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Beginning in September 2005 and continuing in 2006, we will be revisiting many of the original Cacapon baseline sites to assess how they have changed.  We are collecting standard field chemistries (temperature, pH, conductivity) and preserving samples for later nutrient analysis in the laboratory.  However, the Cacapon River Water Quality Monitoring program is much better suited to studying water quality.  This program's focus is on habitat, in particular comparing characteristics of the water, and the condition of the stream banks, surrounding lands, and stream bottom today with that recorded in the baseline.  This project was profiled in the October 2005 edition of Cacapon, which will be published to the web shortly. 

This page will eventually house all of the original baseline data, new data collected as part of the Revisit project, and analysis.  For now, it has:

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Understory and Fishing Survey Forms  
Download Portrait of a River: The Ecological Baseline of the Cacapon River (2.5 mb, PDF)  
Download Learning From Life on the Bottom: Streambed creatures provide clues to the Cacapon's health.  An addendum to Portrait of a River: The Ecological Baseline of the Cacapon River.  Cacapon Volume 8 No. 2 (163 KB, PDF)  
Click here to view a slide show of the Cacapon River at the time of the Baseline and today.  (Flash, 2 mb)     




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