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#8.  Stakeholders


1.  Which of the following is a GROWING source of non-point source pollutions?  Circle the correct answer:

a.       Agriculture

  1. Urban development

  2. Forests

  3. Open Space


2.  To reduce non-point source pollution most Tributary Strategies rely on mandatory guidelines.

              Circle the correct answer:   True    False


3.  According to the West Virginia Tributary Strategy chapter on Challenges to Implementation, list two concerns of the WV Agricultural Subcommittee.


a.  ________________________________________________________________


b.  ________________________________________________________________



Questions 4 – 7 refer to Native Guide Matt Monroe’s essay on the WV Agricultural Perspective.

4.  Why is it difficult to convince West Virginians that restoring the Bay is important for WV?  Circle the correct answer:

a)      WV is a long way from the Bay

b)      Most West Virginians have probably only visited the Bay or places like Baltimore’s Inner Harbor a few times, if ever.

c)       People felt that West Virginia’s streams were already high quality.

d)      West Virginia’s nutrient contributions to the Bay are small compared to other states.

e)      All of the above.

f)        None of the above.


5.  In West Virginia alone the expected Bay clean up cost to the agricultural community is expected to exceed….  Circle the correct answer:

a)      $100,000

b)      $500,000

c)       $1 Million

d)      $100 Million

e)      $200 Million                                    


6.  Farming is now more efficient and many farmers suggest the best way to reduce non-point source pollution is to reduce the amount of land in production.

             Circle the correct answer:   True    False


7.    List two BMPs that have been done in West Virginia.


a.  ________________________________________________________________


b.  ________________________________________________________________



Questions 8 – 9 refer to Native Guide Chesapeake Bay Foundation.

8.  According to the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, the interests of the Bay (like fisheries) and agricultural interests are linked……  Circle the correct answer:

a.       but disconnected

b.       only where farms have streams

c.       only where farms are on the Bay’s shore

d.       strongly


9.  In addition to the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, name three groups that came out in support of the Maryland Agricultural Stewardship Act.  Circle the correct answer:


a.  __________________________________________________________________


b.  __________________________________________________________________


c.  __________________________________________________________________


Questions 10 – 11 refer to Native Guide Sandy Burk.

10.  According to Native Guide Sandy Burk, individuals can make a difference.  Which of the following did the elementary school students from Maryland do to restore fish habitat in the Potomac?  Circle the correct answer:

a.       Do research

b.       Start a political petition

c.       Installed “raingardens”

d.       Cleaned up trash

e.       Help build a fish “ladder”

f.        All the above


11.  According to Native Guide Sandy Burk, as high school students, one of the most important things that you can do with an environmental project is……





12.  List two sources of information about your stakeholder group that you found  by searching the web.


a.  __________________________________________________________________


b.  __________________________________________________________________