OTWB Site 1 Meadow: Structures 2 & 3

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aSREM2 11-12_04

Structure #2

Location:  254 feet from bottom of experimental section of stream.

Installation Date: 10/22/04

Picture Date: 11/12/04

Comments:  Structures 2 and 3 are located within Piezometer Structure Grid 1. Structure 1 is centered in the grid.  Flow through structure angles correctly through the downstream bend.  Structure 1 has been elevated 0.2 ft, and height is scheduled to be raised another 0.2 ft.  This was not the best of locations, as the stream slope to the structure is fairly steep (see graph below).

Structure #3

Location:  275 feet from bottom of system

Installation Date: 10/22/04

Picture Date: 11/28/04

Comments:  This structure will be elevated about 0.3 ft to bring the sides up to bankfull elevation and to increase upstream effect.  Flow through structure does not turn sufficiently through the downstream bend; this will be corrected when the structure is elevated.  There is a not insignificant possibility that the stream will decide to take a detour around this structure, as a partial bypass currently exists.  However, this structure was necessary for the structure grid.