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Comments for All Developers




MRGS CONTRACTORS                                                              Massanutten Gov. S.-Newcomer


     With the current state of the Bay, we as developers find ourselves in a particularly

delicate situation. As the population continues to increase around the Bay area and the

demand for housing and other amenities also increases.  In order to revert damage the

Chesapeake Bay has already suffered drastic steps need to be taken, including Education,

better practices in construction areas, and better management practices in pre and post

construction phases.  As developers, we need to find a cost efficient way to implement

these actions in order to improve the health of the Bay.    


Our first goal is to enhance building regulations.  As construction projects continue to thrive

 around the Chesapeake Bay area and areas in the watershed, new guidelines and rules need

 to be implemented in order to reduce the flow of harmful waste products from entering

into the bay.  During the construction of new homes in the Bay’s watershed BMPs need to be

 practiced with utmost perfection.  By grading land to reduce slope and runoff from areas,

constructing collection ponds, implementing buffer zones around streams and rivers, and

using conservative methods in and around a job site would dramatically reduce the

developer’s impact on the Bay and the pollution it suffers from. Using such materials as

porous pavement, bamboo, and other Eco-Friendly building materials, developers can reduce

 their impact of the Bay pollution…     


Secondly we need to educate the public like homebuyers and existing homeowners in the

Chesapeake Bay watershed.  By promoting better environmental practices we can tackle the

 issue from the source.   Through education the ultimate solution can be found, by

promoting “greener” living and teaching its benefits to those living in or near the Chesapeake

Bay Watershed.  With this small step, so much could be accomplished.    


Though education is a very keen tool, it does not stop there… In order for the Bay to see

dramatic changes, it needs to be regulated by all parties, by all members, by all civilians,

anywhere at anytime in the watershed area.  By informing those people, businesses, and

industries of their environmental impacts they are forcing onto and into the Bay, they are

truly destroying the pristine, diverse life that thrives in the Bay. Without that said life, how

would it change our lives? How are we hurting ourselves?  Is it too late? Of course not, we

can enact change, starting with contractors, but the waves of change need to branch out to

 all regions of society. As a group we can bring change, we can work together, we can SAVE

 the BAY!




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Thoughtful Questions

  From:   Anti-Wilderness Progressive Movement - developer - JWHS(T)                Statement


     I like your POV but it doesnt seem like your writing from a real developers point of view.

     Your proposals in regards to how development should be regulated would not benifit you

     whatsoever.  ttthink that you need to rethink your stance so it would better benifit you.

  From:   Anti-Wilderness Progressive Movement - developer - JWHS(T)                Ask


     I understand what your saying here and it sounds good, but how will we as developer spend

     the least amount of money by being so enviornmentally friendly?

  From:   Chicken Kickers'' 101 - farmer - MHS                                                      Statement


     This paper is written in order and every question in the paper is answered, so all in all it is


  From:   DORY-DORY FISH - Waterman - MHS                                                      Ask


     Beings that the economy is so high, how do you plan for people to pay for these changes

            that they are making?

       Response    MRGS CONTRACTORS - developer - MRGS


             Going “green” does NOT have to be expensive.  You can buy low flow

             showerheads for only 20 dollars a piece. They reduce water use by 20,000

             gallons a year.  You can also replace 5 incandescent with compact florescent light

              bulbs.  By doing this you can save 50% on your electricity bill.  They only cost

             three to ten dollars each.  With just a small amount of research we can uncover

            many other inexpensive ways of going “green.”







Muffins                                                                                                  Jefferson H.S.-Gipson


    We are important because we provide Jobs and build houses.  The bays problem could

affect us because we wont be able to build as many houses and lose money and families will

 lose out on their new houses because we can not build them.




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Thoughtful Questions


  From:   Team Green - homeowner - HHS                                                  Ask


     what are you going to do to stop or help fix the bays problem

  From:   fishies - CB_Ecosystem - MHS                                                     Ask


     how do you affect the bay? How can you prevent these problems?

  From:   Home Jackets - homeowner - MHS                                              Ask


     You didn't post very much information. You never stated how water pollution inhibits

     you from building houses.

  From:   Fish's Wishes - CB_Ecosystem - KHS(K)                                      Ask


     What exactly do you think should be done in order to protect your job, as the

     developer, and also the bay at the same time?


  From:   The Red Neck Yacht Club - recreation - JWHS(F)                                   Ask


     You have said that you are important to the economy because you provide homes to the

     people, and they pay to live there. My question is:

              Even if you build the homes and don't follow the regulations that have been outlined

     in the multiple forums, do you think that the home owners will want to live in houses that are

      on the edge of a polluted bay that they can't swim in, fish in, or enjoy because it is toxic?

     Wouldn't it be better to build clean homes that keep the bay clean so that the citizens can

     enjoy them.

  From:   Home Jackets - homeowner - MHS                                                            Statement


     You could have pointed out that if you built houses near polluted water (i.e. trash floating

     around) no one is going to want to live there.

  From:   fishies - CB_Ecosystem - MHS                                                                   Ask


     I can't understand the connection that you're trying to make with the bay! How does it

     affect the bay? What can you do to fix this? It is obvious you didn't look far into your


     From:   Muffins - developer - JHS                                                                       Statement


         Hey sorry our research isnt up to your standards but we had 2 minutes to write the

         whole thing and your lucky you got atleast 3 sentences so my bad g your just gonna have

         to deal with it bud because like i said we had 2 minutes to write it so my bad, my bad.

       Response    fishies - CB_Ecosystem - MHS


             Actually, you didn't even write 3 sentences, you wrote 2!!!!!

             Still, that doesn't answer my question I am curious as to how are you relating this

              to the bay? and what happens to the bay with this?

       Response    Muffins - developer - JHS


             My bad... Dont get lippy! How can i answer your question if i didnt get to do any


  *From:   fishies - CB_Ecosystem - MHS                                                                Ask


     Well, if you didn't do any research then don't you think that it's about time you do?

     People are asking you questions and you should be answering them!



  From:   Chicken Kickers'' 101 - farmer - MHS                                                      Ask


     What are some examples why you won't be able to build houses and provide jobs?

  From:   The Forester Boys - Other - KHS(K)                                                         Statement


     Jobs are important but, Have you thought about all the runoff that is caused by building

     these houses?

  From:   DEVELOPERS MISION JW - developer - JWHS(F)                               Ask


            I totaly uderstand your thaughts and i agree with what you stand for.

       Response    Muffins - developer - JHS


             Im glad atleast 1 person agrees with us! Everyone else wants to get all lippy and

            what not. so thank you for agreeing with us =]. We agree with you to :D.



  From:   Anti-Wilderness Progressive Movement - developer - JWHS(T)             Ask


     In your point of view you only expressed how important you were to the envioronment.

     We would like to know what your plans are for cleaning up the bay. We would also like to

      know what you want to do as a developer. What are your plans as developers to get

     over what would happen if they made you pay for better envioronmentally friendly

            equipment and products?


  From:   mo'field fishies - farmer - MHS                                                             Statement


     You don't have to stop building houses. Just use cleaner practices when building.

  From:   The Pearls - local_gov - MdSA                                                                Ask


     After reading your POV, it does not sound like you are worried about the state of the

     Bay at all. As a developer, how can you reduce the pollution cause by comstruction?

  From:   Bojangles - farmer - JWHS(T)                                                                Ask


     All you told me was what I already you have any plans for how to fix problems

            of the bay, while still benefiting you?

       Response    Muffins - developer - JHS


             NO! i dont have any ideas of benefitting the bay. the bay is not goin to get any

             better because of us. we are just normal 9th grade kids we dont really know.

       Response    Bojangles - farmer - JWHS(T)


             Can you really expect anyone to take you seriously if you never took the time to

             try and learn what you're talking about?


  From:   Little Green Axman - Other - MRGS                                                       Statement


     As a developer, you have a huge part in protecting the Chesapeake Bay.  In the

     development process, you must take the time to consider various Best Management

     Practices that you can utilize in order to reduce your environmental impact.  Keeping

     economics in mind, the following is a small list of easily implemented BMPs: green

     infrastructure, working trees, permeable asphalt and concrete, rain gardens, and buffer


  From:   awesomley amazing super spectacular envoirnmentalist - Other -          Ask


     I dont understand I dont think there is enough information here to cover everything. I

     wonder about all the stuff you didnt state. Why does this happen? How can you fix this

     problem? Can you prevent these problems? If you only had three minutes to do this you

     should have gone to your research and not waited til the last minute. Can you answer my






CDM Bulldozers                                                                                      Buffalo Gap H.S.-Riley


The developers living in the Chesapeake Bay run-off area have come to the conclusion that

cleaning up the bay has more cons than pros in the final outlook and these are our reasons

why.  It will be more costly for these developers to provide ways for the run-off from

their construction sites to not reach the Chesapeake Bay.  It will also reduce land for

development as well as the production of these developers.  Taxes affect everything, and

of course if this clean up were to take place, everyone would be made to pay more taxes.  


When looking at the pros of this decision to clean the bay, we have decided that it would

give the developers a better name in the eyes of their customers as the bay would be clean

and the developers would not be blamed for the pollution.  It would also allow construction

businesses to hire more employees who will be available to work with the construction

needed to clean the bay.  Therefore more job positions would be open and available to those

 who need them.           


Some may argue that the developers need to take control and be the first to begin the long

process of cleaning the bay, but as developers, we believe that cleaning the bay is a bad

idea on our behalf.  Not only will cleaning the bay cost us more money personally, but it will

reduce the land we will be using in the future.  If cleaning the bay is the final decision made

 by the government of Virginia, then we as developers will be happy to help, but we will not

be the first to bring the problem to their attention. When we as developers look into the

future, we see the bay being cleaned at some point and it will more than likely benefit us;

but now it is against our wishes that the government continue to push the fact that the bay

need to be cleaned.




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Thoughtful Questions


  From:   DORY-DORY FISH - Waterman - MHS                                        Ask


     do you think that everyone should participate in help cleaning up the bay? Would you

     participate? Honestly.

     It might be more costly now but in the long run wouldn’t having the bay less polluted

     boost the economy and make products from the Chesapeake cheaper?

       Response    CDM Bulldozers - developer - BGHS


             Yes, we believe that everyone should participate in cleaning the bay and yes, we

             would participate too, but what we are trying to say through our paper is that the

              developers should not be held responsible for all the pollution to the bay. Even

             though we more than likely contributed to the pollution it would not benefit us as

             a group to take the action to cleaning the bay. If another group or organization

             were to head up the cleaning then of course we as developers would help as well.


  From:   DB Defenders - Waterman - JWHS(T)                                                   Ask


     You may not be concerned about the clean up of the bay now, but do you think that

     waiting to clean it up could be potentially stalling the resolution of an increasing problem

     that would effect you and all other groups in the future? It seems that it may just be

     avoiding the enevitable while letting the problem grow.

       Response    CDM Bulldozers - developer - BGHS


             First of all, we ARE concerned about cleaning up the bay because it would be

             benificial to us as well as all the other groups. We as developers are not stalling

             or waiting for someone else to clean up the bay, we are simply awaring you and

             the other groups that it would be more costly for us as developers to take the

             first action. If another organization were to begin the process, then we would be

             more than happy to help; we are not avoiding anything. You're right, the problem

             is increasing, but it is not our job to take the first action. We all need to come

            together and take the first action.


  From:   MRGS CONTRACTORS - developer - MRGS                                            Ask


     overall, i liked your paper. it was a good point of view from the perspective of a

     developer who doesn't agree with the movement to help clean up the Bay. But why would

     everyone be forced to pay more taxes? I think you should elaborate and explain that a

     little bit more. Also, what are some of the jobs within the construction business that help

      clean the environment? Also, in the long run, costs for building and supplies would even

     out over time so eventually things would not be as expensive. So wouldn't it be better in

     the long run to spend a few extra dollars in the beginning to clean the bay to help boost

     the economy, making the cost of things cheaper. I think that the developers should play a

      bigger role in helping clean the bay because they do contribute some major pollutants;

            not just wait around for someone to clean it for them.

       Response    CDM Bulldozers - developer - BGHS


             I agree, we do contribute to the pollution of the bay, but so do you ane

             everybody else. If another organization were to begin the process to cleaning the

              bay, then we would be more than happy to help. How can you say that taxes

             would not be a problem? The government just wants more reason to make us pay

             taxes and cleaning the bay would be a prime example of this. You cannot tell me

             that taxes would not go up. If you have not noticed, the cost of everything is

             rising and it is not expected to stop anytime soon, so the cost for buildings and

             supplies would be expensive. Nothing will be cheaper anytime soon.


  From:   Fishin' Impossible - Waterman - MRGS                                                  Ask


     You started out your paper saying that cleaning up the bay has more cons than pros. 

     Where is your evidence for this?  You never gave specific examples of the cons.  In your

      paper, there were far more pros discused and you admitted that cleaning up the bay

     and reducing run off from construction would be beneficial.  After reading your paper,

            I am only more convinced that builders need to take their part in keep the bay clean.

       Response    CDM Bulldozers - developer - BGHS


             Builders do need to take their part in cleaning the bay. No one has said that they

             didn't. What we are saying is that it would be far more costly to us as developers

              to take the first action to cleaning the bay. If another organization were to be

             the first in cleaning the bay then of course we woould do our part.  


  From:   Anti-Wilderness Progressive Movement - developer - JWHS(T)             Statement


     I really like your point of view. It covers all the points that us developers need to

     consider. It shows others also that we have considered our options but it comes out that

     developers will lose too much, and the economy will be devastated by our actions.

            Amazing POV!!








DEVELOPERS MISION JW                                                             James Wood H.S.-Fordyce


  The American Dream; the perfect house, a family, maybe even a dog to keep your kids POV:

company. This is not possible without the developers. These people do not only build homes

but a foundation of dreams. Developers are not to blame for the declining ecosystem of

the Chesapeake Bay watershed.

  Surprisingly, the developers strongly believe in the same idea that the environmentalist do.

It is not the developers alone but the way we plow the land for our housing plots. Instead

of destroying forest and wasting valuable resources, we can use recycled products, such

as, recycled glass for tiles and windows, recycled plastics to make stronger longer lasting

wood substitutes, and we also use energy saving lights.

  Trees don’t just look pretty but, they also help filter toxins from the ground and run off

water. We plant tree buffers along rivers and conserve any trees that we can. Home

buyers love trees and other foliage. Why would developers damage the price of their real-

estate value?

  The developers of the Chesapeake area are passing bills and strictly enforcing a no

tolerance littering policy. We will try to educate people on the concerns of trying to

protect the wildlife of the Chesapeake area. As developers, we will try to help our economy,

 since it is down, by building shops and homes for the working class people.

  Developers are often excused for declining in the ecosystem but, whose really to blame?

The general public. The talk the talk, but don’t walk the walk. People are concerned about

the ecosystem’s well being but neglect to help the problem. Farmers also endanger the

Chesapeake area by using chemicals in their fertilizer which damages the bay. Local

government is too worried about making their money than to actually care about the

environment. No that its almost too late to fix the damages that’s been done, they want to

begin to care. But what has the government done to help?




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Thoughtful Questions

  From:   Home Jackets - homeowner - MHS                                                            Ask


     What are you going to do about the Bay ya we need to keep the Bay clean.


  From:   The Red Neck Yacht Club - recreation - JWHS(F)                                Statement


     Dear, Developer Mision, In my opinion you haved changed my perceptive substantly.  I

     complety agree with your POV. I used to belive devleopers were out to riun this world

     but you have changed my train of tought. Thank you.






LG 1                                                                                                James Wood H.S.-Fordyce


  I am important to the Chesapeake Bay Watershed because I buy the land around the POV:

Chesapeake Bay and build houses and businesses there. I have to develop the land and make

 sure there are no pollutants in the ground so it’s safe to put buildings on the surface there.


  If the government has regulations on the area around the Chesapeake Bay then you would

have to sell the land and find somewhere else. If your business does well and people find

out that your building nice houses and they like the area then you’ll have more customers

and make a lot more money.

  If the government regulates what you can build and where you can build it then you could

possibly have to shut down your business and you would have to find a new work place.

  We wouldn’t mind having some restrictions from the government but as long as we could

build what we wanted and where we wanted. They could regulate the amount of houses and

 buildings we put in one area.

  The solutions will cost a little bit but they would pay off in the long run. If the

government would say they would take off taxes while I was building then it would really

help out. Some restrictions on building are preferred.

  Some restrictions will cost us a little bit of money because of the regulations on how many

 houses and buildings that we can put up. We would have to give up a couple of houses and

buildings but make the houses and buildings we make nicer and more expensive.

  The solutions will benefit us directly because government takes off taxes while we are

building and we get more money from the buildings being more expensive.




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Thoughtful Questions


  From:   Bojangles - farmer - JWHS(T)                                                                Ask


     All these solutions seem to do is benefit do you plan on benefiting the bay?





Anti-Wilderness Progressive Movement                                           James Wood H.S.-Takarsh


     We are developers. We are very important to the Chesapeake Bay’s Watersheds. We

know that developers like ourself can damage the bay if planning is not done right. We

bring money into the community by providing people with places to live and enjoy the bay.

Without us the economy would have virtually no future. We build homes that attract many

people that pay taxes and support the local businesses.

     The bay’s problems affect us greatly because the condition of the bay attracts our

potential customers. That is why we support many of the regulations brought upon us. The

solutions will not benefit us right away but will however benefit us in the long run as it will

be a much more enjoyable place to live and therefore attracting more customers. The

solutions that will be proposed will, at first, negatively impact our income, but will benefit

us later on by keeping people attracted to the area.

     We would prefer to regulate ourselves. We would like to be able to do this so we can

make our business more environmentally friendly without losing a great deal of income at

the same time. The groups that will be proposing solutions wont have the inside knowledge

that us developers possess.

     Without developers the Chesapeake Bay economy would not grow, and the government

would lose a large source of income. Without our large sum of taxes the government could

not support programs such as the: The Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program, The

Environmental Quality Incentives Program,

Agricultural Management Assistance, The Conservation Reserve Program and The Wildlife

Habitat Incentives Program.





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Thoughtful Questions

  From:   DB Defenders - Waterman - JWHS(T)                                                      Statement


     Contractors are not in any way important to the CB watershed. You may be important to the

             economy but you do nothing to better the environment in the CB.


       Response    Anti-Wilderness Progressive Movement -


             Developers are important to the health of the eviroment. We do not usually have

             a good effect on the enviroment but we are important. To say were not important

              is stupid. How about us developers go and put concrete all over your ugly grass

             and see how important we are then. And you watermen are no better if you make

             us angry enough well build lots and lots of houses so all the people

             so they will eat all you fishies and then you wont have anything to catch. You

             fisherman are the ones who aren't important.

From:     Bojangles - farmer - JWHS(T)                                                                Ask


     what could you do personally to help the bay?

       Response    Anti-Wilderness Progressive Movement -


             we could help the bay personally by using more enviornmentally friendly products

             and construction things. We could also put in extra plants and trees to stop run-

             off and mud slides. Buffers could also be added. By us adding these extras and

             more expensive things it may cost the customers more because we dont want it

             coming out of our own pockets.

       Response    Bojangles - farmer - JWHS(T)


             I believe that your views are very good. How to you plan on creating a world

            without wilderness?

       Response    Anti-Wilderness Progressive Movement - developer - JWHS(T)


             Dear Bojangles,

             we would create a world without wilderness by using alot of concrete



  From:   The Pearls - local_gov - MdSA                                                                Ask


     As local government, i dont think it would be a good idea to regulate yourselves..we

     understand that it might make things easier for you but think about it, if we allowed to

     you to start regulating yourselves, everyone else would begin wantiing to regulate

     everything themselves and the economy and the bay's present state would get out of

     control...and yes, we do need you because you bring people into our districts and you

     provide tax money for us to help pay for the organizations...but we really think its

     necessary that proposals go through us first...we know that alot of plans get shot down

     but when making decisions, we have to think of the people as a whole instead of a

            general population...

  From:   Anti-Wilderness Progressive Movement - developer - JWHS(T)             Statement


     Well, i completely understand the importnce of government regulations but we would

     much rather make the regulations ourselves than having government make regualations

     for us. Thats all i stated but we would be more than willing to discuss this and make






We Care, As Long As You Care                                                                 Calvert H.S.-Gustin


 REVISED 4/14/08

     The demand for land and housing around the Chesapeake Bay area is too high to be

sacrificed for various other less important issues. Development is an integral part of our

economy, which should be taken into account before legislation that could possibly damper

our industry is passed. Although, we do admit that our industry does contribute to the

pollution of the Bay, the massiveness of the watershed places the general population of the

 states in the watershed more accountable than ourselves.

     We recommend that continued education be given to the public in order to let them

know how seriously polluted the Bay is. The sedimentation and excess of nutrients can

slowly be resolved by teaching better farming practices and lawn and garden care. The

only way that a plausible solution can be enacted and successful is with the cooperation of

all groups of people in and around the Chesapeake Bay and its watershed.

     We do not have the necessary sphere of influence available to educate the people about

 the cons of some common lawn care practices. However, if the local governments decide

to band together and teach, we will whole-heartedly work with them in displaying signs or





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Thoughtful Questions

  From:   Remonster - recreation - CHS                                                                    Ask


     How would you want the continued education be applied? You would also have to be included

      in this continued education.


       Response    We Care, As Long As You Care - developer -


                   I think that continued education practices are outside of our sphere of

             influence on society. The local and state governments need to make the decisions

             regarding how to educate the people about the many ways that the Bay is being

             polluted and possible solutions.

                   I believe that once the people are fully aware of how much of an impact that

             they have on the contamination of the Chesapeake Bay, they will work much

             harder to remedy some of their mistakes.

  From:   Chesapeake Cottage Dwellers - homeowner - MdSA                                Ask


     educating others is useful but in order for it to be beneficial everyone should work

     together. wouldn't you be contradicting the eductaion effort by setting a bad example

            and continuing to build houses?

       Response    We Care, As Long As You Care - developer -


             Building houses in not the main reason why the Chesapeak Bay is so polluted today.

              Sedimentation and nutrification is, which can correlate to some of our practices.

             We don't believe that we are making a bad example because construction is going

             to be needed as long as people keep moving into the area. Education will work

             because then the people, who are the largest contributors of pollution, will modify

              some of their ways to lessen their contributions.





the mountain developers                                                                        Hampshire H.S.-Moore


     As developers we are aware of point source pollution and non-point source pollution. POV:

Point source pollution comes from pipes and non-point source pollution comes from fields.

Both however run off into water.

     We intend to have the least runoff as possible.  Using best management

practices(BMP's).  We are willing to balance our profits with environmental practices to

provide the best protection as possible.

     We plan to use as little road work equiptment as possible.  We intend to work on large

farms and feilds, not tiny ones that are not worth messing with. We also intend to build

houses far apart to where the land is worth more than having a side by side house





Ask a Thoughtful Question or Respond

Thoughtful Questions

  From:   We Care, As Long As You Care - developer - CHS                                   Ask


     Why do you belive that putting more space between houses will help clean up the Bay? If

     anything, it will increase the value of the land, which would lead to an increased demand for

            the land.

       Response    the mountain developers - developer - HHS


             huh? re-think your question.


  From:   Home Jackets - homeowner - MHS                                                            Ask


     You have a decent view of the big picture of things and I respect your concern for your

     business and profits but even small issues can snowball into a major problem. What could

     you do to assist the clean up of even the small fields and farms that you deemed



       Response    the mountain developers - developer - HHS


             We will offer grants to school groups to reach out to the small property owners

             and offer assistants to planting trees and vegitation along their stream fronts. 

             Thousands of students can have a big effect on land use along the Chesapeake


  From:   The Pitchforks - farmer - MdSA                                                            Ask


     as local government, i like your ideas...but would you enusre that the space left between

     the houses gets filled with trees and other plants? because even though there may be

     less houses, the runoff could still be the same if there is no plants in between to filter

     the runoff

  From:   DB Defenders - Waterman - JWHS(T)                                                   Ask


     The population in this area is steadily growing. How would you respond to that when you

     only plan on building houses far apart? Less population could actually hurt your business.

  From:   Bojangles - farmer - JWHS(T)                                                                Statement


     I agree with your idea of putting more space between houses. To the group will

     reduce pollution b/c if the land is going to be developed anyway, less houses with more

     measures to control pollution will be far better for the environment over time. It will

     also increase land value in the area and make it much more appealing. 






TA developing co.                                                                          James Wood H.S.-Fordyce


We, the developers, are important by providing jobs and the government collecting taxes.

We are providing jobs, so we can have more houses because we are getting more people in

this world. Since there are more people in this world, we are going to need more houses.

The government is also important, because if we are going to build houses, the government

needs to tax the people with their new houses.

  The pollution in the bay is caused by the people. This is because the people are dumping

toxic chemicals from factories and industries into a local waterway. The nutrients that

enter the bay, is a variety of humans and natural resources. These things are worsening

water quality every second or minute by the fueling growth of algae blooms.

  Our solutions might affect the animal’s habitat because the only way to build the houses

on land is to get rid of a lot of trees and then level out the ground. But the thing is that,

when we took down the trees and after we built the houses, we will replant trees in and

outside the yards. It will cost us for a lot of supplies to build the houses and around them.

It will also cost us for electricity, plumbing, and carpentry. To make the group more willing

to participate would be giving them at least an hour for their lunch break, raises, or

weekends off.

  For the weather and the heat, we can make our houses storm proof and hurricane proof,

by building them three stories high. To make sure that trash does not go into the ocean, we

can put a wall up and around the houses so the people cannot pollute the ocean. For the

heat, we can make the houses solar powered or we can use oil sands. We don’t want to put

electricity in because it is just going to cost too much, even though you use little of it.

Besides the oil sands and the solar power works really well for heat.

  For the water, we can use recycle bens, one for plastic, one for paper, and the other for

our waste. If the people that don’t want to keep their houses (inside or out) clean, we can

hire people to clean up the trash, but not the waste. Some people will have gardens and can

use their own waste for the garden. We can build toilets, that have water but goes to a

plant that can separate the waste from the water and that will clean the water.



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Developers mean, Urban or suburban builders and business interest, which can be spread POV:

out all over the Chesapeake Bay. A developer can be helpful to the Chesapeake by, helping

people with jobs, supporting the government with Taxes We help people have a life and a

place to live in. we can also be affected while were helping, the water can be polluted, or

some things like major floods  or even animals that are attracted by the water. Animals can

 bring in trespassers that are not good for the buyers; Trespassers try to hunt and fish.

This could affect the lively hood by not living there or moving. Floods or polluted water are

some major affects on the development.

As a Developer I might prefer building on higher grounds, higher elevation so no water can

and will not reach. I would re think and watch out for swimming in polluted water. I would

watch Fishing in dirty water; it could be very hazardous to the human body. It wouldn’t

cost a person to try to fix theses solutions, because the builders could work on higher

grounds, and there’s no cost at all of just keeping the water clean. If there were a lost in

developers there would be a great lost in money, government losing taxes people not buying

 houses, loosing houses. Us disappearing meaning a loss in a lot .




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     What do you mean people disappearing?

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     I like the ideas that you have about building up higher to avoid floods.  However the

     second part of your paper seems to focus on what individuals can do rather than what

     you as CONTRACTORS can do to improve the bay.  What as a contractors can you do,

     besides building in higher elevations, can you do to help the state of the bay? 





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    Urban sprawl is really a fancy word for overpopulation in an area. The effect is very POV:

bad. One effect is that overpopulation could harm the environment. It can take animals

homes from them because of the construction of the town. It can also have an effect on

the Chesapeake Bay.

One effect on the Chesapeake Bay is that it adds more pollutants to the water. Things like

runoff and loss of vegetative buffers can change the natural form and function of a

stream. The pollutants would include fertilizers, pesticides, pathogens, oil, and grease.

Surfaces like roads, parking lots, rooftops, and driveways keep rainwater from being

absorbed into the ground. It increases the rate of runoff.

    Because of the pollutants in the water the population of fish, crabs, oysters, and many

other animals can be decreased or even wiped out. The things that would harm them would

be disease and chemicals in the water. Nothing good can come of urban sprawl. Not only

are animals affected but the land is also.  Rather then build up and save room most people

want their own land or space to themselves.

    At this moment urban sprawl is taking up more and more land. And affecting more and

more areas. According to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, 117,000 acres of wetlands are

 destroyed each year for construction. Also the Washington Post estimates the DC area is

losing about 10,300 acres each year that means about 28 acres a day! If nothing is done

urban sprawl will continue spread out and take over more areas.

Some areas are starting to manage urban sprawl the best they can. The state of Maryland

took measures in 1997 to make them the leader of Smart Growth, which is group that tries

 to slow the spread of urban sprawl. Also in 2007 the Chesapeake Executive Council signed

the Forestry Conservation Initiative. That will allow states around the bay to preserve

695,000 acres of forested land around the watershed by 2020.

    We can conclude that urban sprawl is not a good idea no matter where you live. Even

though steps are being taken, urban sprawl is still a major problem. Some things you can do

 to help would be contact your local planning commission, elected council, attend commission

 meetings and express your ideas.




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