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Response        MMM Cheese Homeowners - homeowner - NHHS


              Dear everybody,   I have seen the errors of my ways. I have done some

              research and, I still believe that the bay doesn’t impact me. On the upper side, I

              will change my ways. “Nitrogen pollution is the most serious pollution problem for

              the Bay because it causes algae blooms that consume oxygen. The blooms lower

              dissolved oxygen levels so severely that fish and shellfish die.” I found that on

              the Chesapeake Bay Foundation website. I do not want to be the one responsible

              for killing all of the estuary animals. I will help all of you clean up the bay. I will

              start recycling, and buying reusable bags, and I will get a more environmentally

              helpful car to drive. i won’t even fertilize my lawn.  I hope that you all will accept

              my apology and forgive me. Sincerely, MMM Cheese Homeowners.



Chesapeake Bay Program

EPA Bay program                                                                                      Gonzaga College HS



  As a Chesapeake Bay program, the EPA has an important role in the protection of the Chesapeake Bay watershed. In order for the EPA to make some gains, it has to compromise with other stakeholders. EPA officials would likely have to allow farmers and developers to use a certain amount of land for their respective trades and be allowed to use a certain amount of chemicals and pesticides; they would also probably have some sort of cap put on their emissions. The solutions could potentially benefit the public because, with more land, farmers could possibly grow more food and developers could build places that could be used for multiple purposes, such as a recreation center. In order for the EPA to be more cooperative, the farmers and developers could use more sustainable practices in their respective fields. Farmers could grow crops with polycultural methods and natural, organic fertilizers. Developers could have their buildings powered by solar energy or geothermal energy and use other forms of sustainable technology. The solutions could be structured by being phased in periodically. If the EPA disappeared from the negotiations, the results could be even more destructive for the Chesapeake Bay watershed. If the EPA is not able to regulate the other stakeholders, the developers could use facilities that emit emissions and not energy efficient. The farmers could also use harmful pesticides and practice monoculture.




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Thoughtful Discussion

    From:   MODERATOR - other - PHWS                                                                 Ask


       This is a very thoughtful and pragmatic POV focusing on the most pressing danger to

       the Chesapeake bay: non-point source pollution.  Your proposed solutions are very



       Are you hoping to make these Best Management Practices for pollution reduction

       Voluntary or mandatory?  What incentives and/or enforcement actions would you

       propose that would be effective in accomplishing your goals and be acceptable to other

        stake holders?




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Chesapeake Bay Program

WWW                                                                                                            James Wood HS


As environmentalists our goal is to protect the natural environment and their ecosystems POV:

from harmful point and non point source pollution. The Chesapeake Bay watershed, as we

all know, has been going downhill for the past several years and is now heavily polluted at a

steady decline.

Environmentalists are working to clean the area and restore is natural habitat. Without our

help the watershed would have no chance at survival! The bay has a very big importance to

us as environmentalists; it demonstrates our fight for the survival of different ecosystems.


In the past several years the bay has lost almost all of its forested shorelines, wetlands,

underwater grasses, and its critters. There are many solutions that can be developed to

help save the bay. However, not very many people are aware of the urgency that needs to

be obtained, we as enviormentalists know the facts and what needs to be done and have

been working for years now. It is improving but still needs a lot of work.

There is no one single solution, but we are able to plant cover crops, install riparian

buffers, add nutrients to the water in order to help regain growth, also we could maybe

even add oxygen to help out the critters. Money is an issue though, we can't just

automatically produce these things without any cost, so many volunteers help us clean and

provide the supplies needed. Like we said before without us the Chesapeake Bay would have

no chance of survival!! I don't believe you are aware of the effect it will have on our

society and even you as a person. Maybe do a little research and realize that

environmentalists aren't just "tree huggers". Were humans who love and care about our

environment and have a passion for helping to save it. So don't judge before you know the

facts, together we can save the Chesapeake Bay.




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Thoughtful Discussion

    From:   crabby ecotours - recreation - NHHS                                                     Ask


       Your last sentence says, “So don't judge before you know the facts”, well how about

       you state some facts. You’re trying to say without you the Bay wouldn’t survive but

       you’re not saying any facts about it. You also say people aren’t aware of the urgencies

       that need to be obtained but you don’t provide any awareness.  If I wasn’t in

       environmental classes I wouldn’t understand what you’re trying to say and would just

       blow it off. Solutions need to be listed along with cost.

    From:   Daring Developer - developer - NHHS                                                     Ask


       Dear environmentalists although you have been active in the cleaning of our Bay, you

       need to think bigger. Perhaps you could lobby to congress to pass laws helpin the Bay!

    From:   WET CLUB Volunteers - CBP_Fed - MslmnHS                                         Ask


       [To crabby ecotours]  I agree when you say " know some facts " to whomever that

       last post was to .. However; I strongly think that instead of you telling them to learn

       the facts, maybe you could share your knowledge with them rather than mock their

       lack of knowledge in the area. Most people don't have environmental teachers who

       share this type of information with them. Maybe you could enlighten us with your



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Chesapeake Bay Program




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Thoughtful Discussion




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Chesapeake Bay Program

WET CLUB Volunteers                                                                                      Musselman HS


  Here at Musselman High School, we have a Watershed and Environmental Team (WET POV:

Club), in which we encourage our team members to become environmentally active. All of

our projects we do have been successfully completed thanks to our passionate members.

We have completed many projects this 2010-2011 school year. Thus projects include:

outreaches, campus clean-ups,  and our wetland project.

  One of the outreaches we have completed this year is an outreach;  we have been to

grade schools where we have provided educational projects to get younger and future

students into environmental things. We provide fun based learning programs the children

can enjoy while learning about how they can help the environment. I personally have been

on these trips, and can say that I have noticed younger children are honestly concerned

about our environment. They have repeatedly asked members of our team how they can


  At Musselman, campus cleanups are done after school by the really active members of

our club. We take a walk around the campus, and pick up litter that is left by uncaring

people. These events normally occur once or twice a week. This is another way we as a

team like to give back to Musselman.

  Our Wetland Project is our biggest project of the 2010-2011 school year. We are

completely restoring the wetland area behind our school's baseball field. This is a hands on

project I and quite a few other members from the team are personally involved in. We are

planting new trees, flowers, grasses, and shrubs which are found natively around our area.

We, in addition, are adding benches and trashcans around the area too. We plan to use a

back-hoe to dig out the pond area, and add in fish.  We will continue to add a whole lot of

things to our project as we go, I'm sure, but as of right now this is our main goal.

  So the question you ask is, "Does voluntary work?" In my opinion according to just from

what I have seen this year, yes voluntary does work. High school students, adults, children

that we have all worked with have shown a high interest and sincere passion for our

environment. Volunteers have all shown a high interest in work done this year, and years

previous. This is why I personally believe that voluntary works.




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Thoughtful Discussion

    From:   blooming algae - farmer - RHS                                                                Ask


       we have to help by helping people who need help. lend a helping hand and help

    From:   Sydney's House - homeowner - MslmnHS                                                Ask


       If everyone helped and everyone cared, we wouldn't have as much problems as we do.




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