OTWB Site 1 Meadow: Structure #1

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aSREM1 11_12_04

Structure #1

Location: 70 feet from bottom of experimental section of stream.

Installation Date: 10/20/04

Picture Date: 11/12/04

Comments:  This structure is very low, and needs to be elevated to increase upstream effect.  The vegetated point bar on the left bank makes determining bankfull elevation, which also determines the maximum height of the structure, somewhat challenging.  Flow through structure is centered in the stream channel, as intended.

A few notes on the above and following graphs:

  • The vertical scale is the elevation in feet above sea level. 

  • The Thalweg is the deepest part of the stream channel.

  • Right and left banks are looking downstream.

  • Stream height is stream height on the day the structure was built, prior to construction.