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Imposta Kharys   

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Chesapeake Bay Program


Imposta Kharys                                                                                         Gonzaga College HS


The Chesapeake Bay is important for two main reasons. One is that it provides a huge

amount of drinking water for people in the area. The levels of pollution are alarming when

one considers that one is drinking such dirty water. The other reason is that it is such an

enormous economic resource. Not only in the obvious and conventional way of fishing, but

also recreational and the ever famous Chesapeake blue crab industry. This natural resource

 is one that must be recognized as important an worth saving.


The methods our group thinks will be most effective at saving the Chesapeake are fairly

straightforward and simple. The issue needs to be brought to the forefront more. Raising

public awareness of how important and how bad the Chesapeake is will definitely get some

seriously good support for cleaning it up. The other action that needs to be taken is a more

aggressive fund raising effort for cleaning the Chesapeake up. Either through governmental

 or public funds, more money is needed, and it should be sought out. Those are our initial

thoughts on the Chesapeake Bay, how important it is, and why/how it should be cleaned up.



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The Moderator wonders (as I understand others do as well) where the big  desalinization plants used to remove salt from Bay water for drinking are located?