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1. Coliform bacteria contamination shows there may be surface water leaking into a well. This means that there may be other nasty stuff in your well water. What are 2 other things to be wary of if coliform bacteria are found in well water?

2. E. coli is a kind of coliform bacteria. E. coli contamination means that, not only might surface water getting into a well but this surface water contains bacteria from warm blooded animals. Bacteria from warm blooded animals is more likely than other bacteria to be harmful to us—why?

3. A water sample represents your water quality at a point in time. Weather can change your water quality. How?

4. Does a negative (no bacteria present) test result mean that your water is guaranteed safe? Why or why not?

5. Groundwater can be contaminated most easily in areas with lots of limestone bedrock, often referred to as "karst topography." Why?

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