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Recreation and Tourism

What would you do?                                                                              Hampshire H.S.-Moore


As a tourist there are certain things that I expect when I come to the Chesapeake Bay

area. What I do not want to see is broken bottles on the road, trash, and other forms of

malnutrition and litter. I come here to see the animals alive, not dead on the road, or

trapped in bottle cans, or their furs full of oil and contaminated water. When I come here I

 would like to see the exact opposite, I want to see clean rivers, and clean animals. I want

to be able to walk through a State Park, or a campsite with out having to side step every

second just so that I don’t step on trash or any other contaminated liquids. Since I help pay

 for half the stuff that goes on here, I should be entitled to a few perks as to the condition

 of the parks. Some of the things that I’d like to see my money go to would be like a

cleaning crew or something to get rid of all the trash and garbage that has accumulated

around the area; as well as specialists to help the animals get out of their current and

painful conditions. In order for these things to be complete I would be willing to pay more

money for admission and what ever else the park or camp has to offer.



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Thoughtful Questions


  From:   Team Green - homeowner - HHS                                                  Ask


     Do you think that you can find any places around here that are actually clean and

     would you be willing to physically help clean up your part of the neighborhood to get

     to your solution? Also, how much would you be willing to pay to help clean up and

     would you expect your money to go to cause as you wish?

  From:   Foggy - recreation - HHS                                                             Ask


     Would you be willing to join one of these cleaning crews, do you want to be the

     person who has to walk around and pick up other peoples trash?

       Response    What would you do? - recreation - HHS

                                                                                       4/10/2008       9:47:00 AM

             If the cleaning crew was in my neighborhood I would more in likely join the

             cleaning crew, and help pick up the trash.


  From:   DORY-DORY FISH - Waterman - MHS                                        Ask


     Why is it that you pay for half of what goes on in that area, is it a fee for touring?

            and how much is half?

       Response    What would you do? - recreation - HHS

                                                                                       4/10/2008       9:44:00 AM

             Our tax money helps pay for half the stuff, along with the fact that in

             'some' National Parks, and other areas of Historical reference and whatnot,

             there tends to be a gift shop where people spend their money, and that

             money they spend at the gift shop might sometimes get put into the money to

              help with the forest. Some places do have touring fee's, and as far as the

             half of the money that would probably depend on where you went.


  From:   Home Jackets - homeowner - MHS                                              Ask


     What did you mean about all this, I do not understands this at all.

  From:   fishies - CB_Ecosystem - MHS                                                     Ask


     Well, how does this apply to the Bay's problems? How does it affect state parks?

  From:   The Forester Boys - Other - KHS(K)                                           Statement


          I don't think that paying more for the admission to the park would be enough to

     pay for the clean up crews in the park. You would have to get the state to give more

     money for them to be paid their hourly wages. Other than that I couldn't agree

            more with what you have stated. 

       Response    What would you do? - recreation - HHS


             I must say that I wholly agree with your statement. Thank you for pointing that

            out for me.


  From:   Chicken Kickers'' 101 - farmer - MHS                                                      Ask


     If you want to see the world be a cleaner place, why not help clean it up?

  From:   Chicken Kickers'' 101 - farmer - MHS                                                      Ask


            Does the bay have campsites?


  From:   DORY-DORY FISH - Waterman - MHS                                                      Ask


     Instead of paying more money for the camp would you be willing to offer some of your

     time to clean up the litter in the area.

  From:   Chesapeake Cottage Dwellers - homeowner - MdSA                                Ask


     What if people aren't willing to pay more money? What else can you do directly to clean

     up and how do you know that the money goes to the clean up? How do you know that the

             money isn't going toward the restoration?

  From:   Because we said so. - local_gov - JWHS(T)                                           Statement


     I like how you are being very suportive of cleaning up the bay and how you even offer to

      pay more money. It shows that the bay actaully means something to the people who

     come to visit it. It lame how other people don't care and they keep making it worse for

     the people who actaully want to enjoy the bay.





Recreation and Tourism

Foggy                                                                                                      Hampshire H.S.-Moore


As recreationist we are important because we, care and respect the environment. Problems

with the bay affect us because we use it for recreational activities.     The solution we

would prefer is Riparian Forest Buffers. This would not cost much at all just some of your

time and patience. Not only would this BMP benefit us but all other living organisms in the

area. Living near the bay or being able to get there would make our group more interested in

 participating. This would help reduce pollution and help put nutrients back in the water,

causing fresher water and healthier fish.          There is a possible chance if the bay is not

cleaned people participating in recreational activities may stop. If we give the land owners

tax breaks for leaving a certain amount of land as forest on their development.




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Thoughtful Questions

  From:   Yellow Lemons - recreation - JWHS(T)                                                   Ask


     This is good idea you have about giving the land owners a tax break. I did not even think

     about that. And i agree that if the bay is not cleaned then recreation will downhill. And

     just to get get a better idea, how will you clean the bay?







Recreation and Tourism


mystery people                                                                                       Jefferson H.S.-Gipson


we are important because we want to help with polution.the bays problems affect us

because we may not be able to take people across the bay for tours.We wouldnt be able to

 swim because of the polution.This affects us personaly because we want to be able to

have fun but we can't cause it could make us sick and could die.A solution we would prefer

 would be to have lke everybody help out and clean up around it and stop puttin stuff in the

toilets or any thing that led to the bay.we would have to give up our free time and effot

yes if people accauly stop poluting the bay and streams around us.i dont think we could be

harmed in the process



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Thoughtful Questions


  From:   FAB Hunters - recreation - KHS(K)                                              Ask


     What in the bay could make us sick and could potentially kill us? And what goes into

     the toilets isnt the only thing that goes into the bay. 

  From:   K.A. Recreation Crew - recreation - MdSA                                            Ask


     Do you have any other solutions or plans? Maybe you could put grass buffers and/or

     trees along the edge of the Bay to help slow down runoff.

  From:   The Pitchforks - farmer - MdSA                                                            Ask


     What are some of the possible things that could cause us to die? How would you be able

     to get people to help with pollution; like how would you advertise it? What are some

            things that could stop pollution?




Recreation and Tourism

The redneck cleaners                                                                            Buffalo Gap H.S.-Riley


We feel that we need to clean the bay. When we go on vacation or on fishing trips we want POV:

to be able to fish, swim, and boat. If the water is dirty then the seaweed and other plants

get tangled in the motor. If it’s dirty then the fish will all die and there will be nothing to

fish for. If I’m swimming in the bay I want to be able to see the bottom and know what I’m

 stepping on so I know it’s not a hole. Lastly if the bay is dirty no body will want to be there

 so there will be no tourism, therefore causing the lose of many job.     

   In conclusion we need to do something about the pollution problem for our and the

animals sake. We need to raise the wealthy mans taxes double depending on their income,

therefore we can take that money and put it towards our bay clean up project.  We need

to focus more on the problem at hand which would be trying to get rid of the bigger

companies because they are the main source of or bay pollution problem and if the

inspectors would watch better and crack down on this stuff we wouldn’t have this problem.

 Next we need to take care of the problems on the streets like pollution from cars oil any

kind of runoff that will be hard but if we all join together we can prevent this from





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Thoughtful Questions

  From:   Remonster - recreation - CHS                                                                    Ask


     If the water was dirty then the sunlight wont get to the plants so the plants wont grow.

     Then you wont have to worry about your motor. What would your bay project clean up



       Response    The redneck cleaners - recreation - BGHS


             the money in our project would include paying people to take time and help clean

             up the pollution in and around the bay.

  From:   K.A. Recreation Crew - recreation - MdSA                                            Ask


     I think you have a good approach to the bay's problems. I don't think you should just

     tax the rich people, you could ask them if they could give more money. Where would

     their money go? I agree with you about the dirty water. To help with cleaning the Bay

     you could come up with suggestions. I like your paper and your ideas.

       Response    The redneck cleaners - recreation - BGHS


             our money would go toward paying people to help clean up the trash adn pollution

            around the Bay.





Recreation and Tourism


ballast fo life                                                                                        Jefferson H.S.-Gipson


i think we our important because we play sports and we tour around these areas if we can

not play sports then people will not tour as much ...if our enviroment is dirty then we will not

 come tour the historical parts of our area......Some people live off of sports and without

them they will complain and our enviroment will get a really bad reputation.....Tourist are

important because we bring them here from other areas and they expect to see clean

historical areas they would not like to see there history destroyed by us.....



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Thoughtful Questions


  From:   Foggy - recreation - HHS                                                             Ask


     What would be your solution to pollution in the Chesapeake Bay?

  From:   S.E.E.K. - homeowner - HHS                                                       Ask


     We feel your POV is unclear. Can you say exactly..What is your point?

     Do you have any real suggestions for solutions to your problem?

     We're happy to see you using this format to find your voice. Please clear your


  From:   What would you do? - recreation - HHS                                     Ask


     What does sports have to do with helping the environment? I mean I know that

     sports will help bring in publicity in some areas, but it doesn't really help with the

     environment in my opinion. Do you remember what the ground looks like after a game

             of baseball or any other sport?

  From:   Home Jackets - homeowner - MHS                                              Ask


     Where did you get your sources? How does playing sports and touring affect water


  From:   KFT - CB_Ecosystem - HHS                                                          Statement


     Your ideas could be put to good use if you would correct your grammatical errors

     and make one good statement rather than multiple ideas at once.


  From:   KN tourist company - recreation - JWHS(F)                                           Ask


     What exactly is your plan to clean the bay? From the looks of it you just want to

            conserve the area and not help clean it.

  From:   D.C.I.R. - CB_Ecosystem - JWHS(F)                                                      Ask


     Hmmm, for a fleshy, you make some valid points.  However, as a critter, how will this

     effect us directly?  Ya lost me...  And don't worry, I won't direct you on your grammer.

      It's your paper, your business!

     That is all, so farewell!!!

  From:   Bojangles - farmer - JWHS(T)                                                                Ask


     what can you do to prevent the pollution in the bay?

  From:   Bojangles - farmer - JWHS(T)                                                                Statement


     You dont say what you can do to improve the inviromet or to help you only talk about

     how people effect it.

  From:   awesomley amazing super spectacular envoirnmentalist - Other -          Ask


     I really dont understanf what your trying to do. it just sounds as if your promoting your

     sports and are trying to get people ther so you dont have to do anything to contribute.

  From:   awesomley amazing super spectacular envoirnmentalist - Other -          Statement


     you are exactly right i want you people to clean it up and i play the sports it helps both

     of us we could hire people with the money we recieve to help clean the enviroment

  From:   Rollin' in the Green - Other - MRGS                                                      Ask


     Sports are great; I understand that. But what do they have to do with cleaning up the

     Chesapeake Bay? You dwell on the fact that you want to clean up the environment. But

     you don't specify where or how. Also, you say that some people live off of sports. Does

     this have anything to do with the bay? If so, what sports, or we can say "recreation

     activities", are being affected?





Recreation and Tourism

The Red Neck Yacht Club                                                              James Wood H.S.-Fordyce


  We at the Recreation and Tourism Bureau of Frederick County have proposed a plan to

help clean up the Bay and the waters that make up it’s watershed. This plan will take

multiple factions of the state and federal governments working together on a long term

basis to clean the Bay. Our plan will also need the support of the local citizens, and

inhabitants of the watershed. Our plan has five key steps to cleaning up the bay and it’s


  Step One:

  Create a Volunteer Network across multiple states that would work to do road-side clean

up, education opportunities for school children of all ages; work-release and probation

workers that could help clear trash out of local streams and rivers, and run fund-raisers in

 state districts to raise money to clean up an area. Educate and advertise for the public to

get involved in recycling, park enhancement programs, and stream clean up.

  Step Two:

  Petition the state and local governments to convince them to set aside large portions of

land to use as state parks and land-trusts that will protect the water systems and ecology

in that area. Our Bureau would provide volunteer labor to help build trails for hiking, picnic

shelters, camp sights, and docks along the water ways for boat enthusiasts and fishermen.

Theses parks would also provide a recharge zone for the rain water and a preserve for

wildlife and plant life.

  Step three:

  Convince the large developing companies to build Green, or at least Greener than they are

now. This will cut down on the run off pollution from construction sites, and help save

energy and water. The states should also pass ordinances that force developers to leave at

 least 100 feet of natural grass, trees, and foliage between them and the water’s edge,

and laws prohibiting drain fields directly near a water source and stricter regulations on

septic tanks. Partition off an area of land that the developers can use, on the condition that

 they build ‘green’ (or as green as possible). Make it mandatory that they must leave 100

feet of grass, trees, brush, and other natural vegetation between the home and the water’s

 edge. Have the plumbing arranged so that the waste water is taken away from the bay,

and that is it buried deep enough that potential hurricanes and floods can’t bust the pipes.

This will make the cost of building the homes higher, but if it helps control the pollution that

 is flowing into the bay less, then everyone benefits.

  Step four:

  Residential homes should have filters on their sewage tanks and drains if they have a drain

 field or septic tank that can be easily changed, to help absorb toxins such as E. coli,

Botulism, Giarrdia, chemical toxins, and nitrates. If you have city water, and you waste is

transferred to a water treatment plant, we should have stricter regulations on how the

waste is treated. (Under the current regulations, treatment plants can dump the excess

sewage (untreated) into the river. This is happening more and more because there is too

much waste water for the small treatment facilities to handle).

  Step five:

  Petition the local governments to pass laws restricting farmers from having livestock

waste draining directly into water systems, and ordinances prohibiting cattle and other free

 range livestock from entering the water. The use of sediment pounds and water troughs

would easily cut down the nitrate pollution in streams and rivers that lead to the bay.




Ask a Thoughtful Question or Respond

Thoughtful Questions

  From:   Home Jackets - homeowner - MHS                                                            Ask


     Have you considered having programs in schools to help clean up streams?

       Response    The Red Neck Yacht Club - recreation - JWHS(F)


                Thank you for responding to our forum. I had never really thought about

             adding school programs to teach students specifically about the environment. I

             always thought that Earth Science classes and Ag classes did a fairly decent job,

              but it would be interesting to have a class dedicated to teaching people how to

             care for the environment.



  From:   fishies - CB_Ecosystem - MHS                                                                   Statement


     I like your 5 step process its looks really well researched.

       Response    The Red Neck Yacht Club - recreation - JWHS(F)


             To the good people of the Team Fishies,

                   I wanted to thank you for responding to our forum. I read yours last week

             and really thought that you all had some great ideas.




Recreation and Tourism

KN tourist company                                                                         James Wood H.S.-Fordyce


  As  a tourism company having the watershed is very important to my company because

without it I couldn’t give boats ride around the bay. I also couldn’t give facts and historical

evidence that shows we need the bay more than people think. With the bay my company can

 make money and show tourists that the bay is needed by other companies other than mine.

While the tour is going on in the bay we can show people how to keep the bay clean and

healthy, and hopefully they will take it in and help restore the bay to the once beautiful rich

 bay it use to be.

  Since the bay is dirty, filthy, and dieing it makes touring of the bay useless. If we start to

 clean the bay, we can start up touring the bay and showing people how to keep the bay

clean. While the bay is dirty and unhealthy it makes touring the bay unpleasant for some

people, and a learning process for others.  If the bay keeps going as it is then my touring

business will be ruined.

  If the bay gets healthy and cleaner then my business can start giving more tours around

the bay showing people how important the bay is. When the bay is healthy we can show

people how to keep the bay healthy and show ways to prevent it from going back to the

way it was. While living on the bay I have seen many different things go on inside the bay,

such as dumping of waste, over crabbing, to many ships/boats flooding the waters with

gasoline and oil.

  Some solutions my group would do is, show people ways to prevent damaging/harming the

Chesapeake bay. While on the tour we will show people before and after pictures of the

bay so they understand how the bay has been affected over the years. When the tour is

done we would give the tourists pamphlets giving ideas on how they can save, and keep the

bay clean for more generations to come.




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Thoughtful Questions


  From:   Little Green Axman - Other - MRGS                                                       Ask


     What methods of preserving the bay would you advocate on your bay tours? I first

     suggest that you advertise the positive repercussions of recycling, set up proper disposal

      units to reduce litter, and consolidate important bay facts into pamphlets for

     educational purposes. 

     Secondly, do you believe that giving Environmentally driven lectures during a bay tour

     would raise awareness or attract attention to your cause? Is it possible that becoming a

     politically charged company in supporting Bay preservation could alienate certain

     consumers who do not share this view? Bay tourism is not inclusive only to bay tours, but

      all tourism industries centered in its watershed. Keeping the bay clean is vital to

     everyone who relies on the bay for relaxation or economic purposes. I believe that

     raising awareness to the bay's poor condition is a good first step, but how would you

     advertise this? Would it be more effective to use a portion of your profit to support the

      bay clean up? Lastly, I think it would benefit your company to 'Go Green' in your

     attempt to help the bay. By reducing transportation or use of environmentally harmful

            fuel you would help champion the bay's clean up effort and lead by example. 

  From:   DB Defenders - Waterman - JWHS(T)                                                   Ask


     Do you know if there are any particular boats or types of equipment you could use to

     help save the bay? There may be some that are less harmful to the environment. It

            seems like you could contribute more than just educating the public.




Recreation and Tourism

WI tourist group                                                                             James Wood H.S.-Fordyce


  I as a tourist organization will be very important to the water system that much as a

whole.  I could help to open the eyes of the people that have never seen the bay. This could

 make them realize how precious this place really is and we need to cherish and take care

of what we have before it is gone. The bays problems may affect my group a good bit. If

the water is dirty and polluted it could draw people away from the Chesapeake Bay

watershed. Also it could change there mind in seeing that something needs to be done witch

is a very good thing. The government is going to start a project that helps to clean up the

watershed with the help of juveniles and some volunteers. The juvenile’s community service

will be cleaning the bay. But my idea is since I run a tourist organization; I thought that

some of the profit would go to the study and cleaning of the bay. I chose to fund the

CBCPA (Chesapeake Bay cleaning process association). The solutions may affect my

company profits in the beginning, but when the watershed is becoming clean and looks

beautiful it will convey tourist back in. When sightseers come to my tourist organization,

being white water rafting or boat tours, we will tell them some of there money goes to the

study and cleaning of the watershed. That could make people more willing to want to give

there money, seeing that it is for a good cause. I don’t think that our group would be so

harmed from the government’s actions that we would disappear. If you think about we are

doing the same thing they are.




Ask a Thoughtful Question or Respond

Thoughtful Questions





Recreation and Tourism

Yellow Lemons                                                                                  James Wood H.S.-Takarsh


I am important to the Chesapeake Bay watershed because I bring in tourist and money. We

 bring in money that could go to helping to restore the bay and its watershed. Money is

really important to this feild and anyone who tries to distrurb it must be stopped. It is also

my duty to keep the attraction site well maintained, were always thinking about how to

make things better to bring in even more money. The solutions for restoring the bay will

boost the recreation and tourism and get people involved with the bay. I will help clean the

water by picking up trash and making sure the areas are clean. A significant portion of the

money I earn will go go to keeping the water clean.

The problem with the bay is that it is getting very dirty and polluted. Fish kills around the

bay and watershed limit the number of fish that fisherman can catch. In some areas of the

 bay, they are labeled as dead zones which are areas that cannot support most aquatic life.

 If I manage to keep the water clean and the fish in the bay then my business will flourish

with tourist and I will be able to raise to keeping the bay clean. Anyone who plans to build

on a tourist attraction, I decide if it will work and benefit the bay. The Chesapeake Bay

offers a wide range of acivities for the public to enjoy, as well as tourists coming to

Washighton DC and its surrounding areas, and we want to keep that enjoyment flowing for

many more generations to come.




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Thoughtful Questions


  From:   Fish's Wishes - CB_Ecosystem - KHS(K)                                      Ask


     Being a fish from the bay, I can tell you that our living conditions are graciously

     called that. Thousands of us water breathers die everyday. How long do you think it

     will take you to raise enough money so you can start trying to clean the bay? Action

     needs to be taken now. The question me and my (school) are wondering is how you

     plan to help the bay once your tourism and recreation buisness hits it big.

       Response    Yellow Lemons - recreation - JWHS(T)


             It will not happen overnight or in short period of time. This will take months

             or perhaps years to do. When we hit it big we will put aside some of our

             profit to clean the water. We will provide the money to build water

             treatment plants.

  From:   Representing Luke Mill - Other - KHS(K)                                                   Ask


     How are you going to keep the bay clean?

       Response    Yellow Lemons - recreation - JWHS(T)


             We will clean the bay through water treatment plants and cleaning the shore line

             of trash and debris. The plants will be stagically placed throughout the bay to

             suck in the water, clean it, then release back into the bay.


  From:   KN tourist company - recreation - JWHS(F)                                           Ask


     I like how you are really concernd with the bay, but it looks like your more into making

     money then actually cleaning the bay. I think if you spent more time figuring out ways to

     clean up the bay instead of making more money you could keep the bay cleaner.  

       Response    Yellow Lemons - recreation - JWHS(T)


             First off if you would have payed attention to what we wrote you would have

             seen that we said a significant portion of the money would be towards keeping the

              bay clean. We are in this for the bay, and by having a tourism buisness we do not

              want profit we are dedicated to keeping the bay clean because whats good for

            the bay is good for us.




Recreation and Tourism

FAB Hunters                                                                                                 Keyser H.S.-Kurtz


Hunters: POV

Hunters in the Potomac Highland are losing much needed hunting ground as forest Riparian

buffer zones are destroyed to make way for development.  Certain species of animals such

 as deer, squirrel, and other woodland animals are being forced out of their natural

homeland as forests are being cut down to create real-estate space.  When the amount of

fishing and hunting space begins to shrink so will the number of hunters and in West

Virginia alone hunting is a 270 million dollar operation creating over 5,000 jobs a year.  If

the hunter population was to drop this would negatively affect one of the states main

economical resources. 

By planting a forest Riparian buffer the state will be able to keep the Potomac River clean

and also create hunting grounds.  Personally outdoorsmen usually respect and love their

habitat.  Losing fishing or hunting areas in the Potomac Highlands takes away some of the

favorite pastime of West Virginians.  With the decrease in hunters and outdoorsmen, soon

the image of the Mountaineer may drift into the past.




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Thoughtful Questions

  From:   Remonster - recreation - CHS                                                                    Ask


     Is that all you would want done for the Bay? Also, if you just want riparian forest buffers

     then your animals still wont have homes because just having a riparian buffer wont house all

      the animals you want to hunt.





Recreation and Tourism

SAVE THE BAY BUMPER STICKERS                                                           Keyser H.S.-Kurtz


     Bay pollution is a serious matter; I have to deal with the pungent odor of chemicals

everyday.  We need to do something about this, that’s why I made my own sticker company

begin printing these bumper stickers.  It provides the pubic that are unaware that the Bay’s

 condition is worsening with each passing day that we need to do something to stop it

before it spirals out of control, causing widespread wildlife death and pollution of our

water supplies. Fifty percent of all proceeds will go directly into the cleanup of the

beautiful Chesapeake Bay.  Purchase yours today!  Help me educate the people to change

their ways before it’s too late!

     New slogans include: “Make the day help save the Bay!”, “Clean the Bay you’ll help save

the day!”




Ask a Thoughtful Question or Respond

Thoughtful Questions

  From:   Yellow Lemons - recreation - JWHS(T)                                                      Ask


     I was wondering how much you plan on selling these stickers for.It will cost alot of money

     to clean up the pullution and  only using half price will not be much much money to put

     towrds it. i just want to know how much money you plan on making and how you plan on

     cleaning up the area.Its a fantastical idea i hope it will work for you.


       Response    SAVE THE BAY BUMPER STICKERS - recreation


             Okay first I have to pay for the cost of the stickers while still making a profit

             enough to support my own company.  Half is never enough but it's enough of a

             contribution to show that I’m trying correct my ways, I care and at least I'm

             trying to educate people.  Furthermore your grammar, capitalization, and

             punctuation use is atrocious. 

  From:   The Red Neck Yacht Club - recreation - JWHS(F)                                Ask


     It seems that you are more conserned with turning a profit than the bay.

       Response    Yellow Lemons - recreation - JWHS(T)


             i agree with the red neck yacht club. you seem to be waning nothing but a profit.

             your a typical person who is obsessed with money. what are bumper stickers going

              to do with saving the bay?

       Response    SAVE THE BAY BUMPER STICKERS - recreation - KHS(K)


             I have to make enough money to support my company, while trying to educate

             people. The entire idea behind the bumper stickers is education about the clean up

              of the Bay, not personal gain for which you have mistaken my actions. Reading my

              POV carefully might help in answering your questions (in other words DON'T

            SKIM, use your critical reading skills).

       Response    Because we said so. - local_gov - JWHS(T)


             I like this idea. Bumper stickers are fun and a lot of people really do notice them.

             Maybe have some kind of numeric fact on them so it will really get peoples

             attention and they will notice that the bay is really getting bad.




Recreation and Tourism

Remonster                                                                                                   Calvert H.S.-Gustin


        The Chesapeake Bay watershed is the second largest watershed in the United States,

and drains into the largest estuary in the country “The Chesapeake Bay”. As a tourist and a

caring citizen in this country it would be a shame to loose such a beautiful and essential

part of our ecosystem. According to the Chesapeake Bay program, “One hundred acres of

forest are lost each day in the watershed.”  The increasing population in the bays

watershed is a major cause for this deforestation in our region. With a booming population

will only come more tourism and recreational needs. Along with population increase come

many concerns for our bay such as pollution from excess run off, landscape changes,

erosion, and chemical contaminants. We as tourists, homeowners, developers and

government officials can all do our part to help out with saving one of the countries most

prized natural habitats.

         As a tourist I realize that we may not be perfect for the Chesapeake Bay; however

everyone needs and wants to enjoy this wonderful environment. The Bay is a perfect place

to relax, canoe, boat, fish and spend a lot of leisure time. Tourists are important not only

to spread the word about how important the Chesapeake Bay is, but also to give money to

the surrounding areas. They support a lot of local businesses; tours of the bay, charter

boat fishing trips and much more.

         The condition of the Bay will affect everyone and everything whether we believe it or

 not. As a tourist the condition of the bay really deters me from wanting to spend my time

and money here. I cannot enjoy the real beauty of this environment if there is

development, trash, pollution and all around deterioration of the bay life I have learned to

love. As a tourist I believe there are many solutions that would benefit me and all others in

the watershed community. One of my favorite ideas would be to have public access points.

We need to increase the amount of areas allowed to the public, while putting more

limitation on other areas. These access points would be designated areas where tourists

could use the bay to there leisure. The main purpose for these access points would be to

protect highly vulnerable areas from human interference. Along with these access points,

the areas surrounding the bay should have tourist attraction businesses set aside a portion

of their profit earned each year to go into a fund to help the well being of the bay. The

amounts taken from each business wouldn’t be a large sum but all together would add up to

 a nice amount that can be used to keep the bay clean. One last solution would be creating

a bay program, which could be designated as a bay cleaning and maintenance job. This

would help with the increasing unemployment rates plus it would give the bay a chance at

being saved. Altogether the costs for the solutions that I am proposing aren’t very costly.

The solutions I have proposed, access points and the bay program , would really only cost 

a small amount from the businesses plus the public’s ability to give up using parts of the bay

 that will be blocked off from public use.

       As a tourist, I think that the solutions that I have proposed are very realistic.  If each

 and every one of us contributed to helping the Chesapeake Bay, I believe that as a

community we can save it before it is too late.




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  From:   We Care, As Long As You Care - developer - CHS                                   Ask


     You made several wonderful points and your suggestion for a series of access points along

     the Bay is very inventive and probable. However, I don't think that you realize just how

     difficult that would be implement considering that for so long the Chesapeake Bay was open

      to everyone. So, my quesion is, other than raising how would you suggest that the local

     governments pay for the construction of access points?


  From:   Yellow Lemons - recreation - JWHS(T)                                                   Statement


     You seem to have put a good deal of thought into this




Recreation and Tourism


BMK Ecotours                                                                                              Calvert H.S.-Gustin


As owners of an ecotourism business we are important in several ways. Firstly, we provide POV:

local economic stimulus by attracting tourists. These tourists will undoubtedly patronize

local businesses such as hotels, restaurants, and stores. More importantly, ecotourism

teaches important environmental principles that ecotourists can take home and apply to

their own lives and hopefully impart on others.

            The current problem with the Chesapeake Bay has a profound impact on the ecotourism

industry. Ecotourists are ecotourists because they treasure the natural environment and

want to protect it. This being said, it is nearly impossible to attract ecotourists to an area

that is being desecrated by pollution. Since ecotourism will suffer then the local economy

will also suffer.

            The problems of the Chesapeake Bay must be addressed, no matter what the cost. There

 are many ways to address these problems, but ultimately, many people will have to make

sacrifices, but they will be beneficial.  A particular solution that would affect the

livelihoods of many would be limiting or banning motorized recreational boat traffic.  This

would greatly diminish water pollution and destruction of habitat.  However, it would

greatly limit tourism and recreation, which would devastate the local economy. 

                In addition to these solutions, we have developed many other solutions that

would be more favorable for our ecotourism business.  In fact, we can even incorporate

many of these practices into the management of our business.  As a business promoting

good stewardship, we could educate patrons in maintaining the health of the Chesapeake

Bay.  Since our patrons are usually environmentally inclined, we could incorporate picking up

 litter and planting riparian buffers into parts of our tours.  Both of these would prevent

pollution from entering the Chesapeake Bay.  Patrons could take these experiences and

apply them to their everyday lives.



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  From:   Remonster - recreation - CHS                                                                  Statement


            Nice essay




Recreation and Tourism


K.A. Recreation Crew                                                                   Mount de Sales Acad.-Sargo


     We are important because we educate the fellow tourists about the bay and how

everyone can help to preserve it. We are also important because we do what we can to stop

 pollution. For example, we have recycling bins set up throughout our parks to help prevent

littering. The pollution in the Bay affects us because if it is polluted and unsanitary we

cannot use the Bay for recreational activities. Pollution in the Bay may also kill some of the

animals living there. Some people come and fish for fun in the Bay, but if the fish

population decreases they won't be able to fish and will stop visiting. We have customers

who come to the Bay just to go canoeing. They are not going to want to canoe in a dirty,

polluted Bay.

     The rain water that runs downhill into our Bay during storms often has fertilizer and

debris in it that comes into the Bay which then pollutes it. By using buffers, we can help to

slow down this runoff water coming into the Bay. Boats have exhaust and some gasoline

that drain into the Bay while they are in use. So a solution to this pollution problem is simple,

 we can make time restrictions on how long you can be out on the Bay. We could also have

weekly checks of our boats so gas or oil won't drain into the Bay. A fun way to get kids

involved in the cleaning up of the Bay is to hold events for them to come to. These events

will include fun activities in which the kids will be able to learn about the pollution in the Bay

 and take part in cleaning it up.



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  From:   Bojangles - farmer - JWHS(T)                                                                Ask


     this is a good idea but who would end up paying for the buffers to help the runoff of


       Response    K.A. Recreation Crew - recreation - MdSA


             We could use the money from canoe rentals, fundraisers, and activities.




Recreation and Tourism


Litter Bugs                                                                                        Rappahannock H.S.-Settle


     There are many recreational uses of the Chesapeake Bay. Activities include hunting, POV:

fishing, swimming, boating, camping, golfing, tourism, and environmental enthusiasm. These

people have a great impact on the ecological and economical watershed which is the

Chesapeake Bay, whether they know it or not. Although some positive contributions towards

 the bay are made, there are also many negative consequences that some people are

unaware of.

     Some ways that recreational users are harming the bay are leaving litter, chemicals, and

 ecological disturbances. This is not only harmful for the bay, but also costly for bay

maintenance. Golfers cause much damage to the bay because of the use of fertilizers and

pesticides on the courses. Hunters and fishers also cause damage by over hunting species

and littering. One example of this damage is unused crab pots in the bay, which catch and

kill the blue crab. Litter is also a great problem. Boaters also harm the bay with oil, toxins in

 paint, and other chemicals such as engine fluid used on the boat. Also, speeding on the bay

caused by jet skis, wave runners, and large boats can disturb underwater ecosystems in

which plants and animals live. A great deal of time, money, and effort goes into cleaning the

 bay, which is another cost of recreation on the bay.

     Money spent for bay recreation is a great investment in bay restoration and

maintenance. Although donations, volunteer cleaning programs, and government funding

greatly contribute to ecological and environmental projects in the Chesapeake Bay, it is still

not enough to help clean and rebuild the damage done to the watershed. Money spent by

tourists on things such as food, hunting or boating supplies, and hotels is often put into

these maintenance programs because of the damage done by the tourists. There are also a

great amount of businesses who do not contribute to the bay’s economy; therefore, it is

harder to help protect the bay as well as clean it. However, due to government advertising,

fundraising, and volunteer work, many people are now willing to contribute to the bay and

learn ways they can reduce litter, pollution, and other damages previously occurring in the


     Many individuals, schools, churches, and other organizations are greatly helping the bay.

Online foundations and community fundraisers are contributing to the economy of the bay

through donations and the sales of earth-friendly products. Also, community based

organizations and environmental enthusiasts are calling for volunteers to help clean up the

bay and inform others about conditions of the bay by running local television ads, supplying

propaganda and brochures, and holding community events. People also help the bay simply

by not littering, recycling, and using recommended products that are not harmful to the

watershed. Also, laws have been called for to set restriction and limitations for the bay’s

recreational users. Such laws are speeding limits for boats, and requirements for fishing

and hunting licenses and restrictions on money spent on fishing supplies, age limit, and hours

 for activities. There is still much more that people should do to help protect the watershed.


     Some ways to protect the watershed involve cleaning up after others and using energy

efficient, bay-friendly products. Fertilizers and their chemicals can be harmful to the

water if drained into the bay, so it is much more efficient to use natural fertilizers. It is

also less costly to use these fertilizers sparingly. Recreational users of the bay should also

be informed to recycle as much as possible. It is also important for tourists, and residents

as well to be cautious when maintaining septic tanks or dumping waste, so that it cannot

drain into the bay. Residents can help prevent erosion in the watershed by planting shrubs

and small trees in their yards, which also obstructs the flow of harmful chemicals in the

rain. People who drive less and keep their car in good working order pollute less in the air

and land. The same goes for boating and cleaning related chemicals on board. There are

many things people can do to help the bay if they are interested, simply by researching and

getting involved in volunteer events.

     Although tourists and long time residents may not recognize the impact they have on the

 environment, their overall actions show great improvement or destruction of the

watershed in the long run. It is important for all people to respect the ecology of the

Chesapeake Bay, and try to get involved in activities that promote the cleanliness and life of

 the watershed.





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Recreation and Tourism


Fun in the Bay!                                                                                 Rappahannock H.S.-Settle


     The perfect mix of fresh and salt water, the Chesapeake Bay is a massively populated POV:

watershed that encompasses two hundred counties and six states, including Washington,

D.C. The bay holds eighteen trillion gallons of water and is about one hundred and eighty

nine miles from Maryland to Virginia. The Chesapeake Bay watershed houses sixteen million

people, which plans to rise to eighteen million by 2020. With all of the inhabitants living

around the watershed it is obvious that different types of bay activities affect many

people. A main group that affects and if affected by the bay are recreational users, which

consists of water sportsman, recreational crabbers and fisherman.

     If the Chesapeake Bay were to be graded by a teacher they would receive a grade of a

 C-, which is an increase from only two years ago in 2006. The Bay has only improved

because of an increase of improvements in the phytoplankton community in the Upper

Western Shore and the Choptank River. Summer drought, in June through September in

many watershed areas caused lower sediments and nutrients going into the bay. In

watershed regions of Potomac River, Lower Western Shore (Maryland), and Patapsco and

Back Rivers, an alge that produces harmful toxins are killing fish; this is decreasing the Bay

 health. To restore the Bay by 2010 it will cost $8.5 billion; therefore, money collected

from private donors and non-profit organziations could be asked for to help save the Bay!

     Jet skis cause more disturbances to shore animals than motorboats, cars, vehicles, and

people. Jet skis are capable of operating in shallow water near the shore, which most

motorboats cannot.  Since jet skis are capable of going near the shore, they have major

negative impact on the habitat near the shore.  Birds one of one the most impact by jet skis

 because it interrupts feeding times and causing displacement of nesting areas.  Boating can

 effect the Chesapeake Bay very much; while the effects of a single boat may seem

insignificant, but when multiplied by the tens of thousands the effects are dramatic.  To

help improve some of the effects, you should purchase the best possible environmental

practices when maintaining and operating boats, engines, and marine sanitation devices such

as boat heads or toilets. Recreational boating and jet skiing bring in $1.01 billion annually.

     Recreational fishing brings in one billion dollars into the Chesapeake Bay areas annually.

The Chesapeake Bay offers a wealth of sport fishing opportunities. On average it costs you

 $330 for a six-hour charter, $390 for an eight-hour charter, and you have to put a $200

 deposit plus tipping the mate. Chesapeake Bay species include rockfish, bluefish, drum,

speckled trout, flounder, spot, and croaker. Fishing in the Chesapeake Bay is also very

costly. Recreational fishing accounts for nearly a quarter of the total catch of over fished

populations, including many of the most economically valuable species such as red snapper,

red drum, lingcod, and bocaccio. Recreational fishing targets top-level predatory fish in the

 Atlantic Ocean and the Chesapeake. Removal of these fish can create dramatic change in

ocean food webs and causing cascading effects that alter the overall productivity and

health of marine ecosystems. In addition, some fish populations have dropped to such low

numbers that they have been considered for placement on the threatened and endangered

species lists.

     We have a larger part of the ecosystem then we think and everything we do has an

impact. Coastal Fisheries staffs are in the process of developing ecosystem-based models

to better understand and quantify the impacts of ecological disturbances. They have

restricted the laws limiting crabbing including: shortening the season, exempt both

recreational and commercial crabbers from taking a day off if the selected day falls on a

holiday or the day preceding a holiday, and require two, different-sized cull rings in hard

crab pots, one at least two 3/16 inches and the other at least two 5/16 inches. The cull

rings allow under-size crabs to escape. They also have made up a couple more laws

including: changing the minimum mesh size for hard crabs pots from one inch to one and

one-half inches. Crab pots with two inch by two-inch wire mesh will not be required to have

cull rings. Ban the importation of dark-colored sponge crabs, which are within two weeks of

 releasing their eggs, into Maryland for sale purposes. In the months of April, October,

November and December you can crab a half hour after sunrise until five in the main bay

and till sunset everywhere else. In May, June, July, august and September, you can crab a

half hour before sunrise until five on the bay and till sunset in the attributions of the bay.

The minimum size for males from April to July is five inches wide hard crabs, three and

one quarter inches for peeler crabs, and three and only half inches wide for soft crabs.

Now in July till December, the male head has to be five and one-quarter inches and three

and one-half inches.      Recreational users are important to the Bay. They are also major

tourist attraction. Events such as; boating and fishing are among the favorites of the

tourist and are also apart of the lives of the people who live in the watershed region.

Recreational users are not the only group that affects the Chesapeake Bay. Along with

other groups such as crabbers, farmers, and construction groups also play a major role in

the health of the bay. It is only together that all interest groups can save the Bay and

better the health of the Bay and all of the Bay’s inhabitants.\



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Recreation and Tourism

Water Works                                                                                    Rappahannock H.S.-Settle


     Recreational fishing is a joy for families and friends, a way to bond with nature and POV:

your fellow man through healthy activity. But this activity isn’t so nice to our friends Boats

pollute the water by letting out pollution also known as “toxic waste.” This waste comes

from a running engine. The engine gives off excess gasoline, which pollute the water then

ends up killing the fishes and other animals in the water. So cut back on your boating time,

or don’t run the engine unless needed.

     Even though boats and fishing cause harm to the waters they also help the state help

the waters. You can’t just grab a pole jump on a boat and hit the waters you need licenses.

Fishing licenses, and boating licenses are required. For a salt-water recreational fishing

license you would need to pay the fee of $12.50, for your salt-water recreational boating

license a fee of  $38.50 is required. If you added up the fishing license fee to the 1.4

MILLION LICENSED FISHERS then you would have $1,750,000 also there is 2.3

BILLION dollars in economic activity and 90 MILLION DOLLARS in state revenues. That is

 a lot of money that could be used to better the water environment.

     And since fishing is one of America’s funniest outdoor sports we don’t see putting an

end to it. So regulations are put in place to help the waters, and fish. For example, the

Chesapeake bay has two fishing seasons a Spring season which last from May 16th through

June 15th, and a Fall season which is from October 4th to December 31st. The bag limit

for the spring season is 2 fish per person, and in the fall from October 4th through

December 9th the limit is 2 fish per person, but from October 10th to December 31st the

limit is 1 fish per person. Now the regulations on the minimum and the maximum sizes the

fish caught can be are in the spring min=18 inches and the max=28 inches. For the spring

season 1 of the 2 fish caught may be larger than 32 inches. Fall season sizes are min=18

inches and the max=28 inches, but 1 of the 2 fish caught may be 34 inches or larger but

not between the size of 28 and 34 inches. These regulations are put in place to insure the

survival of the fish, and the survival of the water.




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Recreation and Tourism




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