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Oh Deer! Environmental Forum Worksheets

Section #5: Problems Caused by Deer Overpopulation


1. According to the Caring for Deer and Forests link, one sign of high deer impact in a forest is that the area from the ground to as high as a deer can reach has no plants that deer like to eat.

            Choose the correct answer:  True  False


2. Native Guide David Warner is a:

  1. Farmer

  2. Forester

  3. Nature enthusiast

  4. Hunter


3. According to Dave Warner the dense vegetation layer of tree seedlings, forbs, shrubs, and wildflowers has:

  1. Begun to recover broadly across the Northeast

  2. Is denser now than in the last century

  3. Has largely disappeared in the past 25 years

  4. Is not important compared to the tree canopy.


4. According to Dave Warner, in 2007, the PA DNR was building deer exclusion fences at what rate:

  1. One per acre

  2. <100 acres per year

  3. 100-1000 acres per year

  4. >1000 acres per year


5. Overpopulation of deer and their foraging threatens which of the following?

  1. Oaks

  2. Ginseng

  3. Wildflowers

  4. Other species

  5. All of the above

  6. None of the above


6. Why did the West Virginia University ginseng researcher say “we need to restore major predators, such as wolves and mountain lions, to protect our forests from overgrazing by deer?”

  1. He was being alarmist & controversial to bring attention to the problem

  2. Research indicates that in Yellowstone National Park streamside habitat and upland trees appear to be recovering after wolves were reintroduced.

  3. Surveys indicate that tourist come to the National Park to see the wolves and the extra park fees benefits environmental restoration

  4. West Virginia University has a policy to support reintroduction of major predators.


7. According to Agronomist William Grafton of WVU deer have reached the biological carrying capacity in what parts of West Virginia?

  1. The Potomac Highlands

  2. Rural areas

  3. The Appalachian Plateau

  4. All of West Virginia


8. According to William Grafton, deer overpopulation is a wildlife management issue and does not have ethical, societal, or economic impact beyond the forest

            Choose the correct answer:  True  False


9. According to William Grafton, a 1980 survey in West Virginia indicated damage to agriculture was valued at:

  1. < $1 million annually

  2. $1 - $10 million annually

  3. $10 - $30 million annually

  4. > $30 million annually


10. According to Native Guide Neil Gillies, a watershed is:

  1. A river

  2. An area of land

  3. A pond or lake

  4. Larger than a river but smaller than the Chesapeake Bay


11. According to Native Guide Neil Gillies, what is the most beneficial land use to ensure clean water?

  1. Deer habitat

  2. Water treatment plants

  3. Healthy Forests

  4. Estuaries


12.  According to Native Guide Neil Gillies, what are the three layers of a forest?

  1. Leaf, branch, and trunk

  2. Animal, vegetable, mineral

  3. Canopy, understory, and floor

  4. Flora, fauna, and arbor


13.  According to Native Guide Neil Gillies, deer are a watershed problem, in part, because browsing by deer causes many riparian (streamside) plantings to fail.

Choose the correct answer:  True  False