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Wacka Flocka Developers                                                                          Gonzaga College HS


If the bay is cleaned and the "problem" of pollution and contamination is solved, it will have

 a great impact on my business. As a developer, I can see that the construction and building

 that I have planned, if stopped, will lose my company and I a great deal of money. We

have made these plans to increase the productivity of the community and we plan to keep

doing as we had planned. We will not cancel our plans and lose the contract with our

customer. The cleaning of the Chesapeake Bay Watershed will not be beneficial to me, the

developer.  By cleaning this land, it will become a more necessary component of the

environment as it will begin functioning more effectively.  This area will elevate to the

status of "indispensable" or "irreplaceable".  Why is this detrimental to me you ask?  Well

in my profession, one is only useful when there is land to be built on.  The cleaning of this

land will lead to an even more forceful protection of it, and this spells disaster for my


  The only way my company would be willing to participate in the active cleaning of the

Chesapeake Bay Watershed would be a large cash payment, so that we may develop land

elsewhere. Without proper retribution, our company would not be able to suffice your

request regarding the cleaning of the watershed. Our company would be willing to work

with local homeowners and local government in order to seek a solution to this problem

where we could all benefit, possibly by allowing local government to interfere with out

building permits as long as they give us a portion of the local homeowner's tax dollars.

In the ongoing debate about the watershed, it is apparent that a solution needs to be found

 that benefits new development in the region. The Chesapeake Bay Watershed is a big

center for tourism, and as such sees a lot of human traffic every year. In order to provide

 for the large amount of visitors in the area, it needs to have sufficient facilities for their

needs to be met. There would not be enough pollution produced to drastically affect the

area, and it would provide an economic windfall for the area if development were

increased. The bay should not be harmed by us building around the bay because we would

be very consciences about what we do. As a company we know how important conserving

the bay is and would take many steps to make sure that no materials would be let into the

bay. This would stop anything from disappearing from the bay. We would survey the land

that we are going to build on before we started breaking land to make sure that no species

that lived on our lands could not find another home to live in and to make sure none of the

species are endangered or about to become endangered. We would place features such as

green roofs and storm water retention systems to make sure that no major amounts of

runoff enter the bay once our buildings are up. Because of the steps we would take in

planning our buildings we would not have to worry about them harming the bay so bad that

species started to disappear.




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    From:   enviromental peeps - recreation - MslmnHS                                            Ask


       Im feeling you on that son like I understand where your coming from cause I like myself

       some money too. That is not where its at either I hope u dont loose your company that

       would be some mess right there. Im glad your company is willing to work that shows good

       signs and support for the watershed mess.

    From:   talbut farms - farmer - MslmnHS                                                           Ask


       There is no such thing as a enviormentally friendly and pollution free development.

        Response of:  Wacka Flocka Developers - developer - GCHS

                             To:  The Drain Pipes! - CB_Ecosystem - EHHS


              A famous economist by the name of John Maynard Keynes once qouth: "In the long

              run, we'll all be dead." We at the Wacka Flocka Development Co. could not agree

              more with this statement. Why focus on the long term effects, when we could make a

              ton of cash easily. The enviornment is not important, money makes the world go round.

    From:   Imposta Kharys - CBP_Fed - GCHS                                                         Ask


       Wocka Flocka! i respectfully agree with your comments and POV for this forum, you

       clearly have shown good insight and I agree that the chesapeake bay needs to have much

       more concern in dealing with the issue of pollution.

    From:   The Drain Pipes! - CB_Ecosystem - EHHS                                               Ask


       We believe that it would be in your best interest to help with clean up and not demand

       money. In the long run this is going to help you guys since the area would be clean and you

       would gain more revenue. Basically no one is going to want to choose to live somewhere

       new that is so polluted.

    From:   The Purple Fly pigs - Waterman - EHHS                                                Ask


       so your saying if we just clean up the pollition then all the prombles well be solved?/

    From:   Triple J & CB fishermen - Waterman - JWHS(F)                                  Ask


       I think that it is good that your company would survey the land to make sure that no

       species of animal gets uprooted from its habitat. Planting on the roofs and having storm

       water retention systems to prevent runoff will help the bay out.


    From:   Mammalpalooza - CB_Ecosystem - JWHS(F)                                           Ask


       You mentioned that pollution to the watershed does not affect you, however that I

       believe is incorrect. The watershed affects every living thing in the area in one way or

       another including you as a human. Call it opinion but I also believe that profit motivation

       is a terrible reason to ignore problems like this. By continuing un-environmentally friendly

        practices you are destroying our land and recourses for the future simply to make a

       few dollars for now.

    From:   EMRT Farmers - farmer - JWHS(F)                                                       Ask


       I am a farmer and I disagree with your solution because,buying more land won't help 

       with the pollution problem. The land can be used as a buffer that filters the water and

       to prevent the pollution  from getting into the rivers, streams and even the bay. By

       building on the land could make your customers plans back fire and make the bay worse.

    From:   James Wood Tree Huggers - Other - JWHS(F)                                     Ask


       I disagree with your statement because you seem like your stuck on the money. In one

       line you say you have some programs to help with the bays cleanup. In another line you

       say you will keep as you planned and your buissness is more important. It's not all about




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Durdy Developers                                                                                      Gonzaga College HS


  As Developers, we are very interested in the Chesapeake Bay as an area with boundless

opportunities for development that would both improve local economy and not damage the

bay. Some people may criticize us as bias stakeholders who are only interested in

capitalizing and making money by destroying the bay through development, but this just

simply isn't true. We do in fact desire to make money and develop some parts of the bay,

but in no way are we actively trying to harm the bay. We understand the environmental

importance of the bay and all the benefits it brings to the people around it. It is the core

of a major watershed and is the basis for a local fishing economy. We understand all these

 nuances about the Bay, and we also understand that development could help the Bay as

oppose to hurt it. We are simply advocating more development closer to the bay. To

compensate for any miniscule damage this may cause, we are planning to spend money on

privately on cleaning up the bay and point sources of pollution. For every five dollars we

spend on development we plan to spend one dollar on pollution clean-up and Bay

conservation programs. Through the implementation of this plan we will be able to save to

Chesapeake Bay and aid government conservation and pollution reduction programs, thus

atoning for any damage done by development in the past.

  The Chesapeake Bay is a truly beautiful natural masterpiece, with lush waters and

stunning scenery. It would be truly evil to rob people of this natural beauty, which is why

we are proposing to build new suburban subdivision housing. Finally, we would be sharing the

 natural beauty of the Chesapeake people with local people. This would also have positive

effects on Chesapeake Bay clean-up programs. People who see the Bay in their backyard

everyday would be much more inclined to aid in clean-up and conservation efforts. We are

planning to build these subdivisions closer to the water than already existing buildings. We

are aware that there is a one hundred feet limit on how close structures can be to the

water, but we wish to have this amended for our crusade to bring the people to the bay

and share the wonderful, natural experience of the waterside with them. 

  Now building all this housing will naturally draw in a large population to the area

surrounding the Bay, so it is only logical that we will have to construct stores to supply

them with food. We are also planning to build a Wal-Mart and Safeway near the edge of

the lake to supply all the inhabitants with food and supplies, this will also employ many local

people. Getting around the subdivisions and stores will also bring up difficulties, which is

why we are planning to construct a series of roads around the Bay and also a large bridge

over narrow sections of the Bay so that cars won't have to drive around the edge.  We

have also looked to the French and English for inspiration in our new plans to build a

'Chunnel' underneath the Bay to improve traffic conditions. Many other infrastructure

improvements will have to be made as well. Also, to supply power the new developed area

we have talked to several power companies, all of whom are interested in building new dams

 and hydro-electric power plants on nearby tributary rivers.

  We firmly believe that our crusade to improve the Bay area is in the best interest of both

the Chesapeake Bay ecosystem and the surrounding economy and population. We strongly

urge support in our endeavors to develop the Chesapeake Bay area. Keep in our mind our

valiant mission and remember, think not of what the Chesapeake Bay can do for you, but rather what you can do for the Chesapeake Bay by developing it and surrounding areas. Thank you for your time.



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Thoughtful Discussion

    From:   Musselman Homeowners - homeowner - MslmnHS                                    Ask


       I agree with your POV,education is the big key. People probably have no idea that the

       Chesapeake Bay region is growin rapidly. The more people the more it can effect tha

       ecosystem that they live around. Its a very fragile but beautiful place. There are many

       ways that people can help it tho. One is by planting trees around the bay, dispose of marine

        wastes properly, clean up litter on the shores of the bay, and use Bayscaping around your


    From:   talbut farms - farmer - MslmnHS                                                           Ask


       You talk how the bay is beautiful and you want to keep it that way. Im gonna tell you

       creating developments around it is one of the best ways I can think of to ruin the beauty. I

        tell you from expierince that local people do not welcome developments where they've

       lived and grew up. They ruin lives.

The MODERATOR again, and very humbly, suggests that since the Durdy Developers say they are not trying to be ironic, that perhaps others will take a hard, critical look at what they propose to do and tell us if their proposal will actually help the Bay, or if it will harm the Bay and line their pocketbook.

        Response        Durdy Developers - developer - GCHS

                             To:  -all Bay Ecosystem stakeholders - CB_Ecosystem - none


              Thank you for all the feedback, and as far as irony goes we aren't trying to be

              ironic, but as the Durdy Developers, we are simply stating our primary interests

              and intentions in the development of the area.

The MODERATOR again, and very humbly, suggests that reviewers look up the meaning of Irony:

    From:   The Hand that Feeds - farmer - JWHS(F)                                            Ask


       I really like what you said. The bay is a master piece and we need to do whatever

       possible to keep it clean. You explained what needs to be done with great detail.

    From:   Triple J & CB fishermen - Waterman - JWHS(F)                                  Ask


       I think that if people see how important the bay is then they would join in the efforts

       with cleaning up. I think it is good you are willing to spend money on conservation

       programs and this shows you are trying to help out.


    From:   James Wood Tree Huggers - Other - JWHS(F)                                     Ask


       I really agree with your statement. The bay is a beautiful natural masterpiece. I

       strongly believe that if people live and see the bay everyday then they would join in the

       efforts with cleaning up. I think it is good you are willing to spend money on conservation

        programs. It shows that you guys do care about the chesapeake bay.

The MODERATOR humbly suggests that the JW Tree Huggers look up Irony:


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Rocktown Developers                                                                                      Harrisonburg HS


We are simply meeting customer needs. It is a lot more expensive to be environmentally

friendly, and if our customers are not willing to support that extra effort to be more

environmentally friendly, then we see no reason as to why we should.


There are several ways we could achieve this: 1) Hold “green building” design contests in

order to get an idea of what people want in buildings, as well as raising awareness about

eco-friendly development.. 2) Hold a public forum where people can voice different ideas

about what they feel is important in developing and several local officials can be there to

oversee the discussions.


Developing land is a business.  We are in search of profit.  However, we are willing to clean

up our pollution and be environmentally friendly without being coerced by the government. 

Essentially, we are willing to volunteer to do our part.  In some cases, there is a payoff to

being eco-friendly.  It attracts business among certain groups and certain individuals.  

Nonetheless, as a business, we are not compelled to do things that are not in our business

interests.  If we are coerced into pollution prevention and cleanup, someone will pay�either

us, the government, or our customers.  Our profits could be potentially lowered, and this

would negatively affect the community -even the bay- as a whole.  The relationship between

business and government could deteriorate.  Or consumers could pay the cost as we include

 the cost of pollution prevention/cleanup.  All the options are not pleasant.  The best

solution is one that encompasses all parts of the community.  Governments can subsidize

costs, consumers can pay taxes, and companies can reduce costs or trade credits for

pollution cleanup/prevention.

  Moreover, citizens and governments must assess the costs that they want to undergo. 

For example, we as developers could lower costs by using cheaper materials and from

different companies.  Consumers would benefit from lower costs; however, the quality of

the buildings would likely go down.  The point is, citizens must assess whether they want

quality (of the product) or quantity (in dollars) to go up or down and by how much. 


Before we encourage different major point source polluters to pay for non-point source

polluters, we must first get them to steadily and efficiently pay for the damages they



We can build riparian buffers along streams, subsidize different less nutrient intensive

crops, and make chicken related companies take responsibility for the chicken manure

instead of forcing the problem onto the farmers who don’t have the capital and money to

control and clean up. Also, we will have better storage of nutrient rich manure and make

the consumer pay the true ecological value for the product.



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Thoughtful Discussion

    From:   enviromental peeps - recreation - MslmnHS                                            Ask


       You have good ideas about holding a forum and a green house design contest. I think that

       gets the comuntiy involved in the clean-up. The clean-up will be expensive but if the

       government will pay for part of the clean-up then you would not have to raise your prices.

       I would try to get money for the government before I would raise my prices.

        Response of:  Rocktown Developers - developer - HburgHS

                             To:  The League of Extraordinary Fisher People - Waterman - EHHS


              Well, let's not forget that we are a business.  As a corporate entity, our interests lie

              in money and profit.  This doesn't mean that, as people, we are indifferent toward

              the environment.  The challenge is to make eco-friendliness effective AND

              profitable.  As a company, we are trying to figure out ways to weave environment

              with economy.  We firmly believe that they are not at opposite ends.  However, if our

               eco-friendly ventures are unsupported and unprofitable, the company can either

              choose to die or simply not be environmentally (and, as a company, guess which one

              we'd choose). 

    From:   The League of Extraordinary Fisher People - Waterman - EHHS          Ask


       I think the green house idea is good but you are so worried about the money you are

       forgetting the main idea the enviroment the only good idea you had was the green housing

       but even you dont want to make the effort to get grants for the houses. If you really want

       to help you need to act and not just complain.

    From:   EMRT Farmers - farmer - JWHS(F)                                                       Ask


       I think it is a great idea about the green buildings. I think it would make a lot of senses to

       build echo friendly buildings that will help out the environment

    From:   SKL Environmentalists - Other - JWHS(F)                                             Ask


       I agree with what you are saying

       Repairing would help of out a lot in the bay if they repair the buffers and other inportant


    From:   Triple J & CB fishermen - Waterman - JWHS(F)                                  Ask


       I agree with your statement because riparian buffers would be a useful thing to help out

        the bay. This isn’t costly and would really help the bay.


    From:   FC Government - local_gov - JWHS(F)                                                   Ask


       I understand where you're comming from. The government will do its part, we're trying

       our best to figure our a solution to the nasty water that seems to be everywhere we

       look now. Raising taxes may be a proper solution, but so would physically cleaning up the


    From:   Emperor's of the Land - farmer - JWHS(F)                                          Ask


       You can find more solutions to your problems than just to say that it will cost you more

       out of your own pocket.  You could always ask the government for money and when you

       are on a job site be more aware of what you are doing so the cost of cleanup would not

       be as high. I like your ideas about the design contest for ecofriendly housing and your

       campaigns to get people onboard for ecofriendly lifestyles.

    From:   James Wood Tree Huggers - Other - JWHS(F)                                     Ask


       I agree with your statement. I strongly understand what you are saying. you dont let

       money get the best of you. cleanup that's taking place. You are willing to help the

       community and do things at a cheaper rate. The building of riparian buffers shows that

       you do care but still need to make money as well as everyone else does.

    From:   The O'Ryan Fisherman - Waterman - JWHS(F)                                     Ask


       I think becoming eco-friendly is a great way of becoming a successful developer. But

       having Governments subsidize costs and consumers paying taxes is not so good. The way

       the Economy is now, having consumers pay taxes will just cause more problems in the

       long run. other then that i liked your article.       



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Developer                                                                                                     North Harford HS


     As a developer, I feel I can safely say that we have a big impact on the bay's health.

We are important in how we use the surrounding land so they don't majorly disrupt the bay

 ecosystem. The bay affects us because we have to take in consideration of environmental

factors before just beginning to tear down land and constructing buildings in the area.


     The major problem is having impervious land around the water. This will cause a great

amount of polluted run-off to enter the bay. If too much pollution enters the bay, it could

kill off a lot of aquatic life. This includes SAVs, because some pollutants and sedimentation

cloud the water and sunlight cannot reach the bottom of the bay and SAVs would die off

without that sunlight; and without SAVs the water would become anoxic and create dead

zones and kill off even greater aquatic life.


     The solution to a our run-off problem would be to create riparian buffers between the

developing land and the bay water. This would be an expensive cost for us but we firmly

believe that it will have the greatest positive impact to prevent pollutants from entering the

 bay. We would also need to set aside some of the land we rightfully bought to create

these buffers.


     In order to make up for our impact on the environment, we could implement green

projects like green roofs on top of our buildings, treed parking lots, and rain gardens, all to

 cut down on our pollution and run-off problems.



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Thoughtful Discussion

    From:   Biology Honors Students - Other - MslmnHS                                          Ask


       True, buffers would help, but you will need large numbers or trees and other plants to

       create decent ones.  Silt fences and ponds to catch run-off in the process of building

       would also be useful.

    From:   enviromental peeps - recreation - MslmnHS                                            Ask


       All you really talk about is run-off and how it causes problems for the water. Your

       solutions for that problem is good. I think that you need to go deeper and address more

       problems like how destorying the land also afect us an other animals. Just solving the

       runoff problem alone won't slove other [problems that cause pollution in the water

    From:   Rocktown Developers - developer - HburgHS                                           Ask


       We agree that the measures you mentioned in the last paragraph would help support the

       bay.  However, we have to consider how those costs are being passed on.  Are YOU paying

       for it?  I doubt it.  Are consumers?  Probably.  Many people see this as unfair; those costs

       can backfire on a business.  So where do we get the money to stay afloat and pass on costs

        to consumers as little as possible?  It could involve taxes, subsidies, etc., but both of those

        things are technically passing on costs to consumers.  We as developers might need more

       than "we could implement green projects."  Perhaps we need major innovation.

    From:   Monstars - CB_Ecosystem - GCHS                                                           Ask


       The Monstars are behind your submission; we believe in natural solutions to the Bay's

       problems.  Your riparian buffer zones are are very good idea.  Of course, there is the

       problem of funding your projects.  As simple sea creatures, we have no money to

       offer you; however, we would suggest seeking government grants or pressuring the

       government to change laws concerning riparian buffers so that your competition is

       forced to do the same things.  That way they can't undercut your prices.


       Overall, your group has our blessing.  You will not be attacked by an army of crabs in

       the middle of the night.

    From:   The Impact of Meat - Other - GCHS                                                     Ask


       Many of the solutions you put forward are very practical and inexpensive. Green roofs

        are great because they cut down on the environmental impact of the project and

       make the building partially pay for itself. However, riparian buffers would be very

       expensive to install and taking such measures is not always in the best interest of

       developers. Overall, a wonderful POV with some great solutions.

    From:   Chalky and the Crawfish - Waterman - EHHS                                        Ask


       Yes, you are completely correct. Everything you said about the buffer zones, and the

       'green' projects if a very good idea. You seem as if you are not in it entirely for the

       money. You see the real problem and know what has to done. If you decide to go trough

       with your ideas you WILL have a large impact on the Bay, in a POSITVE way.

    From:   The Farming Deer Assasins - farmer - EHHS                                         Ask


       You guys made some good points. And the Solutions you guys came up with are very good

       ones. There is some room for concern when it comes to getting the money needed for that


    From:   White Hall Government - local_gov - JWHS(F)                                      Ask


       I agree that construction and developers are polluting the bay and I think it's a great idea

       to have the buffers so there is less pollution in the bay. I also think it's a good idea to

       have those options so we can cut-down and eliminate the pollution and run off.

    From:   Chuck the Purple Shoelace - recreation - EHHS                                    Ask


       Your not helping, your polluting.

    From:   Troop Big-Horn - local_gov - JWHS(F)                                                  Ask


       To: Developer. I like the ideas there great! Especially stating that using construction helps

        pollute the air and water. Also, it may cost a lot of money but whatever it takes to get the

       job done I think you should do it. From: Troop Big Horn.


    From:   EMRT Farmers - farmer - JWHS(F)                                                       Ask


       i agree with you on that construction and devolopers polluteing our waters. and there is alot

       more we can do to prevent it. like not tearing up all the grass around the construction site. to

       stop erosion.

    From:   Mammalpalooza - CB_Ecosystem - JWHS(F)                                           Ask


       I feel like you all know what you are talking about, so that's good. I agree with your

       decisions in how you should prevent the pollution problem that developers produce as well.

    From:   James Wood Tree Huggers - Other - JWHS(F)                                     Ask


       you have the right idea about putting up buffers, but it is going to cost you lots of money and

        time. Their is also the fact that your machinery is going to put poltants into the water to.



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Sugar daddy developers                                                                   Rappahannock HS-Harman


As developers we all know if we work together we can save the Chesapeake Bay from

further pollution and contamination. Cleaning the Bay will help developing businesses

everywhere run more smoothly and benefit the community. The land needs to be clean

before we can build on it. Trying to clear floating or banked up waste and trash will make

working conditions tougher than they need to be.  Developing companies will not survive

without land to build on so we need to protect the bay. Developers need to be conscious of

the area they are developing because pollution will ruin the natural beauty of the

Chesapeake Bay and the developments won't attract more people. As a developer it is

essential to the business and to the environment to include eco-friendly solutions to all the

projects. Developers have a business to succeed in and the point of that business is to make

 a profit, but making a profit and leaving a stain on our ecosystem is hardly the way these

situations should be handled. We should be able to install eco-friendly applications to our

building projects and developments to help clean up the Chesapeake Bay Watershed without

 breaking the bank. As part of the community we want to build up the areas for a more

industrialized nation and create more jobs for the people in the community that will spur it

into a more updated area. Although more people may attract more pollution there are steps

 we can take to stop the spread of the pollution, clean up the bay and hopefully reverse the

 effects on the ecosystem. The government should not force consumers to pay extra for

eco-friendly applications to their homes and other developments but as citizens in the

community, most would take stride in the idea of helping to make their community a safer,

cleaner, more efficient place to live.  Things such as buffer zones can be off-limits to

developments but sparing some of these lands for developments is not going to wipe out the

 entire balanced ecosystem. There should be limitations to the amounts of pollution at the

different project sites and other things in that category. Allowing developers to make their

 profit and also keep their community a desirable place to live for human and animal.




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Thoughtful Discussion

The MODERATOR notes that you said: "As a developer it is essential to the business and to the environment to include eco-friendly solutions to all the projects."  It may be essential to the environment, but why is it essential to the business?


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RappaHan Developers                                                                       Rappahannock HS-Harman


All types of businesses such as farming, professional fishing, and developer would all be

affected by the change of eco-friendly ways of doing things.  Not every company is going

to fully do what is necessary to completely get rid of pollution.


A developer that is for building on the bay would then be forced to change their way of

doing things.  There would no longer be as many homes on the water like before, which

would kill the housing market.  Areas can be surveyed and examined so that there would be

no lose of populations to animals that already suffer with limited population. But at the

same time developing on the bay would increase the industrial revenue.  This in the end

would entice more people to visit the bay, resulting in bringing in more money for the bay's

funds and for the state.  Houses could be built further away from the water and walls can

 be built to help reduce pollution from being blown into the bay.  Once everything is built we

 can go in and estimate how much pollution was added to the bay, then go back and clean up

 as much as possible.


On the other side some developers are for not working and building alongside the bay. 

Some developers think that it is too risky and more costly to them and everything around

that particular area.  The chemicals that are used to seal floors and other assortments

also usually finds a way down into the water system, threw either wind or by seeping into

the ground and making its way to the water.  Even wastes from porter potties are most of

the time dumped into nearby streams or water ways.  Along with those, when flood times

are present many things can be washed away and brought back into the bay.  Most items

that may be taken away if a family has moved in would be chairs, tables, and other toys

that children may have left outside. If no one is living there in yet items can include

chemicals that have seeped into the ground, nails leftover, ply boards, and other tools that

had been forgotten on the job.


The government continues to tell us that we need to steadily make houses alongside the

water.  Well if they want us to steadily develop on the bay they need to meet us halfway. 

The government should be hiring scientists to come up with new environmentally safe

chemicals that are just as effective as the ones we us now.  Once those chemicals get into

the water they not only affect the fish in the water, ultimately killing them, it also affects

everything in that waterway.  We also may cut down trees trying to make new areas but

changing that would be easier said then done.  We know that doing this is also hurting the

environment which is why we shouldn't be developing along the bay because it is mainly



As you can see being a developer can be quite controversial.  Developing alongside the bay

can be quite harmful in several ways but in other ways it can be also helpful to the

environment. Hiring more people to help clean up the bay would increase the jobs in the area.  People can be educated more on the environment and how pollution can affect it.  In

the end, there will ultimately need to be some compromises made.




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