce deer population and reduce this damage.            The hunters

also contribute to the economy through the money they spend.   Hunters spend an average of

$1,896 per year.  Some may say that they only contribute to the companies that make hunting

products but that is not the case.  Although we do spend money on products such as gun shells

and arrows, we spend money on radios, gas, and trucks also.  Hunters for the Hungry also

contribute venison to needy people.       The hunters provide scientists with information through

the DMAP Program. The DMAP program usually requires the hunters to send in a part of every

deer, usually the jawbone, to study and analyze. In return DMAP sends the hunters extra doe

tags that can be used throughout the hunting season. The doe tags help tremendously in the

overpopulation of deer by not limiting us to three to six doe per year.   As you can see, the

overpopulation of deer has caused many problems that we have to deal with.  Hunting is the best

 solution in this situation.  Man is the only natural predator of deer, and if we are restricted to

six deer per year, the problem will only worsen.  We need to decrease the deer population and

the most efficient way is by hunting.


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Deer Slayers Rappahannock High School


                                                                                                                            9:50:00 AM

Managing does is the easiest way to manage a herd. There are 0.75- 1.25 fawns to one doe. Doe

 harvest should be equal to or exceed the male harvest. 85% of bucks can be harvested per

year. Bucks are close to two years old when they are harvested. There should be 2.5 does per

one buck in a well-managed herd.In Boston there was a piece of land 2000 acres and there

was 400 deer. There should have only been 160. They had the whole place tore up. There was no

 green as high as the deer could reach. Hunters are the easiest and best way to manage deer

herds. When hunters shoot deer they can use the meat to eat. When hunters shoot deer there

are less car accidents. Hunters can manage the types of deer in the herd, such as small bucks.

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6-Shooters Rappahannock High School


                                                                                                                             1:55:00 PM

The deer population in the United States has exceeded 200,000 in just a few years.  This is

why hunting is one of the most populated “sports”.  Hunters spend around $605 million each

year on hunting dogs each year.  Most hunters spend more on food for hunting than they do at

Domino’s.  In Richmond County, in 2006, there were 1760 deer killed, 50% of which were

females.  Hunting is one of the most successful ways to maintain a good population of deer in

the environment.  Hunters are not all rednecks, as most stereotypes say.  Hunters have many

careers - around 500,000 different types.  The average that hunters spend for hunting trips is

$112.4 million; they spend $81.1 million in equipment, for a total cost of $193 million per year.

  A major issue with hunting is spotlighting.  Spotlighting is the blinding of deer with a bright

light after dark.  Spotlighting is illegal because it is making an animal defenseless for a

person’s own good.  If people who hunt consider it a sport, well, this would definitely be

considered cheating.  Another citizen issue is hunting dogs.  Many people believe that the dogs

are mistreated.             Hunting is not a completely free game.  There are rules and regulations. 

Virginia game laws have made it illegal to distribute food to deer to attract them from

September 1 to January 5, throughout the state.  Hunters that use tree stands must use the

safety strap, not climb without equipment, keep their equipment in good condition, and be fully

alert of their surroundings.  Deer hunters who are 15 years or younger are permitted to take

one antlerless deer per license year on their days of hunting.

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Thoughtful Questions

  From:    bambi busters - Insurance Company - HHS

                                                                                            11/7/2007             1:43:00 PM

       You gave me a lot of good reference information, BUT....what do you propose that

     should be done to regulate the deer population, do you want to see it increased,

     decreased, or stay the same?? In our opinion we think that there shouldnt be anymore

     deer in the world...because it hurts our business.



Clear Spring Sharp Shooters Clear Spring


                                                                                                                            11:15:00 AM

Clear Spring Sharp Shooters     Do you like the sport of hunting? Do you feel that hunting is a

good way to control the deer population? We, as hunters, feel that hunting is an integral part of

 controlling deer population.  If the correct seasons and bag limits are integrated into the

management plan, then hunting can be a great way to manage the deer without the possibility of

 over-hunting.  As long as the regulations and rules are enforced people will follow the laws, the

 deer population can not become under-populated. Eighty-five percent of the citizens of

Maryland believe that hunting and fishing are important to healthy fish and wildlife

populations.  “Hunting remains the primary method for maintaining deer populations at

appropriate levels, both in Maryland and throughout North America, despite vocal and visible

protests of animal rights organizations. Hunting and fishing license funds go towards

protecting and managing deer and other wildlife and fish.  A recent survey showed that hunters

 consider ‘deer population control’ as one of the three most important reasons for deer

hunting.” as stated by Douglas Hotton a deer biologist. 

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  From:    People Lovin' Animals - Other Stakeholder - NHHS

                                                                                            11/7/2007            9:23:00 AM

     Hunting is not a healthy method of controlling the deer population because hunters kill

     the prize deer, leaving behind the genetically inferior deer, consequentally weakening

     the entire deer population. Reintroduction of natural predators would be a better

     strategy to control the deer population because they hunt the weaker deer, leaving

     behind the strong deer, and enhancing the entire deer population.

       Response    Clear Spring Sharp Shooters - Hunter - CSHS

                                                                                       11/12/2007      1:19:00 PM

             Actually hunting is a good method to control deer population. Hunter's don't

             always kill the "prize deer" they will kill mature deer and the weaker deer to

             help enhance the deer population. I also disagree with your opinion on using

             predators to control the deer population. What predators are you planning to

              introduce? There are already coyotes in the wild and they don't have that

             much of an effect on the population. It's too hard to control predators

            because they can easily get out of hand and destroy the population.





Better'N You North Harford High School


                                                                                                                            7:39:00 AM

It would be incredible hard to shoot enough deer to balance the population.  Natural predators

would not do the trick for population control and as a hunter if we could just manage the deer

population on our own than we wouldnt need any natural predators. We are the greatest

predators that ever lived because we have a brain. We need to get the deer ratio to 1 buck to 1

doe and everything would be fine. If the Gov't would extend the season than hunters would be

able to kill more deer and control the population better.  If we kill more deer than it would help

the farmers out because the deer would eat less of their crops. We would help the homeowners

because the deer would not be eating their gardens.  We would be responsible for the

rebalancing of the whole natural forest ecosystem because we are the ruler of all the little

creatures of the world.  WE RULE BECAUSE WE KILL!!!!

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  From:    Dolly Sods - forest - PHS

                                                                                            11/6/2007            8:38:00 AM

     You rule because you kill. Well, that is about the brightest thing I've heard this year.

     We do need to address some of the population problems with the deer, but you want

     to get a little bit more detailed with your solution instead of just kill 'em all. A 1 to 1

     ratio is almost impossible when all you "kill 'em all people" do is have a big talk of we

     will just kill does ,and then everyone goes out and bags 4 bucks. You all should feel

     real good to say " WE RULE BECAUSE WE KILL" because you go and shoot four-

     legged herbivores. Why do you think you are doing a great favor for farmers by

     shooting all the deer? I mean seriously, I believe they made fences for a reason...oh

     yea to keep things in or out of places you don't want them like your crops, ding ding

     ding. So in conclusion how do you think a deer massacre is going to improve our

     community and evvironment overall? LONG LIVE THE DEER! 

       Response    Better'N You - hunter - NHHS

                                                                                       11/7/2007        8:43:00 AM

             I wanna know where you get your facts from because on my farm the deer eat all

              our crops before they get harvested.  So how can you say deer dont hurt our

             crop land.  Our yield was cut in half from the deer eating the tops off our corn.

             So obviously browse to crop land is an issue. I know you said make a fence to

             keep the deer off the crop land but i dont think you realize how much that would

             cost.  We have 225 acres of farm land and to try to fence that in would be an

             insanely expensive idea. You know that deer can jump over a 6' fence like it

             wasnt even there. So without hunters how else would the deer population be



  From:    hunters from hampsire high - Hunter - HHS

                                                                                            11/7/2007             8:16:00 AM

     your are not the ruler of anything. thats the stupidest thing i have ever heard.

  From:    Farming The Future - farmer - NHHS

                                                                                            11/7/2007            8:46:00 AM

     We agree completely.  You are so right, we rule the world.  Deer stink and should be

     killed...all of them.  YOU RULE CAUSE YOU KILL!

  From:    We Speak For the Trees - forester - NHHS

                                                                                            11/7/2007            8:52:00 AM

     Okay, first of all natural predators have brains.  Humans aren't the only killers in the

     world who have a brain, but sometimes we humans decide not to use our brains.  And

     second of all, to say you rule because you kill is just a little bit unsensitive.  But you  do

     have a good point when you say we need to have a proper ratio of bucks to does.  We

     think the ratio should be at least one buck to every three does. 

  From:   People Lovin' Animals - Other Stakeholder - NHHS                   Ask

                                                                                            11/9/2007            7:43:00 AM

     why do you feel that your are better than deer? they have feelings too you know. They

     have rights as well. The only true way to contain the deer population is through natural

     predators, not hunters over killing the deer. You are making the deer herd weaker by

     selective hunting.

  From:   THE CAMOFLAGE DECACHJA - Hunter - BGHS                         Ask

                                                                                          11/12/2007            7:55:00 AM

     How would it be so "increadibly" hard to shoot enough deer to control the population?




Save a Cow Eat a Deer  Petersburg High School


                                                                                                                           10:17:00 AM

The deer population in this area seems to be under control. Automobile accidents are the only

major problem. This problem can be avoided by driving more carefully in the evening and at

night when collisions with deer are more likely. Other than this, there is not an immediate

problem with deer overpopulation. Sure, deer can be annoying to a farmer or gardener, but it

is our understanding that permits are available to farmers that allow them to kill deer if they

become a problem. Allowing deer hunting year round would most likely increase accidents in the

 short term and lead to the extinction of deer in this area in the long term. Regulated hunting is

the best way to reduce the size of the deer herd and the amount of damage being received (1).

Though, in our opinion, it would make more sense if the hunting seasons were increased in bear

 and varmint hunting. These animals are more likely to cause problems with the majority of

homeowners. After all, a deer does not get in your attic or dig through your trashcans.  The

bear population is more apt to cause the destruction of property, excluding, of course

automobile accidents. The majority of these accidents are at least partially the fault of the

driver. Therefore, deer are not the only problem for humans.1.

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