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deer insurance- Jefferson H.S


There are 1 and a half million collisions between a deer and automobile every year. Thousnads

of people are injured and over 1 billion dollars to vehicles. When you get in an accident your

insurance will help you with your vehicle. Injury claims can go well over 10,000 dollars on

collisions. We help people by putting up big noticable yellow signs that say "DEER

CROSSING", so when you see the deer crossing sign, just make sure you slow down to decrease

 deer accidents, although this is effective, it is still not enough to limit the amount of accidents

 thoat occur annually. We as insurance people would like to see a decrease in the deer

popluation, in order to do this we would encourage trappers to capture wild natural predators,

such as coyotes, and introduce them into the the area. We would offer the trapper a premium

for the predatores introduced into the area.



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  From:   CI Moderator

              Ask                                                                       11/14/2009             2:52:00 PM

     It is an interesting idea that insurance companies get involved in changing the

     environment to reduce the number of animal-car accidents.  What kind of “premium” are

     you talking about and how much would the insurance companies be willing to spend? 

     Also, introducing more animals, even if they are predators, means more animals total (at

     least for awhile).  How many predators do we need to introduce?  How long it will take

     until accidents starts to decline?

       Response    deer insurance - Insurance Company - JHS

                                                                                       11/16/2009      12:43:00 PM

             The kind of premium we are refering to is money. We as insurance companies

             are willing to pay a lot of money to get the level of deer population down. We

             would be willing to pay out thousands of dollars to trappers to bring the

             predators into the places where deer population is heavy. Yes, introducing

             predators into more places does mean more animals, but that will decline as well.

             Although they are predators to the deer there are animals that are their

             predators as well,this will decline the populations of the predators, but not

             enough to bring back up the populations of deer again.  Predators are there in

             the wild just as deer are, but adding more will speed up the process for lowering

             the deer population. We can not be too sure on how long it will take for this

             stuff to come into effect.We are hopping that it will not take too long so the

             accidents do not go on for too much longer.



Thoughtful Questions


Thoughtful Questions