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Oh Deer! eForum Worksheets

Oh Deer! Environmental Forum Worksheets

Section #4: General Background


The following questions relate to the Oh Deer! Slide Show


1. A forest floor devoid of new seedlings is:

a.      Deciduous

b.      Healthy

c.      Unhealthy

d.      Obstructed


2. According to the Bureau of Forestry in Pennsylvania, what is the limit on deer population necessary to allow regeneration of wood species?

a.      < 16 per square mile

b.      20-40 per square mile

c.      40-60 per square mile

d.      60-100 per square mile


3. In the Oh Deer! slide show, “density” refers to:

a.      Thickness of the forest vegetation

b.      Population per square mile

c.      Hard wood species like oak.

d.      Amount of light blocked by trees


4. How big is a square mile:

a.      A square with a perimeter of one mile

b.      A square where a line across the diagonal is one mile long

c.      A square that is one mile long on each side.

d.      An area with the square root of one mile


5. An “exclusion fence”:

a.      Keeps deer in

b.      Keeps deer out

c.      Helps hunters corral deer

d.      Keeps deer in the forest and out of farms


The following questions relate to the links in General Background Reading


6. According to the “WV DNR” link, what are some basic consideration that could be considered when establishing a deer management plan?

a.      Total number of deer

b.      Trophy hunting

c.      Adequate nutrition

d.      Deer damage

e.      All of the above

f.        None of the above


7. According to the “WV DNR” link, the only  important factor in deer herd management is to have enough deer in the woods so hunters have a good chance of success.

            Circle the correct answer:   True  False


8. According to the “interactive map” link, most of Maryland, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Virginia have less than 15 deer per square mile.

            Circle the correct answer:   True  False


9. According to the “interactive map” link, whitetail deer are only a problem in the Northeast.

            Circle the correct answer:   True  False


10. According to the Deer Density vs. Sightability link, some of the factors that might effect the number of deer you see include:

a.      weather

b.      habitat type

c.      food sources

d.      hunting techniques

e.      deer density

f.        all of the above

g.      none of the above


11. According to the Deer Density vs. Sightability link, how did hunters in Pennsylvania react when they didn’t see as many deer as they were used to seeing during the 2004-2005 hunting season.

a.      More became concerned about the impact of Global Warming on local forest and wildlife

b.      Many blamed the wildlife agencies for increasing antlerless deer harvests in previous years.

c.      They were happy that the deer populations seemed to be declining.

d.      Most were pleased because fewer deer mean bigger deer and better trophy hunting



12. The graph provided by the Mountain Vista Governor’s School indicates the deer kill numbers in Virginia:

a.      Began to level off around 1994

b.      Rise and fall but are generally going up

c.      Have not increased significantly since 1972

d.      Has not shown a measurable change up or down