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Oh Deer! eForum Worksheets

Oh Deer! Environmental Forum Worksheets

Section #6: Solutions


1. Wolves and mountain lions were abundant in the Eastern United States until:

  1. European settlement

  2. Chronic wasting disease

  3. The invention of the rifle

  4. Advent of wildlife management programs


2. The Yellowstone National Park link discusses how wolfs:

  1. Are dispersing more rapidly then expected

  2. Prevent deer from dispersing tree seeds through migration

  3. Maintain groves of cottonwood trees

  4. Concentrate and their waste can contaminate drinking water


3. In the Audubon Magazine link the “Public Menace” is:

  1. Wolves

  2. Hunters

  3. Chronic wasting disease

  4. White tail deer


4. The Audubon Magazine “Public Menace” article reports that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers used infrared to locate deer in an area where hunters said they had been hunted out, and they found how may per acre?

  1. < 15

  2. 15 – 30

  3. 30 – 50

  4. > 50 on average


5. The Audubon Magazine “Public Menace” article concludes that “vocal sportsmen”:

  1. Get what they want because they pay the bills

  2. Once educated will do the right thing

  3. Have little impact on land management compared to scientists

  4. Welcome outside funding proposals for forest management



6. In the Audubon Magazine “Public Menace” article, local outdoor writers Karl Power is quoted as writing: ““For me, the proverbial ‘red flag' immediately goes up any time the bird-watching Audubon people get involved in deer management. I once listened, in disgust, to an Audubon representative complain during a game commission meeting about how all of the deer were eating the low bushes where some songbirds build nests. Give me a break!”

This kind of language:

  1. Was helpful in seeking a consensus solution to issues regarding deer management.

  2. Demonstrates a sophisticated knowledge of ecosystem dynamics.

  3. Was absolutely correct in both substance and tone.  Songbirds have nothing to do with deer.

  4. All of the above 

  5. None of the above.


7. Using information from the WV Division of Natural Resources link match the following interests with the amount of economic damage done by deer.

            _____   Forest regeneration                              a.   $100 million

            _____   Agriculture                                           b.   $750 million

            _____   Recreational benefits                            c.   $1 billion

            _____   Vehicle accidents                                 d.   $14 billion



8. How is PA using fencing to help regenerate forests devastated by deer over-population?

  1. They put up big enclosures and drive all the deer into them.

  2. The put tall fences up around recently timbered land to give hardwood seedlings a chance to grow.

  3. Both of the above

  4. None of the above