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Oh Deer! Environmental Forum Student Pre-Survey 


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In this section of the survey please select the answer that best reflects your attitudes.


1.  An ecosystem is a community of living beings interacting with each other and their environment.  I feel that humans:

a. know how to keep our ecosystem in balance and are doing a good job.


b. could learn more about ecosystem balance, but we're on the right track.

c. donít know nearly enough about ecosystem balance so we should leave things alone.

d. don't affect natural ecosystems so it's really not our problem.  



2.  In my opinion, private citizens ________________ play an important role in shaping government policy. (fill in the blank)

      a. must

      b. should

      c. can

      d. can't


3.  I see the conservation field as a potential source of future employment.

      a. very much so

      b. a little

      c. not at all

      d. never considered it before/donít know


4.  Balance in nature affects me personally.

      a. very much so

      b. a little

      c. not at all

      d. never considered it before/donít know


5.  Things I do have an impact on nature.

      a. very much so

      b. maybe

      c. not really

      d. never considered it before/donít know


6.  I consider myself well informed on conservation issues.

      a. very much so

      b. a little

      c. not at all

      d. never considered it before/donít know


In this section of the survey please select the best answer. 

Please choose only one unless otherwise indicated.


7.  Ecosystem balance is:

      a. a system without any conflict

      b. a system that never changes.

      c. a system where the populations of animals and plants in the food chain are stable over time.


8.  In Pennsylvania there are more than 12,500,000 people.  How many deer are there?

      a. less than 10,000

      b. between 10,000 and 50,000

      c. between 50,000 and 100,000

      d. more than 100,000

      e. more than 1,000,000


 9.  When an ecosystem is out of balance:

      a. the number of species is often reduced.

      b. disease may become more common.

      c. one or a few species can become very common.

      d. all of the above.

      e. none of the above


10. One hundred years ago the deer population was:

      a. smaller

      b. the same

      c. larger


11. Besides hunting and nature tourism, deer affect the economy in other ways.




12. What is a stakeholder?

     a. A technical term scientists use for the spot at which samples are taken to measure a point source pollution.

     b. A place marker scientists use to geographically locate a fixed position for follow up study.

     c. A person or a group with a legitimate interest in an issue.


13. A "keystone" predator refers to:

     a. An animal near the foundation of the food chain

     b. An animal that has the same characteristics as other species

     c. A predator that plays an important role in maintaining the number of species in a community.


14.  A square mile is 640 acres.  What would a healthy deer population be in a square mile of wild forest?

     a. 5 or 10

     b. 10 to 20

     c. 20 to 50

     d. 50 to 100

     e. more than 100


15. Many farmers say that deer make it more difficult to make a living on a farm.  Is that:






In this section of the survey we are interested in your experiences with and attitudes toward deer.


16. I have been in a vehicle that hit a deer.

     a. Never

     b. Once

     c. More than once.


17. If you were in a vehicle that was damaged.  What was the cost of the accident?


                     a. Don't know

                     b. Less than $500

                     c. More than $500

                     d. Totaled the vehicle


18. How do you feel about hunting deer?

     a. I enjoy hunting.

     b. I think hunting is an important survival skill.

     c. I don't hunt but it is okay for other people.

     d. I don't think about it.

     e. I think hunting is wrong.


19. If it is true that there are too many deer, what caused the problem?

     a. The deer started breeding too much.

     b. People reduced the natural controls on deer population.

     c. I have no idea.


20. Deer eat the plants (check all that apply):

     a. In my yard:

     b. In my garden.

     c. I built a fence to keep deer away

     d. Never

     e. Donít know.

     f. I donít have any plants outdoors.


21. In your own community what kind of deer population have you seen?

     a. I never see deer

     b. I see a deer once or twice a year

     c. I see deer regularly

     d. I see two or more deer together regularly


22. The Maryland Department of Natural resources says: "Effective deer management aims for a deer population level that will allow our environment to be healthy and to strike an acceptable balance between people and deer. It's a complex challenge that requires balancing biological and social demands."   Which members of society should play an active role in setting deer management policy?   (check all that apply):

     a. Hunters

     b. Farmers

     c. Businessmen

     d. Homeowners

     e. Environmentalists

     f. Foresters

     g. Game Biologists

     h. Fish and game Agencies


Hit the submit button to complete the Oh Deer! eForum Survey.  At the conclusion of the event you will have a chance to take the survey again.  Thank you for participating.