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Bay Ecosystem

Fuze                                                                                                                           Luray HS


     I am an oyster and I have lived in the Chesapeake Bay for over sixty years now. My

family and I have had great suffering because of all the pollution that has been put into

the bay over the past 40 years. Many of my family members have died from this. There

needs to be something done to reduce the amount of pollution. I feel that it is my

responsiblity to offer a solution in order to have something be done about all the pollution

and fisherman taking away all my friends. My suggestion is for people to actually recycle.

People should also stop just littering and throwing their trash into the water because its

killing my family and me. Plus not to mention it is very trashy of you. Because of your

pollution, there are low levels of dissolved oxygen which are keeping my crab friends

population well below average. All of their food is being killed by the pollution and it is

forcing them to turn to cannibalism and eat each other. Also I believe that there should be

a limit on the amount of crabs and oysters that can be taken out of the Bay every year.

The average oyster catch is 25 million pounds a year, and the blue crab is nearly one third

of the nations catch. If this number could be reduced to just 20 million a year it would

make a huge difference in the population and the amount of my friends that are being

taken away from me.






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    From:   Down by the Bay - CB_Ecosystem - MdS                                                Ask


       We totally agree with everything you said. Hopefully one day people will realize that

       there needs to be regulations on the amount of oysters caught per year.

    From:   Nessie the lock ness monster - CB_Ecosystem - MdS                            Ask


       We agree with your opinion however we have to keep in mind the fishing industires and

       the effect of lowering the amount of crabs they can catch. It may have a positive

       effect on the bay but it will have negative repercussions on the economic welafare of

       the fisherman.

       We strongly agree with everything you have stated. We strongly believe that there

       should be regulations of the amount of crabs and oysters removed from the Bay.

    From:   Saving Nemo... and others! - CBP_Fed - MdS                                       Ask


       I know it is bad that we are killing your friends and family, but besides proiding

       humans with food, what else do Oysters do to help the Bay? Also, what kinds of

       pollution effects the Bay's water quality?

    From:   Nessie the lock ness monster - CB_Ecosystem - MdS                            Ask


       Oysters are filter feeders so they help take the excess nutrients out of the Bay

       affects of Eutrophication. Excess nutrients and runoff are two big factors that

       affect the Bay's water quality.

    From:   K&T Group - recreation - MslmnHS                                                         Ask


       I agree. But do you know what is specifically affecting the oysters environment? And

       how you can prevent it in the future?

    From:   YnoK - Other - EHHS                                                                              Ask


        First point: Oysters are filter-feeders. They literally cannot make any sort of

       transition to cannibalism. So you don't have to worry about that.

        Secondly, is it truly realistic to place any kind of limit on how many oysters can be

       caught. We're talking about the livelihood of fisherman. Catching oysters and other

       aquatic organisms is their job. If there's a limit, how will industries make money off of

        oysters? Should there be a limit on shrimp as well? And how do these proposed limits

       help the issue at hand: pollution in the bay?

    From:   JACT - homeowner - EHHS                                                                     Ask


       How do you suggest limiting the pollution and the oyster and crab catch?

        Also oysters do not live for 60 years



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Bay Ecosystem

Ryan and the Bay Girls Band                                                                            Musselman HS


There are many things by the bay that are affected by pollution. Some of them are the

fish, the water, plant life and the land and animals around the bay. Many of these things

aren't able to live with the pollution.


  Fish are affected a lot by pollution. If there is too much sediment in the water, they won'

be able to breathe. The sediment also prevents them from eating and living in general. It

causes their homes to become too harmful to live in. The pollution all together just kills



  The water is also affected greatly by pollution. Run off deposits excess sediment and

phosphorus into the bay. It causes algae to grow on the surface of the water. It also

forms harmful bacteria. This makes the water unhealthy and prevents oxygen from getting

 into the water.


  Plant life in the water is also affected. They  can't live if there is sediment growing on the

 surface of the water. It prevents sunlight from getting to the plants. The harmful

bacterium also prevents the plants from getting oxygen. The plants get smothered in

sediment, preventing them from being able to live and be healthy.


  The pollution isn't just centered on the bay. The land around it is also affected. If the

ground is unhealthy, new plants can't grow. The polluted ground produces sediment run off

 into the water. If new plants can't grow, then they can't filter the run off that goes into

the bay.


  This also affects the wildlife in the forests around the bay. If new plants  don't grow,

what are they going to eat, besides each other? If the water is too polluted, what will they

drink? If the trees are an unsafe habitat, where will they live? Pollution prevents them

from being able to live a healthy life.


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    From:   Down by the Bay - CB_Ecosystem - MdS                                                Ask


       We think you brought up some really good points on the affect of pollution in the bay

       and what it is doing to the wild life living there. What are some ways that you think we

       can reduce the amount of sediment in the bay?

    From:   Nessie the lock ness monster - CB_Ecosystem - MdS                            Ask


       There were a lot of good points that you stated about how the Bay is being strongly

       affected by pollution and how its destroying the wild life in the Bay. We strongly agree

        with everything you have stated in this POV.

    From:   K&T Group - recreation - MslmnHS                                                         Ask


       I agree. Great points. What can be done to minimize the problem? Or to completely get

        rid of it?



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Bay Ecosystem

Dixie Chicks                                                                                                              Luray HS


     Hi, I'm a shad named Shannon I'm an anadromous fish which means I live in the ocean, POV:

but use fresh water steams to spawn. The Chesapeake Bay is our main water source that

leads us to over 100,000 fresh water streams. From colonial times until the 1930's the

American shad was one of the most dominant fishes in the Bay. If all the water sources

that we have do not stay clean, we will not be able to swim upstream in order to spawn and

have our population grow. Not only is this hurting our population, it is also hurting others as

well. Bottlenose dolphins and striped bass depend on us as a food source. It can also

affect people who live outside the water. People who enjoy fishing will not have a many

different kinds to catch. The loss of us will also lead to the loss of many other kinds of

fish and animals. Even though our species isn't considered an endangered species yet, the

populations along the east coast are slowly declining. Not only are farmers polluting the

water sources, but also people who live in suburbs and cities around them. Trash can get

caught in our gills and cause us to die from lack of oxygen. Some even try to eat the trash

because our food sources are dwindling. Picking up trash is a simple task and could prevent

a lot of the damage done to our streams. As you can tell this may seem like a small problem

 to people, but to a small fish it can cause huge problems.



Chesapeake Bay Foundation



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    From:   JACT - homeowner - EHHS                                                                     Ask


       What plans to you purpose for cleaning up all the trash polluting the water?

    From:   Wilderness Tours - recreation - MslmnHS                                              Ask


       Do you think everyone is goin to stop polluting the water??

    From:   Nessie the lock ness monster - CB_Ecosystem - MdS                            Ask


       The bay not be endangered but it's quickly heading towards that direction. If we do

       not take care of the bay now, we will be faced with the cosequences in the future.

    From:   K&T Group - recreation - MslmnHS                                                         Ask


       I understand what you're saying. But what is something you can do to drastically

       change this? And how can others help?

    From:   MussDOT - Other - MslmnHS                                                                  Ask


       what are some issues that face anadromous fish?

    From:   octtoes - Waterman - EHHS                                                                   Ask


       How are farmers polluting the water source?

    From:   wvrebels - farmer - EHHS                                                                       Ask


       What do you suggest wouyld be the most useful thing to do to help with the fish




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Bay Ecosystem

Down by the Bay                                                                                             Mount de Sales



As the bay ecosystem, I provide food, tourist attractions, and recreational activities to those residing in the watershed; unfortunately, not everyone sees how vital I am to the community. I believe the community needs to be educated on how the Chesapeake Bay’s pollution affects the fish, the water they drink, and countless other parts of their daily lives. As the community grows and comes to share the opinion that the bay needs to be cleaned the politicians have no choice but to listen to the people and start enacting laws and ordinances helping the bay.  The people can only begin to care about what is happening to the bay when they understand what is occurring. Once people are educated on the horrors, pollution, and declining health of the Bay they will have a much stronger will to help clean the bay. Moreover, people need to learn how it is personally affecting them. In today’s society, people’s minds naturally gravitate towards themselves and the best way to focus on the bay is to appeal to this ego-centric part of them. We can educate people through commercials, advertisements and other informational techniques.

                A part of me that needs help is my submerged aquatic vegetation. It is dying due to the eutrophication occurring on the surface of my waters. Through the buildup of nitrates and phosphates, harmful algae blooms have occurred which blocks the sunlight from coming through. Through the decomposition of the SAV’s oxygen is decreasing, which leads to a declining population of fish, which ultimately results in a dead zone. Because of dead zones the fish have to leave and find a new home because they cannot breathe and there is no more living matter in the area. As stated in the article “Clean Commute Annapolis”, the amount of dead zones hit an all-time high in 2003, stretching more than 150 miles from north of the Bay Bridge to the York River in Virginia.

                The point source regulations are helping me a lot but the people need to focus more on the non-point. By reducing both agricultural and construction runoff we may decrease the effects of the erosion and chemicals coming into me. This can be done by enforcing laws that reward those who help the bay by adding buffers and such, while fining those who refuse to abide by the anti-pollution laws. Hopefully, these solutions will help me become healthier and even more beneficial to the community.


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     From:   The Fishes Advocate - Waterman - MdS                                                Ask


       I think you guys have some really good points, especially from the organisms point of

       view. And relating this to how others use the bay will definitely help increase others

       care for the bay.

    From:   The Recreational ROCKfish \m/ - recreation - MdS                              Ask



       How do you think the people in the watershed could be more informed of the problems

        of the bay and how they can help?

       Signed - The Recreational ROCKfish \m/

        Response        Down by the Bay - CB_Ecosystem - MdS

                             To:  The Recreational ROCKfish \m/ - recreation - MdS


              We think that we can inform people by publishing pamphlets and distributing them

               to people's mailboxes throughout the coast of the bay. Also, if we could raise

              enough money, maybe we could make a local commercial demonstrating the

              problems occurring in the bay.




    From:   The Chesapeake Bay PARTAYYYYY - CBP_Fed - MdS                             Ask


       We're really sorry about your submerged aquatic vegetation! We will try to do

       everything we can to help your vegetation situation. Is there anything we can do to

       help? :)

Response                Down by the Bay - CB_Ecosystem - MdS

                             To:  The Chesapeake Bay PARTAYYYYY - CBP_Fed - MdS


              Thanks for your concern. Please try to reduce your pollution and, if possible, put

              up buffers.

    From:   Domestic Lives - homeowner - MdS                                                         Ask


       I love all of your ideas to raise awareness for the Bay! I just was wondering, as a

       homeowner, if this was going to be taxpayers paying for the pamphlets, commercials,

       demonstrations ect. or will it all be fundraising.



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Bay Ecosystem

Nessie the lock ness monster                                                                                            

Mount de Sales



According to the Chesapeake Bay State of the Bay Report point system, my health index has dropped from 100/100 when the colonial settlers first arrived to 31/100 in 2011. My poor health is due to many pollutants in my waters, the main source of pollution is excess

nutrients. Excess nutrients cause eutrophication which are additional amounts of nitrates and phosphates in the water. These excess nutrients come from sewage in urban areas, factories, and household cleaning products. As a solution to stop these excess nutrients from flowing into my waters, famers should stop using multiple amounts of fertilizers. Homeowners should also stop using fertilizers on their lawns and detergents with phosophates.  


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    From:   Wilderness Tours - recreation - MslmnHS                                              Ask


       what do you think will help people stop polliting the water???

        Response        Nessie the lock ness monster - CB_Ecosystem - MdS

                             To:  Wilderness Tours - recreation - MslmnHS


              Educating people on the harmful affects of polluting the bay will help increase

              awareness of the poor health of the bay and hopefully lead to a cleaner bay.

    From:   Ol' McDonald Cleans His Farm - farmer - MdS                                     Ask


       What do you suggest needs to be done to help you? What specifics are contributing to

       your downfall?

    From:   K&T Group - recreation - MslmnHS                                                         Ask


       This interested me. I learned alot from this POV. Something needs to be done to keep

       things from being dummped into the ocean. It's harmful and needs to be delt with.

    From:   MussDOT - Other - MslmnHS                                                                  Ask


       Your Point of View was quite insightful and actually educational, though a major

       problem was that you did not suggest an alternative to multiple fertilizers and

       detergents being used.

    From:   Helmet Stealers - farmer - EHHS                                                           Ask


       You put most of the blame for problems on farmers and homeowners for excess

       nutrients in the bay. But, what about the factories that dump their waste into the

       rivers polluting the whole ecosystem? What effect do they have on you?



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Bay Ecosystem

blue crab

Musselman HS                                                                         4/4/2012

The processes that make up the Chesapeake Bay Ecosystem sustain the many habitats and


found there. Involved relationships are present among many of the living resources of the

Chesapeake Bay watershed. Even the smaller creatures have a major role play in the overall

 health and production of the Chesapeake Bay Ecosystem. The forests and the wetlands

around the bay filter pollutants while supporting the animals. Such as birds, mammals,

reptiles, and fish. Around 16 million people work and play in the watershed, and everyone in

the watershed has there own role to play. Weather its adding waste, consuming resources,

or changing the land. Also they could change the water and air around it. But every decision

 we make daily could impact the bays health. So we need to take care and nurture the bay.

This is why we have the Chesapeake Bay watershed. Its 64,000 square-mile and includes

parts of New York, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, and the

entire District of Columbia. A watershed is a ridge of high land dividing two areas that are

drained by different river systems. Also called water parting. The Chesapeake bay is a very

 important part of our community. We need to keep it clean and unpolluted. We need to

keep fences around farms that are by water, and keep the air clean also.


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Bay Ecosystem

BT Brook Trout

Musselman HS                                                                         4/4/2012

The problem facing all trout is the Div, of Natural Resources (DNR)only stock trout in the

spring when water is cool. During the summer DNR stops stocking because the waters gets POV:

too warm for the trout to spawn or to live. Envir. clubs can plant more trees along the edge

 of the creeks, streams to create shade. Put more trees around sidewalks to cool the run

off. If we planted more trees around the water ways so that in the summer the trout

could spon. the brook trout needs the light conditions to spon and to move on with there

lifes. The trout averges at less 12 to 18 inches long. with the conditions of the water now

they average 8 to 10 inches. The brook trout is a different fish from there other relive the

 rainbows. They don't live in warm water because they wont live.


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Bay Ecosystem

Inwood Quarry

Musselman HS                                                                         4/5/2012

The Inwood Quarry provides stone and gravel to the Eastern Panhandle and Tri-State

area. It has three types of services; concrete, excavation, and stone. The concrete POV:

services include walls, driveways, basements, garages, and patios (including excavation).

Stone services include stone, gravel, limestone, driveways, and foundations. With everything

 they do, they pollute the air, and the environment.  Yet, what if they were shut down

because of all the pollution they put off?

Their business is used to help build houses, and providing lime for farms.  If they were to

be shut down, families would need another supplier.  Planting trees around the Inwood

Quarry would help with run-off, without hurting the planted trees.  With the trees, more

oxygen would be let off, replacing the pollution from the quarry.  The quarry affects the

watershed by the pollution it puts off.  Because of the run-off, the pollution for the town

is getting worse.  With the trees being planted, they will help eliminate pollution.   

The impact of various urban land uses on water flow and quality in streams is being studied

 by monitoring small streams.  Flow from the urban basin showed a substantially greater

response to the rain than that from the rural. Dilutions, resulting from the greater

quantities of surface run-off in the urban watershed, causes lower concentrations of

sodium, chloride, calcium, magnesium, bicarbonate and total dissolved solids in the urban

stream. The total quantity of these materials removed per unit drainage area of the urban

basin was much greater, however. The quarry affects the urban land, and something needs

to be done about it.


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Bay Ecosystem


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