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School: East Hardy High/  Class: Ag.1
Teacher: Mr. Halterman
group_name: Vo Ag. 1 9
Date: 11/08/2006/  Time: 01:52 PM

As the top insurance company in the state of West Virginia it is our priority to establish a new policy concerning the large deer population. The number of deer in our area is beging to be a problem for our company's client intake. One of the many reasons our company is rated number one in the state is because of our many areas of coverage. The problem consists of our strict and upheald rate quotes. After the many car/deer collisions and injuries sustained from these collisions, caused by the inate headlight syndrome, our impacting rates are 45% or more. Another huge problem is the crop damage which landowners arent very happy with. For every acre of land and property damage braught on by these deer another .7% of our insurance costs rise. The increase in our rates, caused by these damages, are lessening our client intake and reducing the clients we already hold. The higher our rates go up the less money we actually profit from. Therefore, we have a small proposition that would most likely, more than not, solve this more than petty problem. We propose there be hunters insurance to cover the expenses of accidence which happen while hunting. This will create a more secure feeling to enable people to hunt more efficently, which would cause a decrease in the population of deer. This will also decrease the number of automobile accidents, lowering the cost of our rates. Here as, more clients for our company, and less struggle to avoid problems which arise from this ongoing problem.

Thoughtful Questions

From: Foresters/  Class_Name: Env 2/ 
oleary/  School: NHHS/ 
Tuesday, November 14, 2006/  Time: 12:47 PM

Why would your home insurance rates go up because of deer? How do the deer effect our home insurance?

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