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Thoughtful Discussion Form

This is your opportunity to have Thoughtful Discussion with your peers, or respond to their questions.  Your submitted questions will be reviewed every day after *4 pm* and posted THE NEXT SCHOOL DAY for the everyone to see.  Please be respectful and on-topic.


BE SURE you do ALL 6 STEPS or your submission will not be posted.

  • TIP!  If you write your TD comment in MS Word you can spell check it first and save it.  Then just copy and paste it into the text box below (do all 6 steps).  Also, sometimes forms fail when you submit them, and it is really not fun to lose your work.

  • HELP?  If you have trouble with the form or your name shows up wrong let your teacher know and email your comments or TD to Cacapon Institute.

Thoughtful Discussion Form

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