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#6.  Tributary Strategies


1.  Who has the central role at the Chesapeake Bay Program?  Circle the correct answer:

a)      The Federal Government

b)      State Agencies

c)       Local Agencies

d)      Local Stakeholders


2.  Why do the federal government, state and local government, and local stakeholders all have roles to play in cleaning up the Chesapeake Bay?  Circle the correct answer:

a)      Because widespread public support is necessary to build the political will to get the job done.

b)      Because the federal government wants to make everyone feel important.

c)       Because it is required by law.

d)      All the above


3.  All states were required to take the same approach to developing their Tributary Strategy.

       Circle the correct answer:   True    False


Questions 4-9 refer to the Chesapeake Bay Program's Tributary Strategies link.

4.  What is a Tributary Strategy?  Circle the correct answer:   

a)      A tribunal of judges who rule on legal issue related to pollution.

b)      A single set of strategies that cover all the Bay states.

c)       River-specific cleanup strategies for “on-the-ground” actions.

d)      Strategies for attributing responsibility for the causes of pollution.



    5.  What do the Tributary Strategies seek to accomplish?  Circle the correct answer: 

a)      Reduce nutrient and sediment pollution flowing from the Bay watershed into the Bay.

b)      Oversee the job qualifications of scientists in federal, state, and local government.

c)       Strategize on national watershed modeling.

d)      They accomplish non-point source pollution.



    6.  Once developed, Tributary Strategies cannot be changed.

          Circle the correct answer:   True    False



    7.  All of the Tributary Strategies are basically the same because there are few differences between different subwatersheds in the Bay region.       

         Circle the correct answer:   True    False



    8.  The Tributary Strategies will serve as catalysts for innovation because … 

            Circle the correct answer:

a)      The Bay Program is always looking for new and better ways to restore the Bay.

b)      We already know what we need to know to fix the Bay.

c)       Catalysts will be needed in laboratories that study water issues.

d)      All the above.




   9.  Name one agency involved in the Bay program in your state (or D.C.).  Fill in the blank:




   10.  From your state’s Bay link, what are two issues of concern to your state’s (or D.C.) Tributary Team?  Fill in the blanks:


a.  ______________________________________________________________________


b.  ______________________________________________________________________