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ETphonehomeowners                                                                                         Hampshire H.S.


If the homeowners were given more funds, we could greatly improve our environment and the

Chesapeake Bay area.  We could improve vegetation growth along stream banks which would

decrease erosion and stabilize the soil.  Solar panels on our homes would generate a clean

source of energy.  If more trees were planted on our property we would reduce soil loss and

trap chemicals from lawns.  This would also add comfort, value, and aesthetics to the property,

as well as provide shelter and a safe place for wildlife if we could purchase better sewage

disposal systems, we could prevent or decreases stream pollution. We would like to propose a

levy for a demonstration where we go to a personís house to do the above things so people could

 see the good effects from it.  This could interest others to make the change as well.  Also

create conferences to teach people what they could do to change.



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Thoughtful Questions

  From:   tourism and recreation klan - recreation - JWHS(T)                             Ask


     What is your plan for if a homeowner refuses to make these changes? Will you require all

     homeowners to make these changes to their property in order for them to live there? How

     much money will it cost the homeowners to make these changes, or will they be provided to

     them at no charge?

  From:   Bay Huggers - farmer - JWHS(T)                                                           Ask


     what are these funds that you speak of? you own your house , the true american dream. I

     think it is a little strange that your not willing to improve your own home let alone your local

     surrounding area without asking for money from the US or Local GOV't

       Response    ETphonehomeowners - homeowner - HHS


             to answer your question the we are not expecting the gov. to just hand out money for

             these changes. We are going to make changes to some houses and use them as a

             demostration to help raise gov. funds.  most people don't own their own houses the

             bank does people dont own their houses until their mortgage is payed off so asking

            for gov. funds is perfetly normal.



  From:   The Bay Watchers - CBP_Fed - NHHS                                                   Ask


     These are some very great ideas, but how do you plan on receiving all these funds? Exactly

     how much money do you feel will be enough to accomplish all you would like to get completed?

  From:   The Rainbow Bunch - developer - JWHS(T)                                           Statement


     Your right it would be nice if the homeowners got some money to take care of the Bay area

     ...but how would the gov't be able to make sure that was where the money was going? Oh and

     levy idea, its a good idea but how much extra money will that cost?

  From:   Bass Assassians - Waterman - JWHS(T)                                                Statement


     I agree to plant more trees and etc to reduce soil loss and trap lawn chemicals. More people

     should use solar panels for another source of energy too. The demonstrations could be useful

      too. I think many people will listen and understand the point you are trying to come across.

     You would have to come up with a cost for all these ideas in the demonstrations too.

  From:   j. bunnies - local_gov - JWHS(T)                                                           Ask


     The best and the cheapest way to upgrade a house and land are by replacing things with

     recyclable materials that are eco-friendly. Planting trees and shrubs is also a great idea!

  From:   Uptown C-peake Homies - homeowner - SCHS                                        Ask


     It may be perfectly normal to ask for government funds, but what good is it doing? Our

     government is so in debt that asking for funds is asking for money that isn't there. We

     already have a problem with our Chesapeake Bay, why should we cause more debt and

     problems with the economy to relieve our stress. We need to use our communities money and

     state funds to help our issues, because it is affecting us and our faults. Although you may

     have a good plan, you need to look at the affects of your solution first before it causes more


       Response    ETphonehomeowners - homeowner - HHS


             First of all, we don't know where you live either, but we live in Hampshire County,

             WV. Our county is huge and NOTHING but rural highlands.  Our entire county

             doesn't even have one recycling service. Your opinion is very small minded and you

             seem to forget that over half of the Chesapeake Bay watershed is rural areas.  Also,

             you say that our suggestion causes more problems. Can you give any examples of

             that? And by the way, our TQ was not an attack. We were just asking a question so

             check your tone Uptown C-peake Homies!


  From:   Da ottonos - local_gov - JWHS(T)                                                          Statement


     you have a greate idea. i agree with you that planting trees along the banks is a good plan.

            but how much money do you think will be needed?

  From:   Roy Roy the Water People - Waterman - JWHS(T)                               Ask


     I think you have a good idea, but where is the money going to be coming from?

  From:   Farmers of TAHS - farmer - TAHS                                                       Ask


     We like the ideas that you brought up, but where do you want the money to come from. 

     In this time of recession the government doesnt have the money to put toward

     implementing your plans of change.  We think that there are more things that

     homeowners can do that won't require as much money, but how do we know that these

     extra funds won't be used to made alterations to your house itself?  i.e.; remodeling

     homes, upkeeping lawns, or purchasing a new vehicle

  From:   Bass Assassians - Waterman - JWHS(T)                                                Ask


     if homeowners were givin money how many people do you think would actualy use that money

      to help change this problem

  From:   Bay Huggers - farmer - JWHS(T)                                                           Ask


     From all this that you just said I get the vibe that your just lazy. Why should they give you

     money? If you want money you should work for it. If you want trees why dont you just plant

     your own trees in your yard? Dont you think if it was so easy to put solar panels on your

            house it would already be done to every house?

  From:   homeowners who care - homeowner - JWHS(M)                                     Ask


       What is your plan for if a homeowner refuses to make these changes? Will you require all

     homeowners to make these changes to their property in order for them to live there? How

     much money will it cost the homeowners to make these changes, or will they be provided to

     them at no charge?

  From:   Charlie's Critters - Other - JWHS(T)                                                    Ask


     Where are all these extra funds coming from?

  From:   j. bunnies - local_gov - JWHS(T)                                                           Statement


     I think you have an excellent idea on mind. Your plan is very well thought out and would be

     very effective. The only part that is unclear is where the funding would come from or what

     source would provide it, with this question answered your idea would be able to be put into

     action much sooner and increase efficiency. A source to look to for funding may be local

     government or a local environmentalist group.






highland homeowners                                                                                        Hampshire H.S.


Do you like the idea of being told what you can and cannot do on your own property?  Well we

as homeowners have to go threw this everyday.  We have tons of regulations and rules we have

to follow we donít need anymore.  Most of the homeowners in the watershed donít even live

near a river.  The main cause of the pollution is the farmers.  There are two types of farmers: 

cattle farmers and crop growers.  Both have a big impact on the rivers.  Most cattle farmers

donít have a fence to keep their animals in and let them go into the rivers to drink and cool off.

 Also, the chemicals they add to there fields run off into the nearby rivers affecting the animal

 life in the rivers along with the vegetation.  The homeowner group is the biggest group.  We

pay the most taxes and donít impact the bay area as much as the farmers.  We propose that you

tax the farmers for the amount of land they have, and regulate the amount of pesticides they

are allowed to use on there farms. We are still willing to pay what taxes we are, but if our

taxes are increased to help with the cleansing of the bay we may not be able to afford our

houses.  If that happens then we wouldnít be paying the property taxes that help as it is.




Ask a Thoughtful Question or Respond

Thoughtful Questions

  From:   The Black Panthers - farmer - JWHS(T)                                               Ask


     If farmers stopped using pesticides then the fruits and vegtetables would be smaller, and

     money would be lost to destruction of crops by bugs and other animals. You're biting the hand

      that feeds you. If the government would give grants to farmers to help us improve our ways

     of preventing as much as we can. Are you aware that farmers don't provide even half of all

     the pollution in the bay? Farming is responsible for 40% of all nitrogen, 45% of all

     phosphorus, and 62% of all sediment deposits in the bay. So the rest of society is

     responsible for most of the pollution. Stop looking for someone to blame and choosing the

     farmer. It's his cow you're eating.

       Response    highland homeowners - homeowner - HHS


                As homeowners we don't care about the size of our food. People buy food by the

             pound, so if each individual thing is too small we just buy more.(ever herd of organic)

              It is more important that the bay ecosystem is more healthy than your food size. You

             are also conflicting in what you say. You are trying to push off the blame, but you

             also say that you can do whatever you want with the water that runs through your


                How would the government regulate all the farmers that borrowed money to

             "improve their ways"? It isn't plausable.



  From:   The Black Panthers - farmer - JWHS(T)                                               Ask


     Its illegal to not have a fence surrounding your cattle and horses, and if a stream or river

     runs through a farmers property then that part of the stream is theirs and they can let the

     cattle do what they want in it. Do you want to keep blaming the farmer? What if they all

     stopped working for a year? What would you eat? So would a fence really help if the rain

     will wash all the chemicals and nitrogen from the feces into the water?

  From:   The Rainbow Bunch - developer - JWHS(T)                                           Ask


     I agree with everything that was said  although  I think that the tax money from the farmers

     should be put towards research to find solutions on how to make the bay 100% completely

     clean and pollution free.

  From:   The Rainbow Bunch - developer - JWHS(T)                                           Ask


     I have to agree with the farmers in that the blame cannot be placed soley on them. Everyone

     plays a role in the pollution of the watersheds, and everyone needs to do their part to keep

     them clean. This is a question I don't think you answered. What are you, as the

     homeoweners, going to do to help clean the watershed besides paying a few taxes?

  From:   Bay Huggers - farmer - JWHS(T)                                                           Ask


     So you think we should tax the farmers more? That might work, but there is a big downside

     to your plan. No matter if its a little farm or a big farm you will be charging them taxes. If

     they have to pay taxes it will be hard for them to keep there farm running. If you raise the

     farmers taxes then they will raise the prices on there meat which means your precious food

     will cost much more. Which would make you upset.

       Response    highland homeowners - homeowner - HHS


                I understand that it will be difficult for the farms, but I'm not sure where the

             fertilzer, pestisides, and other things like that are coming from. Those key poultants

             are the main cause of the algae in the bay, which is sucking up the air for the fish. I

             understand that it isn't all their fault, but they are a big part.   The tax money would

             go too, like cancer, finding a cure. It could go to teachers who could educate the

             ignorant people who don't know about the pollution in the bay.    As for prices going

             up, how do you know what would make us homeowners up set? The whole point is

             cleaning the bay. Are you going to put a price tag on saving our planet?


  From:   Bay Huggers - farmer - JWHS(T)                                                           Ask


     Im not so sure i understand what this tax is going to do. Will the money go into recorses to

     help clense the bay or what?

  From:   The Black Panthers - farmer - JWHS(T)                                               Statement


     Yea organic food is grown by organic farmers. Whoda thunk it. If all of us went organic

     then we would lose ALOT of our crops to bugs. Then how would you buy more food? There

            wouldnt be more for you to buy.

  From:   County of Talbot - local_gov - JWHS(F)                                                Ask




  From:   Aquaphobiacs - local_gov - JHS(P)                                                         Ask


     Saying homeowners don't do much to add to the pollution is a lie. Homeowners tend to use a

     bunch of fertilizers on their lawn. And they always tend to use WAY too much then needed.

     The homeowners can send their soil off and get it tested for like $10 to see how much

     fertilizer is actually needed. Farmers can also do this. And this will decrease the amount of

     excess nutrients running off the land and into the streams.

  From:   Ashby CBF - CBP_Fed - TAHS                                                                Ask


     You mentioned that pollution mostly comes from cattle farmers and crop growers, but

     you didn't mention that pollution also comes from poultry industry and developers. Plus

     you can't just tax the farmers when they don't have any extra money.  We are in an

     economical crisis.  Farmers are already having to sell land and cut back on the animals

     they have.

  From:   Roy Roy the Water People - Waterman - JWHS(T)                               Statement


     WHY ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT CANCER? The topic is cleaning up the bay! Use the tax

     money to go towards the bay and helping the defenseless life in the bay that can't help

     themselves. AND IT DOES SOUND LIKE YOUR PERSONAL OPINION. Get some facts,

     bud. And paying teachers to educate the "ignorant" people? Excuse you, but some people just

      aren't aware of the problem, it doesn't make them ignorant. Maybe you need some of those


  From:   The Black Panthers - farmer - JWHS(T)                                               Ask


     The county of Talbot is our new BEST FRIEND!:) If the tax money is going to the teachers

     who could educate those ignorant people, then maybe you should look into some night school.

     You are way too busy pointing fingers at everyone else to realize homeowners use way too

     much fertilizer to make their lawns look pretty. When we use the fertilizers its actually

     being useful. We need to reach a middle ground and quit blaming each other. Farmers arenít

     even responsible for half of it. So get your facts straight.

  From:   Bay Huggers - farmer - JWHS(T)                                                           Ask


     One question that I have is the fact that you have several "rules" that you must abide by.

     What are these rules? There are barely any state regulations (in the state of VA) concerning

      personal property and the need to keep it pollutant free. And your are correct on the fact

     that a large portion of Home Owners don't live near water, However the runoff that occurs

     after rain fall does eventually go to water somewhere.








Team Excelsior                                                                                        Gonzaga College H.S.


    The Chesapeake Bay is home to over 3,600 species of plants, animals, and fish spanning

across 64,000 square miles.  Needless to say, homeowners surrounding the Chesapeake

Bay are numerous, and greatly affect the livelihood of the Bay in terms of recreational

purposes and aesthetic value.   Any harm to the Bayís environment or water quality may

directly affect the livelihood of homeowners; especially in terms of local drinking water,

fisheries, and recreational revenues from swimming, boating, and other water-based


Poorly treated sewage systems, shrinking fisheries, and declining farm land all provide

immediate challenges for the homeowners of the Chesapeake.  Unable to ignore their

declining homeland, homeowners have allied with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation (CBF) and

the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to achieve their goals of saving and revitalizing

the Bay.  These goals include educating the public and elected officials of the Bayís growing

 problems, seek additional funding to pay for resources, require surrounding states and DC

to enforce laws inhibiting pollution, and investigating the use of nutrient trading. 

All of these goals are highly achievable and virtually costless of homeowners; all that is

required is time, for social advocacy and manual labor such as planting trees or cleaning a

nearby highway.  The reward of volunteering a few hours will be worth the work, tourism

and recreational water activities will peak, the Bay will support more biodiversity as well as

sustainable life for years to come, and the aesthetic value of a beautiful view is priceless. 

If action is not taken soon, manageable problems will only grow, and the quality of life will

diminish until the Chesapeakeís beauty is only a reminisce of its past glory.



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Thoughtful Questions








hampshire home owners                                                                                    Hampshire H.S.


     We are the homeowners and we represent everyone that owns homes in the chesapeake bay water shed. we are setting out to tell people about the the promblem. some of the promblems  is

the water being pulluted by anything that runs into the water thing like excess fertilizer and

other pesticides,anything toxic when comeing to arewater supply so people need to start

changing the way we are doing to our river. the things we do to stop and to demote farther

damage such as. people dumping toxic waste into the water supply such in chicken plants and

many other factorys can cause bad water for the fish and other animals. the solutions would

take time in the after noons each week. the things we would have to give up would be to use less

 fertilizer. if you wanted to you could go to a program for cleaning up the streams and the bays.

 if would be held at your local schools. any teachers that help with spreading the word about

water polution may get goverment pay. if you take these classes there will be a bay tax take

off,and if you dont take the classes you would have to pay a small tax at the end of each month.

 you will also be helping yourself by learning about all the promblems and issuses accuring in

the bay and rivers. these statement can help you become a better land homeowner.




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Thoughtful Questions

  From:   Bay Huggers - farmer - JWHS(T)                                                           Ask


     Why would you tax people to help the bay? The economy is already bad enough, i dont think

     people can afford to pay taxes to help your bay.If the big industrial plants cant dump in the

      river, where do you reccomend they dump all their waste? What makes you think that the

     government wants to pay teachers to talk about cleaing up the bay? If the government cared

     about the watershed they would clean it up by themselves.

  From:   Da ottonos - local_gov - JWHS(T)                                                          Statement


     with the economic situation today, i doubt the poeple are willing to pay taxes to fund the

            chesapeake bay project.

  From:   We Run At Night - farmer - BHS                                                          Ask


     How can the government possibly clean up the Bay itself?  They don't stand a chance in

     accomplishing anything without support from the entire bay watershed.  Sure, Congress can

     try to pass laws, but if their proposed laws anger any stateholder group in the watershed,

     that group will hire lobbyists and do their best to prevent the passage of these bills or modify

      them so that their interests are being served.  Also, aren't factories, including poultry

     plants, point sources of pollution, which means that their dumps are carefully measured and

     regulated in order to drastically, and successfully, reduce pollution.





K&J Homeowners                                                                                             Riverheads H.S.


    We're homeownes, and problems with housing come with eliminating water absorbers. When

neighborhoods are developed thereís more asphalt and dirt around houses than grass so when it

rains water just runs off of and into gutters or someone elseís farm taking most of the soil with

 it. Along with the water, pollutants could get into the gutters, but with stuff like that you just

have to clean up your trash and keep your community clean. Another difficulty is keeping our

lawns looking green and lush. Many of us like to spread pesticides so bugs and weeds stay out

of the gardens we already have.  We homeowners can help control watersheds in many ways,

and itís important that we do since most of our runoff goes into the surrounding lakes and bays.

     The easiest and most sensible way would be to just make sure you have a decent lawn.

Sometimes this isnít enough; to go further you could add a garden and some trees, or even lay

down some gardening turf. Planting grasses, flowers and trees help absorb water so that it

doesnít just flow down the roads. They hold the soil in place so it doesnít run off. Yes things

like this take money, but it doesnít have to be super expensive and not only does it help with

watersheds, it makes your yard and home look beautiful! When people look for homes they like

to see that it looks welcoming and doesnít have big problems with weather and climate change.

itís obviously worth the time and money, honestly nothing bad comes out of landscaping when

you do it the right way unless youíre a big grouch




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Thoughtful Questions

  From:   Da ottonos - local_gov - JWHS(T)                                                          Statement


     A lot of these ideas are very great. It is nice to know that there homeowners that care for

     the environment of the bay so much. we hope you good luck.

  From:   Opequon Homeowners Association - homeowner - JWHS(F)                   Statement


     You did very good but you could add a little story about problems homeowners have.

       Response    K&J Homeowners - homeowner - RvrHS


             This is true, we just figured we would state what people deal with and what they could

              do instead of complain or worse let the problem go.





Uptown C-peake Homies                                                                      Southern Columbia H.S.


REVISED 4/3/2009  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We represent the homeowners across PA. We are important, because we make the purchases that stimulate the economy. As we stimulate and improve the economy we are slowly building a chain of money that can be used to promote BMPs. We are also part of the problem, because the activities in our homes impact the Bay negatively. Some of the activities include fertilizers on lawns, driving cars (road wastes, exhaust emissions), runoff from impervious surfaces in our towns (rooftops, pavements, roadways), litter, and septic systems. Bay issues concern us, because we vacation there, like to swim there, and eat fresh crabs.  If the water is polluted, vacations would become very expensive. With education about what is happening to the Bay, Pennsylvanians may become more interested in the issues and the role they play, and hopefully try to fix the problems with their own lifestyle changes. We will work with our community in different activities to improve the Bay.  We may play a minimal role, but we can work with others to take control of the bay conservation program. Buffers may offer a solution for many issues as well as the stakeholders involved. By informing people of the importance of buffers, hopefully everyone will get involved and play their part in our plan. Thank you and Peace out from the Uptown C-Peake Homies.




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Thoughtful Questions

  From:   ETphonehomeowners - homeowner - HHS                                                Ask


     While your waste disposal idea is a good start,this seems inefficient for fixing the entire

     problem.  You are still left with the issue of air pollutants, fertilizers, and runoff from

     impervious surfaces.  Do you plan to provide a waste disposal service to every single

     community effecting the Chesapeake Bay? How would you resolve the other issues you


       Response    Uptown C-peake Homies - homeowner - SCHS


             One organization cannot fix the entire problem, we are trying to do our part in the

             conservation of the Bay. As homeowners, we can join our local councils to instill

             regulations for adding impervious surfaces and buffers.You also, imply that most

             towns don't have a disposal service, I don't know where you live, but my entire

             devlopment has a disposal service; it is not hard to convince the services to reach all

             areas. We promise to play our part as homeowners; we cannot fix everything. At

             least we're trying to fix the problem without creating problems; your solution is

             causing more problems. A little good can go a long way, your attack at the situation is

            unneeded. We will do our role and the results will speak for themselves.

  From:   Crabby Patties - CB_Ecosystem - JWHS(F)                                            Statement


     you are definately correct about the problems with the bay affects you because of all the

     events you take place around and at the bay. Although you like fresh crabs, we still wish

     you'd slow down on taking us from the bay to eat us. lol :D

      From:   Uptown C-peake Homies - homeowner - SCHS                                   Response


       Thank you for agreeing with our points.  We try to think of the most logical and simplest way

      to help the Bay.  You cannot really disagree with us about the fresh crabs point, who does'nt

      love fresh crabs?We do not plan to completely flush out the entire crab population, but a

      crab or two here and there is always great and yummy.


  From:   Opequon Homeowners Association - homeowner - JWHS(F)                   Statement


     I think your right about that you have a great deal in the bay. People should have a great

     deal, because after their water is filtered we drink the water from the bay. And i bet the

     crabs dont apprciate the idea of you eating them.





The Billy's Homeowners                                                                 James Wood H.S.- Fordyce


     We as homeowners really donít contribute to the Chesapeake Bay watershed system.

Homeowners depend on the bay for tons of resources; and also entertainment. To help fix the

bay we would have to pay higher taxes, longer work hours, less time for leisure.  Here are some

ideas we could put into affect:

     1.     Petitions for neighborhood tax breaks if your families that recycle.

     2.    Getting funds for filters at the storm drains and at the mouths of the rivers

and streams that go into the bay.

     3.    Have a day once a month where everyone can volunteer and help clean up the bay.

     4.    Also have neighborhood cleanups every two weeks.

     5.    Make a petition to fine people who donít recycle.If this the homeowners work hard and

help clean up the community and bay area then the homeowners will have more time to spend

enjoying the bay, tax cuts for the people that recycle, and most importantly cleaner water.




Ask a Thoughtful Question or Respond

Thoughtful Questions

  From:   Crabby Patties - CB_Ecosystem - JWHS(F)                                            Ask


     I agree with many of your ideas but you said that you dont contribute to the watershed as a

     homeowner. I think your wrong about that because you capture little helpless fish and crabs

     for your own eating pleasure. You more less take from the bay so you should be responsible

     for fixing the problem. Plus you get water from the bay within you home after is is filtered.

     So you should have only something to do with cleaning the bay. Good luck and thanks :)

       Response    The Billy's Homeowners - homeowner - JWHS(F)


             We don't directly capture a signifigant ammount of fish, thats what the

             FISHERMEN do...Also, please proof read your comments before you post them.


  From:   County of Talbot - local_gov - JWHS(F)                                                Ask


     everyone contributes to the bays problems.

  From:   Opequon Homeowners Association - homeowner - JWHS(F)                   Statement


     I think people should pay for higher taxes to clean the river's. Specially if you saying its

     for entertainment. If the water was really dirty what would you do in the water to have fun?

  From:   Roy Roy the Water People - Waterman - JWHS(T)                               Statement


     I agree! It sounds like the perfect plan. Bt everyone is equal in polluting, we all need to work

      together to fix things. No tax cuts for "people who recycle". That's not fair even if they do


       Response    The Billy's Homeowners - homeowner - JWHS(F)


             so what are the people going to get for not putting trash in the bay or oil down the

             drain? not everyone is equal in pollution, as a group souldn't the farmers have to pay

             a fine for using the chemicals for the plants, that get in the bay. homeowners use the

             bay for somethings not everything, fisherman tourist and use the bay for

             entertainment more than homeowners.





Opequon Homeowners Association                                                  James Wood H.S.- Fordyce


     The Chesapeake Bay watershed is important because if there wasnít that much pollution in

the water then everyone including the animals that live in the water could live a better life.

Now, people would have to take time out of their daily lives to help clean up the watershed. The

reason I say that if everyone cleans the watershed and the environment, is because one day

everyone might become sick or they wouldnít be able to live in their environment. Now could

you imagine all the animals that are living in Chesapeake Bay and becoming endangered by our

actions? Or one day you would a lot of fish or other mammals floating in water, because of

what we are doing like littering all the time or dumping things into the riverís or lakes. If

people would just clean up the area and not throw things out their windows while driving, then

we wouldnít have to worry about the watershed and the environment.

      Now try to imagine yourself in your house and youíre making some lemonade, and you use your water from the facet and you see nasty green chemicals or sewage coming out, because the chemicals and the sewage runs straight into the riverís. That nasty green chemicals and sewage could be from other peopleís houses or other public place, and now itís in your house. I know I wouldnít want that in my home. Would you? Now since Iím a home owner, I would volunteer to help clean up after I saw all that stuff in my house. That would also change my mind about littering and other things that would harm my watershed and environment. I would also send out flyers to people

asking for their help in cleaning the watershed. I would also ask people to recycle the plastic

and anything else that could be recyclable. Now I believe that if everyone tries to help in some

way our lives and the animalís lives would much better.




Ask a Thoughtful Question or Respond

Thoughtful Questions

  From:   Crabby Patties - CB_Ecosystem - JWHS(F)                                            Statement


     I agree with you, and we as crabs wouldn't want it in our water either. We appreciate some

     help with the watershed for a change. Thx :)

       Response    Opequon Homeowners Association - homeowner - JWHS(F)


             I think you crab's are exactly right. Everyone should clean the water's so you guys

             and other fishes could live a longer life. I also like the idea that you guys can pick up

              trash with your claws.





iluvMOUNTAINS                                                                                   Jefferson H.S.-Picard


Being on a single well implies that others can contaminate the ground water supply with

anything they choose to apply to their lawn, thus contaminating their own  well water or cross-

contaminating anothers.  For people who drink or bathe in this water it could have serious

health consequences.   Another potential health hazard is the contamination of well water  (and

group septic) with pharmaceutical products.  The body flushes out all the medication it takes in

eventually, and those medications end up in the water  unprocessed.

A group septic system should be the most effective manner of waster management, but due to

poor management and organization it may become more of a liability than a benefit to the

environment.  Those in charge of these systems often shut them down or allow them to break

down after a short time due to lack of funding or popular support.  If and when a septic finally

fails, the water that runs out carries disease and other pathogens that could seriously

contaminate wells, not to mention that the major breakage costs much more than the normal

maintance of the system.  This is monumentally important due to Jefferson Countyís abundance

of limestone and plethora of other soluble rocks.  Thus, it is more necessary to maintain septic

systems by use of organic microbes to lessen the chance of rupture or leaking due to the

gradual wearing away of pipe supports.

Solutions to the well problem include more stringent restrictions on lawn  maintenance

substances and household chemicals.  This would, in turn, increase the day to day cost of these

products.  It would be necessary to buy biodegradable or organic materials.  By doing this,

homeowners would have to give up the convenience of just being able to buy whatever is

cheaper.  This will directly benefit homeowners, however they may feel inconvenienced.  This

seems a small price to pay for clean well or tap water.  A solution to the problem of

pharmaceuticals in the water could be reached simply.  If taxpayers petition the EPA to take a

stand to regulate the pharmaceutical companies (perhaps making more of the chemicals

biodegradable, or limiting toxic substances) then the issue could be resolved after a period of

time.  Correct yard management (example: botanical rain garden) would help to filter out

chemicals from the rain water which, in turn, seeps into the ground.

More people could be encouraged to partake in this project if there were some more obvious

personal benefits.  Restrictions on toxic chemicals would cut back on maintenance fees on a

group septic and limit the amount of chemcials re-entering the body that water sewage plants

cannot process.  In addition, people who follow a more eco-friendly lifestyle could apply for

some form of tax break. 

The cost of a broken septic  or potential health defects greatly outweighs that of the small

inconvenience presented by this idea.




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Shark Attack                                                                                         Jefferson H.S.-Picard


The pollutants that go out through our waste that go into streams and rivers eventually leading

into the bay is where most of the pollutions is forming. This is a point source because you can

see the piping running into these waterways that will lead to the bay. Since we know the

problem it would be more productive if we built a septic plant that filtered out harmful

organisms that pollute the bay water. Once the waste is at a certain percentage rate of purity it

 would be more efficient for the bay. Building a sewage plant would also provide more jobs and

could resupply drinking water for the city.




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  From:   Opequon Homeowners Association - homeowner - JWHS(F)                   Ask


     I understand where you are coming from. But where would you get the people that have the

     time to do all of the things you talking about? And once the septic is full where would you

     dump it?

  From:   County of Talbot - local_gov - JWHS(F)                                                Ask


     Your idea of a sewage plant is a great idea. It will help with cleaning the bay and give the

     public jobs. How would you like to raise the funds. We believe that our government plan

     could cover this if you would like to read ours.





Yellow Penguin Grapes                                                                           Jefferson H.S.-Picard


     As a homeowner with a private well and septic we believe that the main issue in the Bay

consists of excess nutrients and sediment.  We propose that through certain best management

practices we could effectively reduce the amount of pollution that enters the bay.  As a

homeowner we are more concerned with maintaining our household.  To reduce the pollution

caused by a private septic system, there are a number of best management practices that each

have different costs and impacts on home owners.

     The practices involving the septic tank that have the least impact on the home owner are to

stop using their garbage disposal; with less organic matter, less phosphorous and nitrogen enter

 the ground water.  Eliminating the use of phosphorous detergents by increasing the use of non-

phosphorous detergents can lower nutrient levels in the septic system by 40-50%.  While

currently it is difficult to find non-phosphorous detergents, with enough demand they will

become more common.  Reducing the use of chemical additives helps reduce pollution, also, the

use of these chemicals does not really work.  The only effect these chemicals have is to kill

microbes that actually help to reduce pollution.  In fact, not using these products will actually

save money for the home owner.  Finally, the most effective management practice is to have

your septic system routinely inspected and maintained.  The maintenance of a septic system

can significantly reduce the amount of pollution that leaks from the system.

     Other methods of reducing sediment and nutrients in the Chesapeake Bay include the

reduction of fertilizer use.  This increases the amount nutrients that enter the Bay.  This is

actually one of the largest problems that homeowners cause when it comes to Bay pollution.  The

 use of these practices can considerably reduce the amount of pollution caused by homeowners,

 but there are minimal effects.  Though the homeowners can actually save money by not buying

chemical additives and fertilizer, they may not be able to maintain their yard the way they are

accustomed to.   It is our sincere wish as homeowners to do all within reason to once again

make the Bay immaculate.




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homeowners who care                                                                  James Wood H.S.- McDonald


People generally consider the forests, fields, farms and wetlands when describing the

watershed, but rarely do we think to include the urban and metropolitan areas falling within its

boundaries. Iím a homeowner and as a homeowner we play a very important role in shaping the

environment. We do harm the environment but we try as hard as we can to preserve the

environment and to make it a better place. As homeowners we represent the People in the

Chesapeake Bay and its our duty to protect the Chesapeake Bayís watershed. But our most

important thing as of right now is trying to preserve the Chesapeake Bayís water shed.

Some homeowners have resorted to the solar panels to power some appliances which are a

great, natural, clean source of power. Another easy way to increase property value, help

control erosion, and is all around good for the environment is to simply plant more trees on your

 property. I also enjoy the wildlife, and a feeling of privacy that trees offer.

Farms are a main source of pollution in the bay, because a large amount of nitrogen comes from

 fertilizers that are used in farms. However, we contribute to the pollution problem for the

same reason. Many homes have gardens in their yards with plants brought to the bay in runoff.

There are numerous plants that require a lot of work. It wouldnít cost us a lot of money, and we

may even retain some because we wonít have to pay for fertilizers. We also should try not to

get rid of trees, since trees in our yards help reduce soil erosion.

Stats show an estimated 25 percent of the non-point source nitrogen pollution in Calvert

Countyís waters comes from septic systems. The percentage doubles in the Mill Creek area.

Overall, more than ninety percent of single-family homes in the county have septic tank

systems. In the Chesapeake Bay, nitrogen pollution is one of our biggest problems. It leads to

low oxygen level in the bay, the fisheries decline, algae levels increase which can lead to a land

 slide of problems. With more help and support from our local government we can easily

upgrade our septic systems to prevent these problems.

Runoff water is a big problem in the Chesapeake Bay area. Trees, bushes, and shrubs can do a

major part in preventing the runoff from getting into water. Bayscapes can help to prevent

this. They are low input landscapes that help to lower mowing, fertilizing, and pesticide use.

They help to protect water quality in the water ways around us, which eventually make their

way to the Chesapeake Bay.

As I have clearly explained there are many positive and negative things we as homeowners do.

The negative can easily be changed to positive though with just a little effort from everyone.

We need to come together as a community and help to keep our waterways functioning to there

complete ability. We need to do whatever it takes to keep our habitat alive, so lets all join

together and get this done!




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B. Lava                                                                                                  Jefferson H.S.-Picard


We are homeowners with public water, sewer, and a single well and small group septic system.

Our mission is to inform others of the problems with water quality in the Chesapeake Bay and

what we- and they- can do to help clean it up again.  The two biggest pollution factors are

fertilization (often cow manure or other pesticides which can be terrible for the aquatic life)

and sediment.  People must change the way we treat our rivers and streams.  Enough damage has

 already been done, but things are not yet beyond saving. 

Something you would not want to do is dump waste into the water supply like some plants,

factories and various other facilities do that cause water pollution that can have harmful

affects to the fish and water supply.  Pollution like this will likely never be eliminated -only

reduced- without government intervention and increased regulation.  Unfortunately, this is not

up to the public.  Only petitioning or a large-scale public uproar could get the governmental ball

 rolling in the direction of a cleaner Chesapeake Bay.  Aside from that, people must come

together as a group and be willing to make at least small sacrifices to clean, and then in the

future keep clean the streams that flow into the bay.

The first and simplest compromise we would have to make would be using less fertilizer.  It

would also be very helpful to join an independent stream cleaning group.  If there is not one

near you, writing your senator may be enough to get the funds and resources to start one.  And

if this seems like too much work or is impossible in your situation, taking just yourself with a

few of your friends out to try and clean up the rivers or streams is a good place to start.  If the

 group really shows promise, it is likely that it would receive continuous government funding. 

There should also be mandatory septic tank effectiveness regulation, so that those who use a

septic tank will be able to replace it before it causes any further damage. 

On a grander scale, if it were possible to use them, satellites could help let homeowners know

when their septic tank needs management.   Another incentive to help out would be a tax

reduction for citizens who take part in the crucial work of cleaning up the bay.  Again, this

would have to be done through the government.  In doing so you will be helping yourself, your

environment, and your neighbors by learning about all the problems and issues occurring in the

bay and rivers and how to prevent them and educate others about them.




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Ashby Villa                                                                                                  Turner-Ashby H.S.


We are representing the homeowners of Turner Ashby. We have come up with some POV:

propositions to help cleanse the Bay. The problems in the Bay are not to blame on just one

group of people, such as the farmers or contractors. All of these groups of people have a

part that they play in the problems of the Bay. Here are some ways that homeowners can

help to reduce the problems that they have helped to cause. Homeowners have often been

known to put too much of fertilizers and pesticides on their lawns. This extra abundance of

 these products runoff of the lawns into drainage systems. Which some drainage systems

run into the Chesapeake Bay. So even though homeowners may live on the opposite side of

Virginia than the Bay, what you do at your house can still affect the Bay. Also some

homeowners do not dispose of their used oils or paints in the manner that they should.

Some of theses wastes get into sewage systems, which as we said before, can drain into

the Bay. If homeowners would dispose of their waste in the proper manner, such as taking

them to a specialized dump that accepts these used products, then we wouldnít have to

worry about theses wastes getting into the Bay. Overall, we believe that educating

homeowners about the ways that they can help to improve the problems that they have

helped cause, is just one step in helping to cleanse the Bay.




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  From:   The Rainbow Bunch - developer - JWHS(T)                                           Ask


     You have some really great ideas! My only question is how are you planning on getting the

     word out and educating the homeowners about cleaning the Bay?





HomeOwners of Inwood                                                                                   Musselman H.S.


A Chesapeake Bay beach front house has an  ocean view,  with 2500 square feet, 4 bedrooms,

3 bathrooms; big kitchen. Our concerns are that we are worried about erosion from sand and

seagulls excreting feces.  We live by a marina and we have a boat weíre worried about

pollution not only in the water but around the ship. Some of the major issues of the Chesapeake

Bay are global warming. Global warming is a major issue because rapid rising sea levels, makes

coastal property vulnerable and warmer air and water change the bays ecosystem.  Itís heavier

to breathe the air because there is so much air pollution.  Algae clouds in the water reduce the

amount of sunlight reaching Submerged Aquatic Vegetation or SAV. Algae dies it causes

bacteria in large quantities of dissolved oxygen and water. The dissolved oxygen levels become

 so low that fish, shellfish, and other aquatic organisms die.




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  From:   Catch o' the Bay - CB_Ecosystem - HHS                                               Ask


     You clearly state the problem and how worried you are but no solutions to the problem.  You

     can't just wait for other people to fix a problem that you, as a homeowner, also contribute to.

       What solutions do you have in mind?





Small Footprints!                                                                                                   Calvert H.S.


Homeowners in the watershed control what goes in the bay and what is down with the land

around the bay. Our point of view is that we are willing to do things to help the environment,

but at what cost to us? We understand that things need to be done to help out the watershed and

 it does completely affect everybody that lives in the area; but what will it take to get the bay

clean? The thing that truly will cause the bay to be completely clean, like everyone talks about,

is for everyone in the watershed to move away; which is, honestly, not going to happen. Clean

water is important to our health and is wanted for aesthetic reasons also.We want to help, but

we are not willing to make huge sacrifices that will uproot our lives or destroy our property.

We propose that we put stop to certain chemicals and fertilizers that are used and limit the

amount that others are used. By doing this, less pollution will runoff into the bay. We also

should cap the amount of construction done in certain counties(especially Calvert County). This

 will reduce the amount of erosion. All of these suggestions don't impede on homeowners rights.

 The only people who would not benefit from this would be people who want to move into the

counties where construction is halted. Stopping chemical use would not harm anyone and would

greatly benefit everyone. 




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T.G.T. Homeowners                                                                                              Calvert H.S.


Homeowners are the most important group to the economies health. We pay the heftiest taxes

and are subjected to a laundry list of rules and regulations that we must abide by. Although

many homeowners use the bay for recreational purposes and enjoy consuming its tasty critters

we do not contribute to the pollution of the bay as bad as farmers. Farmers' heavy use of

fertilizers, pesticides, and lack of proper containment pollute the bay much worse than we do.

The main source of homeowners pollution is through fertilizer which is not even used by

everyone. Homeowners could cut back some on fertilizing their lawns, but this would not affect

 the overall pollution level of the bay that much. We propose that farmers should be taxed more

heavily and more regulations should be set on how much fertilizer and pesticides farmers can

use. We also propose that farmers should be required to contour their farms to cut back on

runoff into the bay from their fields.




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