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Charlie's Critters                                                                           James Wood H.S.- Takarsh

critters                                                                                                                    3/16/2009

     Hi, I’m Charles, the crazy critter I’m here to talk to you about my solution to clean up my habitat. I live in the Chesapeake Bay, and there’s a lot of pollution here and I don’t like it. We

the critters live in the water, and when the water is dirty we all die. With the polluted water it

effects everyone. When the water starts to get dirty, and polluted it kills us critters and plants.

 Then fisherman, go fishing for us and eat us, and then they get sick as well. I have planned,

that we will make our environment cleaner, by everyone helping together to try and clean up the

 trash around the bay. Also by having factories moving away from out water area, so waste

doesn’t get into our bay. Boats, also should have more secure oil carries in there boats, to stop

the spill of oil in our home.

     Us as critters, won’t really need to give up anything in order for this to happen. The solutions will benefit us directly, because having a unpolluted environment will help keep our population alive. People should do there part, and pick up litter around the bay and try there best to try not to pollute our air and the area around us. If this was done, it wouldn’t only benefit us it would benefit people who eat us, swim, and the people who uses the area around us.

      If pollution, keeps getting worse and no one helps us out, then our population will decrease. This will decrease, because people will die from the polluted critters, water, and air. This will lead to no food or water, and everyone will be dead. I hope you understand how important our environment is to EVERYONE, and try to help keep our Chesapeake Bay pollution free!




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  From:   Bass Assassians - Waterman - JWHS(T)                                                Ask


     As part of your solution you said that factories should be moved away from the bay area. I

     would ask you where you would like to move them to? Many factories need the water source

     nearby and we would be sacrificing other areas in order to help the bay. We need to find a

     solution, not move the problem to a different area.


       Response    Charlie's Critters - Other - JWHS(T)


             If we moved them somewhere else then everyone would be benefiting.Theres other

             ways we could get rivers to help the buildings so that we wouldnt be polluting our bay.

              I know we shouldnt just move our prob. some where else, but this could make a

             difference. We could put factories near each other and build a damn so that we can

             help clean our enviroment.

       Response    Charlie's Critters - Other - JWHS(T)


             Bass Assassians, we're just critters.  i dont know how you expect us to do everything!

               Theres other ways we could do things by moving the factories to a different

             location. We could build a dam or help start a flow of water, so that your factories

             can get what they neeed.

  From:   The Bay Watchers - CBP_Fed - NHHS                                                   Statement


     It is very unfortunate all that animals must endure to live in an unhealthy, polluted

     environment’s appreciate you taking the time to help all readers of this POV understand how

     much all of us humans could make a different with the simplest adjustments to our lives.

  From:   Roy Roy the Water People - Waterman - JWHS(T)                               Statement


     Critters can also help contribute to the cleaning up of their own environment that they live

     in. People can do a lot but they cant do everything to keep the Chesapeake Bay clean and


       Response    Charlie's Critters - Other - JWHS(T)


    said that us critters need to take care of the problem, but how do you expect

             us to do that? were just little critters,we try to keep our homes clean, but its hard

             when humans are hurting us.  Us critters cant really do anything. We're trying our

             hardest as it is, to keep our enviorment clean and safe.If you did what you were

             suppose to then our bay wouldnt be so polluted. When you go out in boats, oil spills

             from the boat. You're polluting our water and it needs to stop!


  From:   YES! - Youth Environmental Stewards - Other - SCHS                          Ask


     How are we supposed to stop polluting if you don't directly state what pollunants are causing

     your problems?With moving the factores away from the bay not only will it cost millions of

     dollars but it will also have the same effects over a longer term, because all of the water

     from these factories now 'upstream' will eventually drain down to the bay anyway.But good

     job anyways!

  From:   YES! - Youth Environmental Stewards - Other - SCHS                          Statement


            Very Nice


  From:   The Rainbow Bunch - developer - JWHS(T)                                           Statement


     You think moving the factories somewhere else will solve the problem. So pretty much you

     are just placing the problem somewhere else.

       Response    Charlie's Critters - Other - JWHS(T)


             no, were not just saying to move the problem. people need to move their factories to

             places away from major waters and start using cleaner practices and keep

             environmental hazards to a minimum.



  From:   tourism and recreation klan - recreation - JWHS(T)                             Statement


     awesome job.

       Response    Charlie's Critters - Other - JWHS(T)


             thank you!







Environmentalist USA                                                                     James Wood H.S.- Fordyce

Environmentalist                                                                                                      3/20/2009

     Our proposal is to clean up the bay little by little. The plan would to be to start off slow. In

other words, we want to set realistic goals. We will all need to work together as a whole to meet

these even small goals. The government needs to help us out with grants or even small loans

would work. If us the environmentalist got the word out and showed the true facts like the

problem in the Chesapeake has not worsened or gotten better. Then maybe someone important

that has the ability to help would hear the problem, and listen to comprehend the situation. Then

maybe something would get physically accomplished. It’s our job as environmentalists to tell

people things such as how our nation’s capital has one of the most polluted rivers in the country

 running straight through it. What would the government think when they heard everyone

saying things of that sort?  More or less though some of the problem comes from being litter

bugs, driving through other countries you wouldn’t see trash and fast food wrappers laying all

up and down their roads. Start with the trash and dumping for example littering and throwing

oil into land fills therefore causing bad runoff. Starting there will help out tremendously. That

is our first step to a long term higher overall goal which would be cleaning up the Chesapeake

Bay to the point where it doesn’t harm anybody, anyone, or anything.




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  From:   Bay Huggers - farmer - JWHS(T)                                                           Ask


     Sounds good, but how are you going to get this out to the people to stop this mess?

       Response    Environmentalist USA - Other - JWHS(F)


             With advertisements on local tv stations or the washington post. Word of mouth

             would really help as well. If you have any good suggestions please, do tell.


  From:   Ashby Villa - homeowner - TAHS                                                           Ask


     At the end of your Point of View paper. You mention that your first step to a long term

     higher overall goal which would be cleaning up the Chesapeake Bay to the point where it

     doesn't bother anybody, anyone, or anything. So what is the second step?


       Response    Environmentalist USA - Other - JWHS(F)


             It would have to be thought out carefully. If it were all up to me then i would take one

              step at a time only when the first step is completed.

  From:   tourism and recreation klan - recreation - JWHS(T)                             Statement


     Nice Job but how are you going to get the people to help this problem.




YES! - Youth Environmental Stewards                                                 Southern Columbia H.S.


Student Environmental Group                                                                                   3/23/2009


~Revised POV~ 4/3/2009
We are a student environmental group. Our slogan is “Slow it down, Soak it up”, which describes our goal, to reduce pollution loads, particularly nutrient and sediment, entering our streams of the Susquehanna Watershed and eventually the Chesapeake Bay. 
As the Bay’s largest tributary, the Susquehanna provides about 50% of the Bay’s freshwater.  Our population will continue to expand, need places to live, and grow food on.
We want to help the Bay by soaking up pollution before it hits our waterways.  By concentrating on our own rivers’ health, we indirectly help the Bay. 
   We strive to improve water quality issues by targeting nutrients and sediments.  We plan to slow run-off and allow water to filter naturally before entering waterways. We need to spread the word and get the community involved. We begin with education promoting BMP’s throughout PA using students as an information vehicle. 
We’d also work with local municipalities to place codes on new development to minimize impervious surfaces and maximize buffer zones. With more restrictions on run-off and protection for buffer zones during new development, the shock of expansion and pollution impact on local waterways can be somewhat absorbed.
   To determine the progress of our strategy, long-term observations may be required. 
Ideally, we’d measure samples of nutrient and sediment loads at the mouth of the Susquehanna before it enters the Bay.  Direct changes would be noticed during the Bay’s water quality testing.
If the Bay becomes cleaner, we will see more bay grass and crabs in the waters, less algal blooms, and more oxygen.
   Initial costs are minimal, promoting our strategy to schools and surrounding communities via the web.  We must strive to get farmers and homeowners on board and convince them to exceed requirements and get volunteer groups to plant buffers for those lacking time.
Grants and fundraising projects would support model projects initiated within our community.
   Our state is one of the main pollutants of the Chesapeake. Something needs done. By reducing these loads, we hope to alleviate the variety of issues that resulting from nutrient and sediment run-off. Our concern for the Bay comes from what we see going on downstream is a reflection of our own water quality’s impairments. By taking steps to improve Bay issues, we resolve some pollution issues in our own tributaries. Without the help of Pennsylvania, the Bay’s issues are more difficult to improve. By reducing pollution in our own backyard, our watershed will be better off as well as those downstream.


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  From:   The Billy's Homeowners - homeowner - JWHS(F)                                  Ask


     I think that when he said "fish" it was a general statement about all of the wild life in the

     bay. And your right the ecosystem need to stay in balance.


       Response    YES! - Youth Environmental Stewards - Other - SCHS


             You responded to our POV, but it doesn't seem to relate to what we said. Could you

             please clarify the "fish" you are referring too?





Night Lights Gas Co.                                                                                        Broadway H.S.

Natural Gas President                                                                                             3/20/2009

I am the president of the natural gas cooperation called Virginia Natural Gas.  I have been president of this cooperation for over 4 years now.  We have been drilling throughout the Virginia landscape looking for natural gas.  Natural gas is one of the most abundant resources we have and our goal as a company is to get the natural gas in a safe and efficient way.  Getting the natural gas out of the ground can get rather difficult.  Our company uses hazardous chemicals to get the natural gas out of the ground without contaminating the environment.  We do this by watching how much of the chemical we use.  Virginia Natural Gas does not overuse a chemical in the same area to contaminate the environment and most of all the Chesapeake Bay. These chemicals cannot be exposed to the public because the company would get a bad reputation.  We take care of the environment by putting up a steel casing and concrete casing deep underground to prevent the chemicals from getting into future well waters and into the Chesapeake Bay.  The Chesapeake Bay is in a bad condition and our company does not believe in making an issue worse than it already is.  We have put in a new pipeline that runs under the Chesapeake Bay, but some people say this is going to make the pollution worse.  Our engineers have invented a new system of checking for leaks in the pipeline.  If any gas leaks out of our pipeline than the people running the control panel turn off the pipe and the pipe is immediately repaired and checked for any more problems.  I, as the president of the company, must supervise to make sure everything runs according to the plan.  If anything hazardous happens to the environment than I must take the blame for the situation.  In the near future, I feel that natural gas will become one of the main resources used throughout the United States.  However, the east coast will use it more frequently than the other areas due to the abundance of it around the east coast.  The main concern about the future is the effect on the environment.  Natural gas is a fossil fuel and can poison our environment if we do not control it.  I am following best management skills for the good of the humanity.  I believe the government will soon put laws on the extraction of the natural resources.  These changes will affect the profit margin of our company, but even though I am a businessman, I am also a nature man.  I am willing to change the way of my company for the better of mankind.  I know if my company uses a vast amount of chemicals to get the natural gas out, it will eventually find its way to the Chesapeake Bay.  I hire the safest chemist and engineers to help prevent these causes of pollution.  The one type of pollution I cannot control is the pollution given off when the natural gas is burned.  I can only hope that soon the world’s best scientist will find a way to rid the world of using these harsh resources.  Since I have become the president of the Virginia Natural Gas Company, I have put in new safety devices and education.  There have been safety education programs for people using natural gas all over Virginia. These programs show the positive affects of using Natural Gas, but also show the negative affect and how we can control them.  These programs also show what to do during emergencies and gas leaks.  I have put full time technicians on call in case a problem does occur.  All the customer has to do is call and tell us the problem and we will send a highly qualified technician to fix the problem for free.  These technicians are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Natural gas is odorless, but people call the company concerning about a rotting egg smell.  We put in a harmless chemical into the natural gas that gives this smell because this helps us find the leak.  Our company has regular maintenance days where the federal government sends people to make sure our facility is up to date in safety and procedure.  We care about the Chesapeake Bay because if it became the new septic tank of the east, than the beauty of the area would be forever gone.  We are at a time where we can save the Chesapeake Bay.  The choice is there, but the decision is not yet made.


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  From:   Da ottonos - local_gov - JWHS(T)                                                          Statement


     I feel that this is a very detailed and informative idea. These ideas could really benefit the

     Chesapeake Bay foundation and I hope these plans would be implemented into it.


  From:   The Weasels ... Forestry Worker- Other - BHS                                   Ask


     How do you plan to implement this in the already failing economy?

  From:   Charlie's Critters - Other - JWHS(T)                                                    Statement


     you made some very good points, good job!




The Weasels ... Forestry Worker                                                                  Broadway H.S.

Forestry Worker                                                                                                     3/24/2009

     As a Virginia State Forestry worker for five years, I believe that I play a major role in

keeping the Chesapeake Bay Watershed clean.     Before the water ever reaches the

Chesapeake Bay, it passes through forests, which help clean the water.  Today, forests are

removing 184 million pounds of nitrogen from the air that would eventually reach the water.  In

 doing this, forests are accomplishing three times the annually reduction than man has tried on

his own in the last two decades.  Plus, trees do it for free. For example one acre of trees

remove 40 tons of carbon a year, greatly reducing the carbon buildup in the earth’s


     In the future I can see my profession planting more trees and creating more

buffer zones after we’ve harvested an area.  In planting trees it can save us millions of dollars

 in trying to control pollution using technology.  Plus, plants do it better and do it for free.  Also

 in planting more trees, you create a place where people can go for recreation and relaxation, a

 place where people can go outside and not have a care in the world while getting good clean

fresh air.  Another way in preventing pollution in the water is to create a riparian buffer

system. These have been known to improve water quality, provide fish and wildlife habitat, and

reduce the cost of water treatment.  On top of the trees removing hazardous materials from the

 environment, buffer systems remove even more of that hazardous material. Thus, improving

the quality of the watershed greatly.



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~* Rainbow *~                                                                                James Wood H.S.- Fordyce

fishers                                                                                                                    3/26/2009

Why are fishers are important to the environment?

The fishers are important to the environment for may ways. First, the cleaner the water the

better & heathier the fish are to eat. Fishers help take out the bad fish and provide nutrients to

the water.



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  From:   The Rainbow Bunch - developer - JWHS(T)                                           Statement


     You have a good point, but I think you need a stronger stance. You should add more details in

     your point of view.

       Response    ~* Rainbow *~ - Other - JWHS(F)


             Thanks for your advice! Will do.

  From:   Flower Children - Other - BHS                                                               Statement


     Yeah, you have an interesting point. However, you need facts and details in order to

     support your idea. You need specifics about the Chesapeake Bay.

  From:   tourism and recreation klan - recreation - JWHS(T)                             Statement


     Nice in short but maybe you should support more details on your problem.

  From:   Charlie's Critters - Other - JWHS(T)                                                    Ask


     Yes thats true, but fishers also cause problems by taking their boats out on the water,

     littering and leaving their trash around they bays, and when their boat fan things kill us

     critters they dont even bother to dispose of them properly,many times just leaving the dead

     fish in the water. Fishers do contribute to the problems.

  From:   Bass Assassians - Waterman - JWHS(T)                                                Ask


     why do you think your helping the fish out? Don't you think if you leave the fish alone they

     would be better off?





Flower Children                                                                                                 Broadway H.S.

Flower Children                                                                                                      3/26/2009

Picture a lush green forest. A thin hiking trail winds its way among towering trees, which POV:

create puddles of shade on the thick, flourishing undergrowth. A small wooden bridge

traverses a crystal clear, knee-deep stream with a lone canoe paddling away in the

distance. Now picture this scene less than a decade later. The pristine walking trail is now a

 ragged ditch carrying sediment and trash down to the stream where it dribbles into the

meager flow. All of the trees on one side of the trail are now nothing but low stumps

surrounded by muddy Caterpillar tracks and a layer of old sawdust. The forest floor is a

patchwork of gnarly brambles and dry, dead soil. The old, rotting frame of the bridge

suddenly snaps and slides into the muck below. Pollution and deforestation if not addressed

 immediately, could one-day turn much of the beautiful forest surrounding the Bay into this

 very image. It would be devastating not only to the recreation and tourism businesses but

also to the overall wellbeing of the Bay. Acre for acre, woodland is the most beneficial land

 use for protecting water quality, and every loss of forestland contributes to the

impairment of the Chesapeake Bay.

Forested areas in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed make up over half of the total land

cover. They protect the water quality and are habitats in themselves, supporting thousands

of species of plants and animals. Sustainable, healthy forests act as natural filters and

buffer zones for the Bay Watershed. These forests are also vital to the recreation and

tourism businesses within the Bay watershed as they provide areas for hiking, canoeing, etc.

 But at least 36% of Chesapeake forests are vulnerable to development. Population sprawl

and other human activities are compromising the condition of Chesapeake forests and

redefining their value to the Bay watershed’s environment, economy, and quality of life.

        In order to save the Chesapeake Bay, we must address the largest issues. 

Overdevelopment has stripped the land of its natural filters and buffers, leaving the

streams and rivers exposed to the harsh chemicals used in farming.  “Maryland alone has

lost more than 75 percent of its wetlands. Overall, the Bay has lost 98 percent of its

oysters, about 90 percent of grasses, and nearly 50 percent of forest buffers”

(Chesapeake Bay Foundation).  To stop the majority of nutrient runoff, we must pass new

laws requiring a buffer zone between any body of water and agricultural land.

Americans overuse energy in their routine lives, and the majority of people do not stop to

ponder the hurt this daily use will leave on the earth.  We represent and propose ideas of

renewable and alternative energies.  By swapping the pollutant ways of our current energy

for geothermal, solar, wind, and hydroelectric power, a great weight shall be relieved off

the land.  These renewable energy sources are attempting to become commonplace in

America, for they are effective and clean ways of producing the much needed – or wanted

– electricity.  However, many people worry, for, though the technology exists, it is

expensive.  The economy has suffered much in recent months, and the American people

have reason to be more concerned with their pocketbooks than clean sources of energy. 

Nevertheless, the public must become aware of the overuse and wastage of electricity. 

The people must begin making small but significant changes within their lives.  This overuse

of energy and the dirty ways it is being produced can and will affect the entire country.

        The Rockingham County Planning Commission has requirements for erosion and

sediment control when creating new buildings, there are no requirements for buildings

existing before these standards are in place. These buildings should have some form of erosion control as well.



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Life is what you make it                                                                                  Musselman H.S.

students                                                                                                                  3/31/2009

As students at Mussleman High School this is why we care.  The bay is important to me because

is the water is what we drink and wash in after it is filtered. When we eat fish with them being

 in pollute water which could infect the fish and could give us food poisening.

What we have been doing

•           Wet team •

  Water testing

•           We have a Blog at


•           looking for hot spots [areas of likely non-point source pollution]

•           GPS

•           Power Points [on the impact and remedies for non-point source pollution like sediment and motor oil from the parking lot]Are Sponsors and are partners [for our grant project] include The Toshiba America Foundation, Ecolab, Norcross Wild life  Foundation



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  From:   Captain Planet. He's Our Hero. - farmer - GCHS                                  Ask


     Whereas I see the environmental value in a "WET TEAM", I am, strangely enough, somewhat

      perplexed as to the support that is provided by the GPS and Powerpoint approaches.  Please

     enlighten me.

  From:   Bass Assassians - Waterman - JWHS(T)                                                Ask


     i understand you guys need the bay to run you daily lives. i believe you guys could do more to

     contribute to the bay, such as do a weekly or monthly sweep and clean the trash from the bay

     or something a little more then you are doing.

  From:   Catch o' the Bay - CB_Ecosystem - HHS                                               Ask


     I agree [with Captain Planet]; How is the GPS supposed to help the problem.  What about the

     watermen and recreation-and-tourism losing their jobs due to bad business?  The farmers'

     livestock are also in danger.  What solutions do you have to the problem?






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