The Potomac Highlands Watershed School

Oh Deer! eForum Worksheets

Oh Deer! Environmental Forum Worksheets

#1-3.  Welcome & Introduction


1.  What is a stakeholder?  Circle the correct answer:

a.  A technical term scientists use to describe a container that hold chemical samples.

b.  A place maker scientist use to geographically identify a point of pollution for follow up study.

c.  A person or group with a legitimate interest in an issue.

d.  A survey point marking a legal boundary.


2.  Which of the following groups are stakeholders in the deer population management issue?

       Circle the correct answer

a.  Hunters                                                   f.  Forest Ecosystem

b.  Farmers                                                  g.  Elected Officials

c.  Deer                                                       h.  All of the above                                                       d. Businesses                                               i.  None of the above

e.  Homeowners                                          


3.  Point of View Papers are written by…  (Circle the correct answer)

a.  Individual students

b.  Groups of students role-playing as Stakeholders

c.  The teacher

d.  Are contained in the background reading


4.  Thoughtful Questions are…  (Circle the correct answer)

a.  Written before the Point Of View papers

b.  Are answered by the Native Guides

c.  A way for Stakeholder Groups to discuss Point Of View papers

d.  Answered by the teacher


5.  In regards to solving problems, what does consensus mean?  Circle the correct answer

a.  The key point of difference between diverse group’s positions

b.  A list of grievances

c.  General agreement among members of a group

d.  Absolute agreement among members of a group


6.  There is a good chance that the problem of deer overpopulation will solve itself.

     Circle the correct answer:   True    False