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Stream Scholars Summer Camp 2004


Stream Scholars is an exciting hands-on exploration of stream ecology and conservation with professional scientists. This four-day, non-residential, summer camp is hosted by Cacapon Institute, a non-profit organization based in WVs Potomac Headwaters. Activities will begin at 9 AM each morning and run until 4 PM in the afternoon. These activities will include measuring chemical and physical properties of streams, mapping the landscape, and developing a study using the scientific method. Lunch will be provided. Parents are responsible for transportation to and from the campsite. Enrollment will be limited to 10 students.

Who can apply: rising 8th and 9th graders living in the Potomac Headwaters area.

Time and Place: Baker, Hardy County WV, August 2-5, 2004

Cost: There is an application fee of $20, which will be refunded to non-successful applicants.

Applicant information.

Student name: __________________________________________________

Address:  ______________________________________________________

Phone number: ______________ email: ______________________________

Current School: ______________________ Grade level in Sept. 2003: ______

Screening questions:

a. To help meet the project goal of increasing college-going in West Virginia please indicate if either of your parents graduated from college: Yes / No (circle one).

          b. On a separate piece of paper, explain what you would like to learn at the Stream Scholars summer camp and why.

Parent/Guardian Permission: I have reviewed this application form and understand that the Stream Scholars summer camp will involve supervised activities outdoors and in a classroom setting. _________________ has my permission to participate.

Signature: ________________________________ Date: ______________

Application Information and Instructions

bulletWe will give first priority to students who may desire to attend college, and whose parents/guardians do not hold college degrees.
bulletOur preference is to fill this program with students who will be in the ninth grade in September 2003. If slots remain open, we will consider applicants who will be in the eighth and seventh grades in September 2003.
bulletMail or fax completed applications to Cacapon Institute, Route 1 Box 326, High View WV 26808, fax (304) 856-1386.
bulletApplication deadline is May 30th.
bulletSuccessful applicants will be notified by June 6th.
bulletQuestions? Don't hesitate to call Cacapon Institute staff at (304) 856-1385 or at home at (304)897-6297.


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