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Forester POV

School: NHHS
Class: Environmental II
Teacher: Mrs. Laura O'leary
group_name: Forester
Stakeholder: forester
Date: 11/10/2006
Time: 11:32 AM


Being the foresters we are greatly concerned about the deer population. With the ever growing population of deer it puts a huge impact on the under story of the Forest and herbaceous vegetation. With this overabundance of deer the forest will Suffer and we can not have that happen because forests are very precious to us. There are several things that can be done to prevent the threat to the forest under story. We can encase saplings in PVC-like pipes. One thing that can be done is to allow the deer hunting season to be longer. It should be year round and hunters may kill a certain number of deer a year. Also, we could build fences to keep the deer out and allow the forest to re-grow their under story and fix themselves. By having these fences up it provides time for the vegetation and under story to grow back. Within a year new vegetation can grow back and be almost back to normal because the understory trees provide future trees. If we start to take out some of the deer then the biodiversity will balance out. As a forester the vegetation and under story is very important to us and we need to take every precaution possible to help prevent this from happening. This is a very big problem and if we donít do anything about this soon our forest will be ruined and the deer will takeover and other animals wonít have anyplace to live. We must stop this now!