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What is a Stakeholder POV?

A stakeholder is a person or a group with an interest in the success of an organization, project, or government action.  Stakeholders in the Bay cleanup include homeowners, municipalities, fishermen, and farmers.  Each of these groups will be affected by the measures that will be taken to fix the Bay, and each wants a “seat at the table” when options are discussed or decisions are made.  Every stakeholder group has interests that are unique to them, and every stakeholder group wants to be heard.  Your first job will be to write a persuasive “Point of View” statement for your stakeholder group that describes why you are important, how the Bay’s problems (or related problems) affect you, how the possible solutions affect you personally and maybe affect your livelihood.  You will have two "bites at this apple."  During the second week each group should really try to build a strong case for their group's position - based on facts, not just belief.  Think about these questions:

  • Will the solutions “cost” you in any demonstrable way?  What do you have to give up?

  • Will the solutions benefit you directly?

  • What could be done that would make your group more willing to participate?

  • How could the solutions be structured so your group would prosper as a result?

  • What would happen if you were so harmed by the process that you disappeared?

We strongly suggest that you write your POV statements in a word processing program like Word or Notepad, save it, and then copy and paste into the form below!!  There are two reasons for this:

  • Sometimes forms fail when you submit them, and it is not fun to lose your hard work. 

  • Your POV should be considered a working document that each group refines over time; you don't want to keep retyping your statement -- that's why you have a word processor.

  • If you have trouble with the form, you can email results to

SCE Environmental Forum POV Input Form

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