The Potomac Highlands Watershed School 

Stream Cleaner Environmental Forum


Stakeholder Group Local Government

Group: The Municipals: Sandra, Adam, Kaite, Kristen Hampshire High School, Environmental Science, 1st Block People of the city: Due to the fact that our population is rising a new sewage system will have to be used. The municipality has come to an agreement to slightly raise the current tax to create and maintain a clean water supply for the city. We also will be receiving federal support to achieve this. With the increase of city spending money we will create a new sewage system that will take all city water waste and purify it for reuse. Since the recreational use of this river is vital to our city this new system will keep our river clean and open to the public. This water is also used for drinking water which increases the importance to keep it clean. A clean environment is very significant to our community and we hope you feel the same way.  The major problem for everyone will be the raise in tax's and the time it will take to have this project done.  REVISED 4/28/06

Group: City of Augusta: Brian, Caleb, Jon, Jeremy Hampshire High School, Environmental Science, 2nd Block Municipalities The Chesapeake Bay is beginning to be heavily polluted. We represent the large city and towns that live by the water. This problem is important to our group because we feel that the River needs to be cleaned up. But in order to stop the pollution then we will have to redo our sewage systems and figure a way to re-route or stop our drain pipes. That means we will have to spend more money to make this happen. This means that there will have to be increases in taxes to pay for the extra employees and for the new buildings and systems.Our facts are,that the Bay is polluting the cities and it's making many people and animals sick. Some people don't know how to throw there waste into garbage cans and that trash gets in the bay and gets washed up the the land making it look really bad. Plus it gets stuck on some animals making them sick or sometimes killing them.  But the big problem is the nutriants are geting into the river.  REVISED 4/28/06

Group: The City Crew: Jonna, Ashely, Heather, Nikki, Kyle, Jessica Hampshire High School, Environmental Science, 4th Block The bay is important because it is the source of foods in our city. The pollution in the bay causes food sources to become limited in our area, causing our food prices to increase, which we pay higher taxes and have to receive more government help. In order to clean up the Chesepeake bay we the city are willing to correct the problem by cleaning the sewage systems and filter out the industrial system.