CTree Priority Planting Sites

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IMPORTANT NOTE:  This map DOES NOT reflect approved planting locations.  Approval from the agency responsible for your planting site is required prior to planting.  Roadside plantings, for example, require the approval from Division of Highways.  Principals must approve schoolyard plantings.  The public sites shown here are recommendations.  Volunteer groups and agencies are also welcome to identify their own site (even if it is not shown here).

  • CTree Kit Pickup Locations:  Blue Flags mark two sites, one in Moorefield and one in Inwood.

  • Public & Private Schools:  Red Schools mark public school locations in the Potomac Basin of WV.  All public schools are appropriate planting sites for CTree.  Private schools may be eligible, provided the trees are planted along the public right-of-way along the road or otherwise enhance public space.

  • Public Parks: Green Trees mark a few of the public parks.  All state, county, and municipal parks are good planting sites.  So are public boat ramps, libraries, and state & county office buildings, parking lots, and service yards.

  • Highway Right-Of-Ways: 

    • Green Balloons mark potential sites for planting along Route 9. 

    • Blue Balloons mark potential sites for planting along Corridor H.

    • Yellow Balloon on Interstate 81.