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Ninja Kangaroos                                                                                                East Hardy HS

US Government                                                                                                       3/26/2012

As we are the leaders of America, we are important because it is our duty to keep the POV:

enviroment clean and livable for American citizens and the creatures in our enviroment. The

 Bay's problems are serious, and need to be taken into account. They not only affect the

people of the United States, they affect the Untied States land and animals. In order to

keep the people happy, and the land healthy, we need to take more action. The people - and

the Government - could all benifit from cleaning and taking care of our Bay.

We need results. In order to get said results, we need to reduce the amount of chemical

pollution and sediment going into the Bay. This is where the idea of stream cleaners come in.


Chemical pollution includes a vast variety of chemicals, such as sewage and fertilizers. We

can stop the spread of chemical pollution by adding more places that can take recyled

waste - places instead of our Bay.

The more sediment going in to the river, the worse off some animals are. Sediment clogs

the homes of some of the Bays organisms. In order to save these organisms, we need more

 stream cleaners.





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    From:   K&T Group - recreation - MslmnHS                                                         Ask


       Completely agree. Do you think more stream cleaners could effectively deal with this

       problem or just minimize the problem?

        Response        Ninja Kangaroos - Other - EHHS

                             To:  K&T Group - recreation - MslmnHS


              We believe that the addition of more stream cleaners would minimize the problem

               because once it's in, it's hard to get out. And an issue like pollution, espically in

              the water shed, it's difficult to remove ALL sediment. Example, the

              streamcleaners could effectively pick up the larger and medium sized pieces of

              dirt, but the smaller dirt particles could not necessarily be as easy to cleaned up

              as the larger pieces of dirt.



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YnoK                                                                                                                  East Hardy HS

Federal Government                                                                                                3/26/2012

  There is a legitimate concern in Washington, D.C. about the Chesapeake Bay and other POV:

environmental matters. This is our one and only world, so it would be ludicrous not to be

worried. However, we are unfortunately restricted to putting a less-than-desired focus on

the Chesapeake Bay Program. Currently, we are not financially able to make the program

one of our top priorities.

  Our nation is still in the process of rebounding from the recent economic recession. The

massive debt totals only continue to grow larger, as do gas prices and the expenses of

fighting overseas. As the federal government, we represent the people of the United

States. It has become clear to us that those very people have taken to "going green". The

trend has been sweeping the country quite rapidly. To be clear: We do back this movement.

Perhaps prior damage already done to the environment cannot be fully undone, but further

damage can be prevented. Our hands remain a bit tied though on what we are able to

accomplish. We think of solutions that will be in the best interest of all parties involved, but

 sometimes those solutions prove to be ineffective. A great deal of blame gets put onto us,

but we are trying.

  We will remind you that there are anti-littering laws set in place, as well as laws that

make certain actions deemed harmful to the environment carried out by corporations

illegal. We feel now that the best thing to do for the Chesapeake Bay Program, and other

programs of its kind, is to launch a nation-wide advertising campaign that supersedes all


  We are very much aware that advertising is not cheap. In fact, a campaign of this size will

 prove to be very costly. It will be worth it though, as it shows our concern as the federal

government. We want America's citizens to share that concern. Volunteer work for the

program is greatly encouraged, and hopefully this advertising campaign will bring out

workers looking to make a difference by the thousands.

  Some environmentalists may offer up negative criticism, but we urge them to put their

passion aside for now and realize the realism of the situation. With so many problems

plaguing us in theses current times, nothing is going to be a quick fix. The Chesapeake Bay

will not be forgotten, and we implore the American citizens to help make a change for the

better of this planet.





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    From:   alligator pancakes - Waterman - EHHS                                                   Ask


       Once the federal government gets going and does something instead of just writing it

       here things will be done. But I doubt you will.

       How do you plan on getting money?

    From:   alligator pancakes - Waterman - EHHS                                                   Ask


       This was so much to read for our hippie causes. We could have more money if you took

        it from your political leaders and put it to a good cause, like cleaning up the bay. Since

        your the FEDS you probably have never been outside your luxurious homes to see

       whats going on.

        Response        YnoK - Other - EHHS

                             To:  alligator pancakes - Waterman - EHHS


               What do mean "where will we get the money"? We're the federal government.

              We receive billions through taxes alone. Money isn't exactly a concern. There's

              plenty of it floating around Washington, D.C. And to drive your point home about

              us never leaving our "luxurious homes": you're right. We don't. We hire people to

              do that.

The MODERATOR is uncertain that Ynok is actually that the federal government, and strongly suggests that Ynok go to this link and learn about how tax money is distributed through the federal government.

    From:   alligator pancakes - Waterman - EHHS                                                   Ask


       This moderator is a good person.



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Environmental Activists

Musselman HS

Construction Worker


As construction workers, we have a lot of responsibility. From our point of view, we see

building more houses as making more money. The population is growing so there is a strong

need for more housing in the area. We can build houses without destroying the whole area,

which is what most fear.

 We can do this by accommodating the surrounding wildlife area, instead of removing or

destroying them. By building around them we save our natural resources and help our

atmosphere by saving trees. We can also save energy by using eco friendly products such

as solar energy. If we do have to remove then we will replace with better. It is never our

intention to damage the local wildlife, but to help the entire community.  We need to find

ways to balance the need for houses with the demands they place on the Chesapeake Bay.





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    From:   MussDOT - Other - MslmnHS                                                                  Ask


       give examples on what you could do if you chose to replace a part of the ecosystem

       and make it better. what would you do to make it better?




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Crab/Fisher Men

Musselman HS



   Our name is Crab/Fisher Men. If our crab business want out of business. Alot of people

would not have a job. It would be about hunderd people not working. We had this business

about hunder of years. If we lost business we would loss everything we worked for. 




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    From:   Jay A. Squared - homeowner - MdS                                                      Ask


       Is there any way to run your business and at the same time protect the environment?

    From:   Ninja Kangaroos - Other - EHHS                                                            Ask


       As the United States goverement, we take into account of your career. We really do

       count on your fishing industry for more than 50% of our budget which also benefits

       you and America. This is why these comments directly concern us and if we didn't have

        your industry we wouldn't have what we have now. So we thank you and we really do

       need to try to be more involved in the Chesepeake Water Bay Shed.

    From:   MSS - Waterman - EHHS                                                                       Ask


       Crab and Fisherman

       If your crab business WENT out of business, how does that effect the bay?





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MussDOT                                                                                                      Musselman HS

department of transportation                                                                            4/2/2012

The department of transportation is responsible for road maintenance and restoration. the POV:

Department of transportation is responsible for the sand, gravel and chemicals placed on

and near the road. The roads contribute greatly to the Chesapeake bay watershed because

of the large urbanization of the area. Numerous thing could be done in order to maintain

the bays health including. creating marshes and natural purification along the edges and

medians of roadways. these renovations are costly and the department hasn't the funds to

execute such renovations. we are greatly concerned with the roadways impact on the

Chesapeake and are doing all with in our power to make our impact positive.




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    From:   Ninja Kangaroos - Other - EHHS                                                            Ask


       If the department of transportation is resonsible fo the sand, gravel and chemicals

       placed on and near the road, doesn't that make them responsible for the run-off into

       the streams and rivers when a road is located near a stream or river.




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