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Comments for All Homeowners






averagejoe22                                                                                                     Musselman HS


The Homeowner association is proud to say  we do that will are helping to clean up the bay

water shed by, watch what we do such as watch what we throw away in the garbage. To

watch what we throw away we can recycle and organize we throw away. We can clean our

sewage every now and then. We can also change our cars such as fix any leaks such as oil

leaks and gas leaks. Watch where we park our cars so when it rains that any chemicals

form the car don't watch off into the soil and have that wash down into the a stream and

hurt the bay and other watershed. This does seem hard, but then if we don't commit then

what's the point of trying to fix the Chesapeake Bay.


Since this seems a little out of proportion, it can help. Every little thing that we do helps a

bit, in one way or another. Anyone can help, big or small, old or young, alien or human, the

more help the faster the cause can be solve. One way we can help prevent the water shed

from getting contaminated is by cleaning up after out pets after they "use the bathroom." 

It's so simple after they finish just take them back you go outside and clean it up. A lot of

people have pets that use the bathroom out side and some people just leave it out there.

This may not seem like a big deal, but when it rains, the rain washes the waste from the

animal and puts it into the ground and then the goes to a water shed which then affects the

 water shed.

  Sewage can also be harmful because it has harmful to water and turn all life into mutants

 or they will die from pollution due to the chemicals in the sewage. People just throw

anything away without thinking about how it may hurt the life in the Chesapeake Bay.

In past circumstances we have done little to prevent the pollution problem, such as drive a

hybrid that still uses gas or using plug-in cars that use fossil fuels.  This is just the start to

 something big for homeowners. If you have time to go and watch some TV, you have time

to go and clean up the waste and organize the trash, recycle materials, It can help the

water shed and help preserve the life and probably make you feel good about yourself for

helping the environment.




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    From:   JACT - homeowner - EHHS                                                                     Ask


       What are some of the problems caused by sewage?

    From:   Wilderness Tours - recreation - MslmnHS                                              Ask


       we dont need any more housing developments

    From:   The Quick-Build Land Developers - developer - MdS                             Ask


       Although I agree with you on many things that you have discussed, I do disagree with

       you statement, "We can clean our sewage every now and then." Shouldn't we always

       clean our sewage as best as we can so that it will have a less harsh impact on our


    From:   Domestic Lives - homeowner - MdS                                                         Ask


       Hybrid cars are not necessarily a small way to help, after a while they can make a big


    From:   K&T Group - recreation - MslmnHS                                                         Ask


       Great points. Loved reading your POV. (:

    From:   YnoK - Other - EHHS                                                                              Ask


        Mutants? That seems pretty falacious. Please give a reasonable definition of

       "mutants" that would make it more clear as to what you are referring to. We're having

        a hard time following it.




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Helium Cupcakes                                                                                                Musselman HS


Most homeowners use fertilizers and other chemicals in their yards and gardens that

pollute the bay. The litter and glass shards that have been put into the bay have cause so

much danger and pollution, not only for the flora and fauna that reside in the bay, but to

the homeowners as well. Homeowners could do their part in helping to keep the bay clean

by reducing the amount of chemicals they use in their yard, or by not using any at all. They

could also help clean as much of the litter and other garbage out of the bay as they can.

They could place trashcans in the areas near the bay, and make sure they are emptied daily

 so that theres always room for them to hold the trash. Making sure that oil, gasoline, and

other harmful chemicals is a very big part of trying to keep the bay clean, not only for the

creatures that inhabit the bay, but also for the homeowners near the bay. Basically,

anything that homwowners can do to keep from polluting the bay further should be done.

Homeowners have had a very big part in polluting the bay, but they could also have a very

big part in cleaning it up. Children swim in the bay, so glass shards and litter make it very

dangerous. Homeowners should check theirs sewage tanks once a year, because the bay

could be polluting them, and the other well water sources that you drink. This can run

under the ground to the lakes, ponds, and other water areas. If other waters get affectes

from the runoff then wildlife can be affected. When the homeowner goes to buy or kill the

 mear of the infected animals, then the person could be infected.




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    From:   Jay A. Squared - homeowner - MdS                                                      Ask


       Great suggestions on how we can make a change without the government getting

       involved! You seemed to cover every point that affects how and why we need to clean

       out the bay.

    From:   Saving Nemo... and others! - CBP_Fed - MdS                                       Ask


       I like how you included some things that homeowners can do now, but do you suggest

       any long term goals for the future? The things that you include will improve the Bay's

       water quality but it will not solve the solution.

    From:   Domestic Lives - homeowner - MdS                                                         Ask


       I think it is a good idea to have trash cans readily available but where that trash goes

       next is very important. Trash companies who dump in land fills near the Bay or directly

        into the Bay are just going to cause more of a problem.

    From:   Without a paddle - homeowner - MslmnHS                                             Ask


       Good job on giving very thoughtful incite to helping cleaning up the bay!

    From:   Farmers of WV - farmer - MslmnHS                                                      Ask


       This is very well thought out and you make some great points. Eliminating yard

       chemicals and placing trash cans that are to be emptied daily would greatly help, but I,

        unfortunately, feel that this would only work short term. What would you do for more

        long term effects?

    From:   octtoes - Waterman - EHHS                                                                   Ask


       Are there other people polluting the bays other than homeowners?




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kat                                                                                                                     Musselman HS


Homeowners have a very big effect on the Chesapeake Bay ecosystem. For one, they have POV:

a lot of trash, pets, cars, and chimneys. The pets use the bathroom in the yard and it can

wash into the bay when it rains. Cars can possibly have oil leaks and that can get into the

water stream also. Everybody has trash. When people throw trash in the road or into the

yard it can get washed into the stream. Our septic tanks can have leaks and get washed

into the stream.


Pollutants can cause a variety of problems for living things including humans that live in or

interact with our streams. The trash that gets washed into the stream can hurt the fish

that live there. Animals can't swallow trash; well we cant either so why should we expect

them to live in trash. When we have oil spills the animals cant get clean. When they clean

themselves they can swallow the oil and it will kill them. Also if the fish are sick then when

we go fishing and catch the fish and eat them that will get us sick. Also our water comes

from the bay so if the water is unhealthy then it could get us sick.


 We should try to stop polluting, but it is hard because we are so use to living the way we

do. Most of us can't live without our pets. If we don't have our cars it will take longer to

get places. If we stopped doing all the things that are polluting our bay then that would be

half the things we own.


 According to  "A giant underwater "dead zone" in the Chesapeake Bay is

 growing at an alarming rate because of unusually high nutrient pollution levels this year,

according to Virginia and Maryland officials. They said the expanding area of oxygen-

starved water is on track to become the bay's largest ever. That's bad news for biologists

who monitor the bay and horrible news for oysters and fish. Dead zones suck out oxygen

from deep waters and kill any marine life that can't get out of the way."




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Dudley Squatters                                                                                               Musselman HS


Our projected goal is to improve the well being of the Chesapeake Bay.POV:


The motivation behind our effort to keep the water clean lies solely with the good of the

environment. We, as humans want to be protected with clean water and oxygen well, so do

the organisms living in the Chesapeake Bay.


You have to have a speaker that is passionate about what they're doing to get others

involved with what you want them to do. You want it to be an exciting experience as well as

a rewarding one. We will use strategies such as working on peoples emotions using ethos,

pathos, and logic. Nothing says "get a move on things" like facts and statistics.


Yes it does work. Even though the people willing to work for little to no pay are few and

far in between, they're there you have to be willing to put out the effort to get those

people together.


We do not want this to turn into a profitable organization. We simply want to do a good

dead for that exact reason; it's the right thing to do. Wal-Mart and other large

corporations would most likely be willing to give donations to support our cause.


We believe they would be more than willing to back us up. At the end of the day, we all

have the same objective in mind. We want to clean up the pollution and get people on board

to keep it that way.


We can't exactly answer those"what if" questions. You have to weigh out the consequences

to your actions but can't be afraid to do the necessary things to get things done. There

very well may be obstacles that arise but we will have to take them as they come.

Hopefully we can keep everyone happy and satisfied during the process.





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    From:   Fallin up =D - local_gov - MslmnHS                                                        Ask


       You need to focus on the topic more (The effort to clean the Chesapeake Bay)instead

       of the speaker that is in the group. The issue at hand are excess nutrients and


    From:   Hicks - farmer - EHHS                                                                            Ask


       How are some way that you will get volunteers involved in cleaning up the streams? 

       We dont think many people will devote there time for this



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clueless people                                                                                                  East Hardy HS


Our group represents homeowners.  We are very important to preventing and treating POV:

pollution.  Though to most it would seem that we have little to no impact on the

environment, we do.  Lawn treatments, fertilizers, and other chemicals leak into rivers and

streams causing big problems.  Homeowners aren't all bad though, some of us build ponds

to capture sediment when we build our homes.  Many who live beside steams plant trees

and grass to filter water from pet horses or livestock.


The bay's problems affect us in many ways. One would be that the pollution from the Bay

flows undiluted into waterways. Nitrogen and Phosphorus are essential for the growth of

all living organisms in the Chesapeake Bay, but too much nitrogen and phosphorus degrade

the Bay's water quality. Another problem is that Nitrogen pollution causes algae blooms

that consume oxygen. The blooms lower dissolved oxygen levels so severely that fish and

shellfish die. There are lots of dead zones, where hypoxic waters are so depleted of

oxygen they cannot support life and therefore they kill a massive amount of fish.


Solutions to the pollution problem will take everyone's help.  Some things people can do are

planting grass in areas that are not being used at the time. Sediment ponds on farms and

by highways are a great tool to prevent sediment from entering rivers and streams. 

Buffers are also a great solution to keep pollution, erosion, and nutrients from entering

streams. All of these solutions affect us in a positive way. I hope that others make use of

all these solutions so every child can have a chance to play in a stream.


Some of the solutions we would prefer for the watershed problems would be to limit

chemical and pesticide use, landscaping, and a few other household practices.  Whenever

there is rain or melted snow runs over the land, it picks up pollutants and sediment and

deposits them into rivers, lakes, wetlands, and coastal waters.  We could also limit usage of

 cleaning supplies because they contain a lot of chemicals that pollute waters excessively.




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    From:   clueless people - homeowner - EHHS                                                       Ask


       I read your POV and learned new stuff. I do have a question though. What exactly is a

        buffer and how much would it cost to put them in? Is there anything else we could

       use besides a buffer to prevent chemicals from getting into the Bay?



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Jay A. Squared                                                                                               Mount de Sales



The Chesapeake Bay Foundation directly states that “The leading threat to the health of the Chesapeake Bay is excess nitrogen and phosphorus pollution that destroys habitat and causes fish kills. Top sources of these pollutants include agriculture, sewage treatment plants, runoff from urban and suburban areas, and air pollution from automobiles, factories, and power plants. Other threats to the Bay's health include sprawl, toxic pollution, and poor fishery management.” This clearly states that we, the homeowners with the Chesapeake Bay Watershed, contribute to the pollution in the bay. Both our runoff and the air pollution from our automobiles have led to increase in excessive nitrogen and phosphorus.

As Homeowners within the Chesapeake Bay Watershed, we recognize that we both influence the bay and are influenced by the bay. The problems of the bay affect us in many ways. However, what affects us the most are the costs of cleaning out the bay. Many groups have proposed ideas on how to fix the problems, and many of these ideas require an increase in our taxes. We agree with the fact that the bay needs a lot of work, but there has to be a solution that does not require us to pay. If the government could guarantee us that there would not be increased taxes we would be more than willing to help this issue. Possible solutions that don't require these taxes include: enforcing a restriction on fertilizers that homeowners may use, limiting some water usage, and recycling.

Our influences on the bay can be harmful and we understand this. Our trash and waste make way to the bay eventually, and we put pollutants into the air on a daily basis. Although we contribute to the problem, we feel that we should not be punished, but rather encouraged to make a change. If the government offered us benefits for altering our day to day lives, there would be more of an incentive to make a change. For example, if there were tax-deductible opportunities for the homeowners within the watershed, more people would help the cause. If recycling was not mandatory but rather promoted and we were given rewards for our efforts, more of us would attempt to recycle more rather than just putting recyclables in the trash.

We understand that all of our concerns may not be addressed, but we ask that our suggestions are considered. Thank you for your time, patience, and understanding.





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    From:   Green thumbs - farmer - MdS                                                                Ask


       How would you be able to do all these things with out spending money? Enforcing

       regulations requires more workers who need to be payed. Who would have the

       responsibility to pay them, if not the tax payers?

        Response        Jay A. Squared - homeowner - MdS

                             To:  Green thumbs - farmer - MdS


              We listed possible ways that we could help the bay without having to raise taxes:

              "Possible solutions that don't require these taxes include: enforcing a restriction

              on fertilizers that homeowners may use, limiting some water usage, and

              recycling." It may be unrealistic to not raise taxes at all but we can help to think

              of more cost effective ways to help the enviroment.


    From:   Dudley Squatters - homeowner - MslmnHS                                             Ask


       I do not believe you would get the vote from people on this matter if it came down to

       tax payer's responsibility. Have you considered looking to enviromental sources for


        Response        Jay A. Squared - homeowner - MdS

                             To:  Dudley Squatters - homeowner - MslmnHS


              We are not saying it is the tax payer's responsibilty, but rather just the opposite.

              We stated that we DO NOT WANT an increase in taxes. The public should vote

              towards this because we would be saving them money. Getting donations from

              environmental sources could definitley be benneficial, it is just a matter of

              finding ones interested in helping the cause.

    From:   Saving Nemo... and others! - CBP_Fed - MdS                                       Ask


       Your ideas about how to clean the Bay and homeowner's responsbilities are truly

       wonderful. But if you made recycle a mandatory process, then you would not have to

       worry about putting time or effort into promoting it and the amount of pollutants in

       the Bay would be reduced.

        Response        Jay A. Squared - homeowner - MdS

                             To:  Saving Nemo... and others! - CBP_Fed - MdS


              Making recycling mandatory is a good suggestion, but many people would not

              agree with this regulation. We feel that putting mandatory recyling into effect

              will not only be time consuming but also be hard to regulate. How can you be sure

               that people are always recycling?

    From:   clueless people - homeowner - EHHS                                                       Ask


       Limiting water usage and fertilizer usage might help, but how are you going to regulate

       that?  The Bay's streams run through a number of states, so how are you going to

       enforce any legislation restricting the use of chemicals and fertilizers?




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CG & GC                                                                                                           East Hardy HS


As homeowners we are important because the water will affect our facilties, health, and POV:

our personal hygiene. The bay's problems affect us by we get our water supply from the

bays. With the water being polluted our drinking water will be impure. We will be affected

by possisble solutions by our water could possibly be contamunated by chemicals. The

chemicals would probably not harm at first but later on. If the water would be

contamunated to a certain degree we would then possibaly need to invest in a water filter.

Different soulutions would affect us differently then others. We would have to cut down

on our water supply. The type of solutions we would prefer are clean out the bays without






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    From:   Fisherwomen - Waterman - EHHS                                                           Ask


       What if there is no way or not enough money to clean out your local bays, do you have

       a second alternative?

        Response        CG & GC - homeowner - EHHS

                             To:  Fisherwomen - Waterman - EHHS




              If there was not enough money to clean out our local bays we would go to our

              state and commmunity clubs. Also, if there isn't enough money to pay for this

              plan then, how are we suppose to afford the other alternatives? There are other

              alternatives but this is the best that we could think of at the moment.


    From:   Jay A. Squared - homeowner - MdS                                                      Ask


       CG & GC,


       Great insight on how the bay affects us, but don't forget that there are many ways

       that we affect it as well. Also, not only does the bay's water quality affect drinking

       water...but other aspects of our lives as well. As for your solutions, cleaning out the

       bay would most likely not incorporate adding chemicals but rather removing them.



       Jay A. Squared

    From:   clueless people - homeowner - EHHS                                                       Ask


       Who drinks out of the bay? Locally, most people have wells or use a  city water line.

       You need to think of solutions to the problem at hand, not solutions to a problem that

       doesn't exist. Even if chemicals were our main problem, water filters DO NOT remove

        chemicals they remove sediment, limestone, and iron.

        Response        CG & GC - homeowner - EHHS

                             To:  clueless people - homeowner - EHHS


              Many people do get their drinking water from the Bay. Some people are to far

              away from the city water line and their wells have to many chemicals. Water

              filters DO remove organic chemicals that could be harmful. But, being that you

              said that water filters could not remove these chemicals, what other solutions

              would you have for them?

The MODERATOR asks CG & GC: "What is the salinity of the Bay? 



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JACT                                                                                                                East Hardy HS


Homeowners affect the area around them. In effect homeowners may participate in POV:

certain tasks that may benefit the enviroment around them. Thus leading to homeowners

having an important impact on the enviroment. Homeowners tend to use different products

and various other items around their home that promotes the growth of certain

enviromental factors.


The Chesapeake Bay can have a very direct impact on homeowners. The Chesapeake Bay

contributes to the water supply of the homeowners. Homeowners have to deal with the

payment of a water bill. Homeowners also use Chesapeake Bay water everyday, whether it

is showering or drinking. In fact some homeowners choose to get a water filter on account

of the quality of water.


The Chesapeake Bay experiences problems with pollution, thus resulting in homeowners

buying water filters. The Chesapeake Bay also has situation of pesticides affecting the

organisms living in it such as fish, which may cause homeowners to have a limited food

selection. The Chesapeake Bay also deals with corporate wastes, leading to homeowners

having the worry of contaminated water.


Homeowners are able to help solve the various problems with the Chesapeake Bay, by

contributing to programs promoting clean up. Homeowners could possibly form groups to

help clean up the garbage in the bay. Homeowners could also learn what is in the pesticides

that are used, and try to avoid using them. Homeowners could possible form a group trying

to have water tested and have coporate companies remove wastes somewhere else.




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    From:   Dudley Squatters - homeowner - MslmnHS                                             Ask


       Jact makes key points in their POV. I appreciate that not only problems are discussed

       but solutions are made clear. I think a budget should be set up (for the water filter,

       etc.) and these things could make a difference.

        Response        JACT - homeowner - EHHS

                             To:  Dudley Squatters - homeowner - MslmnHS


              I apologize about the lack of clarity on our projected goals. We want to ask Wal-

              mart, specifically the Lawn and Garden department for donations of any size. We

               then want to plant things around our area of the Mill Creek Watershed. We want

               to increase the amount of oxygen in the air. Hopefully we get more people on

              board and our projects expand to getting the Chesapeake Bay cleaned up.

    From:   clueless people - homeowner - EHHS                                                       Ask


       All your suggestions are good, but if you try to limit or discontinue the use of

       pesticides there are going to be more insects than their natural predators can

       consume. Did you mean use legislation to limit the use of pesticides or just encouraging

       homeowners to not use them?

        Response        JACT - homeowner - EHHS

                             To:  clueless people - homeowner - EHHS


              Sorry for the unclarity on the subject of pesticides. We meant to say limit the

              use of pesticides, not completely stop all use.

    From:   clueless people - homeowner - EHHS                                                       Ask


       I read your POV and it was really good, but I just have one question. In the last

       paragraph you said that we would remove wastes somewhere else. Well where else

       would we move them so they dont effect another water source??




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Domestic Lives

Mount de Sales


I represent the homeowners, both directly on the bay and in the watershed. We know first  

hand the problems the bay is facing at this time and we are willing to take responsibility to

help in the clean-up effort. After years of destruction, the Chesapeake Bay has hit an all

time low due to pollution. The polluted waterway affects every person in the watershed

because most of our water is from the bay and, if you live waterfront, it is your backyard.

The Chesapeake Bay affects about six states and over 17 million people, so what is done

about the pollution is on a lot of people's minds.

  New polices are emerging to help promote smarter ways to clean the bay. In 1984 the

Critical Area Program was established. According to the Maryland Department of Natural

Resources, the Critical Area Programs "is a land use and resource protection program

established by law to improve water quality and protect wildlife habitat in Maryland's tidal

shoreline areas", this law requires any land that is within 1,000ft of the bay to use codes,

policies and ordinances to approve any building on the land or home renovations. A newer

act has been introduced into Senate, which is called the Save the Chesapeake Bay

Homeowner Act of 2011. This act is focused on giving homeowners on the bay responsibility

 for the water quality and the amount of run-off. Anne Arundel County is proposing a new

campaign called RainScaping, which encourages communities to install rain gardens, rain

barrels and many other types of pollution cleaners. These new ideas are supposed to act as

 the natural flow of water that has been eradicated because of building. Most policies

today are aimed towards homeowners who live directly on the bay.

Run-off from the cities and factories are not the only source of the problem, we take

responsibilities for our own actions. Home fertilizers used on gardens are affecting the

water and bay environment. We propose using BayScaping to improve the problem. 

BayScaping is landscaping method used along the bay that encourages the use of local

plants that are used to the soils of the bay and do not need as much fertilizer. Bayscaping

also suggests the use of nutrient absorbing plants, which will uptake all the excess

nutrients from pollution.

Owning land on the bay means you inherit a responsibility to help refurbish the area back to

 its original beauty that has significantly diminished over the past years. This will affect all

the homeowners in the water shed, as well. These programs plan to clean the bay, which

brings cleaner and healthier water to those in the watershed who use it.





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Without a paddle                                                                                         Musselman HS


REVISED:   As homeowners, we have noticed that our yards have become discolored due to the high levels of poluted run-off. We are willing to build riparian buffers around or develpoment to help absorb some of the polutants. The only problem is that our homeowners association is not allowing us to plant anything off of our plots. We need to build better buffers around our property and also be more conserative with our water use and use of fertilizers. Also we encourage people to clean up thier pet's/livestock's waste.


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    From:   MSS - Waterman - EHHS                                                                       Ask


       Without a paddle,

       How would your precautions effect the Bay?

    From:   clueless people - homeowner - EHHS                                                       Ask


       What is a riparian buffer? What does it do?

        Response        Without a paddle - homeowner - MslmnHS

                             To:  clueless people - homeowner - EHHS


              A riparian buffer is a section of plants, normally trees and shrubs that help to

              absorb toxins, and also slow down the flow of run off from roadways.


              Our efforts would help to slowly lower the amount of pollution in the Chesapeake





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3 musketeers

Musselman HS


Our group's name is dinowars.  Our group decided to be homeowners.  We decided to be

homeowners because we thought that it would suit us well.


As homeowners, we can use less fertilizer on our yards and gardens.  We can also help by

cleaning up pet waste from our own animals.  We also pay taxes which give the government

the money to clean up the water systems and the city.  Our taxes pay for programs such

as watershed grants that benefit the Chesapeake Bay.  As a homeowner, we are concerned

about the bay because we use it for recreation, such as: fishing, swimming , skiing, wave

boarding, scuba diving, and crabbing.




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    From:   clueless people - homeowner - EHHS                                                       Ask


       But what are your sloutions to the bay's problem?




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house loner

Musselman HS                                                                         4/3/2012

Most homeowners use household pesticides and fertilizers but the improper use of them is

a contribution to the problem of excess nutrient runoff in the Bay. The chemicals can find POV:

their way into drinking water wells and pollute nearby lakes and streams. Children are

particularly vulnerable to pesticides that are stored or used without proper safety

precautions. Often people are not a wear of the effects of pesticides and fertilizers.

To stop the pollution homeowners can use the right amount of fertilizers, and don't waste

water which can cause the soil to move into the lakes and rivers.


The watering of lawns and gardens wastes large amounts of water. Gasoline-powered

mowers, weed cutters, leaf blowers and other devices make noise and pollute the air. While

 it may seem that homeowner's contribution to pollution is minor, the effect of chemicals,

soil loss, and wasted water from hundreds or thousands of homes can make a significant





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    From:   clueless people - homeowner - EHHS                                                       Ask


       What are some of the affects that pesticides have on children?

    From:   clueless people - homeowner - EHHS                                                       Ask


       What if you need to use these pestisides and cleaning products for something

       important? Would you just limit the use of them or are there more eco-friendly

       products around somewhere?




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